Strongest Abandoned Son - Chapter 32: Embarrassed Merciless Bing

Chapter 32: Embarrassed Merciless Bing

Translator: Tim Editor: Tehrn / Carolin

Yun Bing hadn’t been to school during this period of time. She only remembered that night, after leaving the school, she wanted to buy something from the supermarket. However, on the way, she met a former classmate who appeared to have bought two bottles of drink and gave her one. Although she didn’t want to associate much with him, he was too enthusiastic for her to reject and even helped her open the bottle.

Then, she drank a few mouthfuls from the bottle and said a few words before leaving. But then, her head grew dizzy. Yun Bing wasn’t usually that naive since she had already been independent in society for many years, but this situation still occurred. She immediately knew there was a problem with the drink her schoolmate gave her. Yun Bing wanted to scream but found out that she was getting dizzier and couldn’t even yell. She didn’t know what happened later on. Why did she wake up to see Ye Mo? Was Ye Mo conspiring with the schoolmate against her?

Yun Bing’s first thought was to report to the police and get the police to apprehend Ye Mo. But later, she checked herself and discovered that she wasn’t sexually exploited neither was there anything missing in her home. The only noticeable thing was the broken door. Thinking about how Ye Mo was still so young, Yun Bing sighed and let him go. However, she hated him in her heart. She just didn’t know how Ye Mo knew that schoolmate of hers.

However, when Yun Bing checked more carefully, she found signs of fighting and even a camera that was smashed to pieces. Were they fighting over who went on her first? Thinking about this, Yun Bing was angry and embarrassed at the same time. She had already decided to go to the school next day and ask Ye Mo exactly what happened. But the news she saw the second day made her decide not to ask Ye Mo.

This was because the second day, she saw on the news that there were two men stripped nude and beaten into idiots who were left on the Genesis Square. Although it was pixelated, Yun Bing still felt this thing was weird. Yun Bing then searched the internet for news and immediately saw on some small websites that the two people who were stripped nude were actually Zheng Wenqiao and her former schoolmate that drugged her.

Yun Bing immediately thought of Ye Mo and even suspected that Ye Mo did this. No matter what, Yun Bing felt satisfied that this former schoolmate of hers was beaten till he was dumb. She wasn’t sure if Ye Mo did this, but even if he did, she wouldn’t tell him off. However, Ye Mo wanted to take advantage of her which made her hate him for it.

As for why Ye Mo didn’t do anything to her in the end, she knew clearly it was because he didn’t have the ability to. But why would Ye Mo be in her room, and how was that schoolmate of hers beaten into an idiot? She couldn’t think it through and therefore left the matter festering at the back of her mind.

So that day, Yun Bing applied for leave for half a month before returning to the school. However, she didn’t think that the first person she saw back at school was Ye Mo.

Ye Mo just finished cultivating and was ready to find Shi Xiu. That was when he saw Yun Bing walking into the school. Seeing Yun Bing, he couldn’t help but recall that night when Yun Bing was nude and remembered her massive perky chest.

Seeing Ye Mo, Yun Bing’s anger immediately boiled up. And Ye Mo was staring at her with such eyes, making her angrier. Just thinking about how her naked body was seen by this guy made her really angry.

“Ye Mo, come over.” Although Yun Bing’s tone was calm, the anger under the calm tone was undeniable. Ye Mo didn’t think that Yun Bing had discovered him that night and walked calmly in front of her as he said: “Teacher Yun, what’s the matter?”

Yun Bing didn’t speak and just took him to a far off place in the school. After walking for a while, Ye Mo felt something wasn’t right. Could she have found out it was him that night? This wasn’t possible. Yun Bing was always unconscious, and he kept his mask on. How could Yun Bing know it was him?

Seeing that there was no one nearby, Yun Bing asked Ye Mo with a pale face: “Looks good doesn’t it?”

“What looks good? The scene here is average?” Ye Mo suddenly had a bad feeling and hurriedly changed the topic.

Suddenly, Yun Bing raised her hand and tried to slap Ye Mo across the face without any warning. Even if Ye Mo weren’t alert of Yun Bing, she wouldn’t have been able to connect her slap.

Ye Mo grabbed Yun Bing’s wrist and said coldly: “Teacher Yun, if you don’t have anything to say, I’m leaving. If you dare to try to hit me again, then don’t blame me for not reacting then, and I will make Ning Hai University Lake the place where you take a shower.” After responding to her gesture, Ye Mo turned to leave.

“Ye Mo, you shameless person!” seeing that Ye Mo turned to leave without hesitation, Yun Bing immediately swore. It was completely different to her normal cold attitude. However, Ye Mo didn’t pay attention to her and was nowhere to be seen soon. Although Yun Bing was called Merciless Bing, she couldn’t help but cry thinking about what Ye Mo did to her. After some while, she rubbed her sore red eyes and left.

After Yun Bing had left, another girl popped out not far in the distance. She stared at Yun Bing’s back in disbelief as she muttered to herself: “I didn’t think that Ye Mo would even harass teachers. He really is filthy to the bones.”

Ye Mo was angry and didn’t have the mood to go to the classroom to find Shi Xiu. Instead, he just left the school. He really shouldn’t have taken the extra move to save her. He saved her and yet she was still like this.


“Ye Mo, you’re back.” Ye Mo opened the door to the yard, and Ning Qingxue walked over like a little bird as she grabbed his arm. Ye Mo raised his head to see that there was a tall and slim woman behind her. She was about the same age as Ning Qingxue and had long silky hair, her eyes were very bright, which seemed to be able to talk as they scrutinized Ye Mo, and appeared mature and astute.

“Ye Mo, let me introduce my friend. This is my schoolmate Zhou Lei, and she came to Ning Hai just to see me. Zhou Lei, this is my husband, Ye Mo.” Ning Qingxue introduced hospitably.

Only Ning Qingxue knew that if it weren’t because she wanted everyone to realize she was Ye Mo’s wife as soon as possible, she wouldn’t even want to be socializing with other people. Zhou Lei was a journalist, and obviously, Ning Qingxue knew of her intentions to come to see her.

“Oh, hello, Miss Zhou.” Ye Mo reached out his hand and shook it with Zhou Lei.

“Hello, Mr. Ye, you may call me Zhou Lei. And I’ll just call you Ye Mo as well.” Zhou Lei’s smile was very professional. Zhou Lei felt weird, she had heard of Ye Mo and also guessed like the people outside that this marriage was made to avoid the Song Family, furthermore, seeing their living place further consolidated her opinion. But now that she saw Ye Mo’s calm manner, this was the first time she doubted her judgment.

“Qingxue, since your friend came, you should have called me. Oh right, Zhou Lei, you still haven’t eaten right? Let’s go and fill our stomachs first. Zhou Lei, I’m sorry, this place is a bit shabby. Qingxue had been suffering a little with me, but this is only temporary. I definitely won’t let her suffer much longer.” Ye Mo didn’t have the time to waste with Ning Qingxue’s schoolmate. He wasn’t in a good mood, he just wanted to eat and shoo off this woman who was here to extract information.