Strongest Abandoned Son - Chapter 33: The Person Who Sells Fake Medicine

Chapter 33: The Person Who Sells Fake Medicine

Translator: Tim Editor: Tehrn / Carolin

Ning Qingxue heard Ye Mo call her Qingxue so casually while she was also holding Ye Mo’s arm. At that moment, she even doubted if she had really become Ye Mo’s wife. How did that feeling come so suddenly?

She remembered that the day when she wore pajamas for Li Mumei’s photo session, she seemed to be so immersed into the act; thinking about that day, Ning Qingxue quickly pulled out her arm from Ye Mo’s arm as her heart was still beating quickly. Each time she made physical contact with Ye Mo, she discovered that she was unable to retain that calm state and was even more astonished by the fact that she liked that soothing feeling.

Ye Mo seemed to have something on him that she wanted to pursue. It was like an indescribable feeling of serenity and longing, but it was a bit ethereal at the same time. That attracted her like a moth to a flame, so the only thing she could do was to constantly remind herself what sort of a person Ye Mo was.

Zhou Lei saw Ye Mo’s comfort and Ning Qingxue’s leaning on him, as well as her faint blushes on her face, which made her doubt herself even more. “Is Ning Qingxue really in love with Ye Mo and the two married each other due to love and not something else?”

“Let’s go.” Ye Mo saw Zhou Lei was still lost in thought and reminded her of the reality. He didn’t have any good impressions towards this woman who liked to invade other people’s privacy.

The three were each thinking of different things as they left the yard. In a place not far from their residence was a relatively large restaurant called Glamorous Cuisine and was a star restaurant. Ning Qingxue didn’t want to go too far, so she pointed at Glamorous Cuisine and said to Ye Mo: “Ye Mo, I think this Glamorous Cuisine looks pretty good, let’s go there.”

“No, the food there is too expensi—” Before Ye Mo finished his words, Ning Qingxue was already outraged.

“Ye Mo, why do you need so much money for? We would only spend at most 1000 dollars at this restaurant. You…” Ning Qingxue wasn’t someone who liked showing off, but Ye Mo kept 500,000 dollars and was being stingy with her schoolmate about going to a restaurant. Although she didn’t really like this schoolmate either, it was still a schoolmate, and she was still a member of the Ning Family; Ye Mo was bringing too much shame to her.

Zhou Lei looked at Ye Mo in surprise. It was her first time seeing someone so stingy over a meal. And this was in front of his own wife and her schoolmate. However, Ning Qingxue’s admiration of him didn’t seem to be fake.

Seeing that Ning Qingxue was still going to say something else, Ye Mo was angry, but he wasn’t someone with a narrow heart. He knew that if he got angry now, the show between him and Ning Qingxue would have been for nothing. He was going to leave Ning Hai soon, so there was no point in disputing a woman.

Thinking about this, he hurried to say: “Okay, have it your way. Let’s go here to eat today.” Although he said that, he was depressed in his heart, he only had 3000 dollars in his pockets, and this was money earned from him selling his blood. Although the blood would have been wasted even if he didn’t donate them, he still didn’t want to use the money he acquired from selling blood to invite a woman whom he didn’t like to dinner.

Ye Mo had made his decision; after a few days, he would leave Ning Hai immediately. As for Ning Qingxue’s matter, he had already helped out enough. He needed to find a stable place to plant his Silver Heart Grass. He already deeply understood that someone without a background like him would be meat on the chopping board in society if he didn’t have enough power.

The dinner was relatively pleasant. Although Zhou Lei didn’t get what she wanted, she could already tell that Ye Mo and Ning Qingxue’s expenditure views were quite different. But from how Ye Mo was so stingy with money, she was further assured that Ye Mo was really living life with Ning Qingxue. From how Ye Mo used cash and not a card to pay for the meal, she could tell Ye Mo really wasn’t living a wealthy life.

Ye Mo was the most unhappy. This meal cost him 3000 dollars, he even had to take out the 5’s and 10’s on him. If Ning Qingxue didn’t have to order the 2000 dollars bottle of wine, this meal wouldn’t cost that much. Although he drank most of the red wine, he was still unhappy.

He knew Ning Qingxue did this on purpose. She gave him a credit card whose account was frozen, and yet she was still so cocky. Ye Mo almost threw the card at her to tell her to get the money herself. No wonder they say the people that are hated are also pitiful at the same time. Wasn’t Ning Qingxue someone like that?

After the meal, Zhou Lei didn’t stay and instead chose to bid them farewell. Perhaps, it was because she saw Ye Mo using 5’s and 10’s to pay, but she wondered if he were showing her that he had no money or something like that.

When Ning Qingxue and Ye Mo went back, they weren’t as intimate as before. Ning Qingxue didn’t want to talk to Ye Mo. She felt that Ye Mo had made her lose face today. Although she didn’t really care about these things, Ye Mo paid with cash instead of his card, and even though she did intentionally order the red wine, but in the end, he drank it all by himself. Ye Mo didn’t want to talk either. This dinner cost him more than 3000 dollars. Now, he only had 20 dollars remaining in his pocket.

In the following days, if Ye Mo didn’t go out to find work, he wouldn’t even have money for food. Perhaps he really had to sell blood to get food, but it was impossible for him to do that in the long term; his situation wasn’t that bad. Although the price he was paid for selling blood was the same as everyone else, Ye Mo believed his blood had better quality than others. He felt he was losing out with this price.

Ye Mo’s dishes were getting simpler and simpler. Although Qingxue wasn’t fussy about food, she looked down on stingy people like Ye Mo. That night, Ye Mo carried his medical kit out. He didn’t think that he had to go out to the night market ahead of schedule since Ning Qingxue came. Originally, he thought that he didn’t need to do this anymore after curing the purple coral poison of the old man. But now, he walked on this path once again.

However, what made Ye Mo disappointed was that, even if he had his stall set up in the busy streets of Ning Du Walking Street for two days, he didn’t get even one person to do business with; instead, he was even kicked by the city management once. Ye Mo barely went to Ning Hai University. Firstly, he didn’t want to see Yun Bing. Secondly, there was nothing he could learn there anymore. He originally planned to give a few medicinal pills he made to Shi Xiu, but he had applied to leave for a week due to family issues.

Although Ning Qingxue basically hadn’t been talking to Ye Mo, she still saw what Ye Mo was doing. Her father had called her and told her not to worry. Even if he, Ning Zhongfei, were kicked out of the Ning Family, he would not sell his daughter, especially to that demon from the Song Family.

Her father’s words made Ning Qingxue feel more assured. Her parents already went to Beijing to settle things with the Ning Family. Two day after that, they would come to Ning Hai and take her away.

Ning Qingxue saw the pot Ye Mo left in the corridor to boil herbs, and her contempt towards Ye Mo gradually started to fade. What was the relationship between him and her? This was just a deal. She gave him 500,000 dollars, and that money was his. If he didn’t want to spend money, that was his problem. Why should she be disappointed in this type of person?

After thinking through this, Ning Qingxue seemed to feel better. Although he was very stingy, he still bought some vegetables home and cooked every day. Ye Mo carried his little case out again; Xu Wei still didn’t come back. She didn’t know whether or not if it was because Ye Mo and Xu Wei were living together that Ning Qingxue tried to avoid facing Xu Wei. As for what was her mentality, she didn’t know. Perhaps it was to avoid awkwardness.

Regardless of whether it was real or fake, she and Ye Mo were still husband and wife. The husband slept in the room of the woman next door. Even if they were fake couples, she didn’t want to face that woman. Thinking about how she would leave here the day after tomorrow and probably never come back for her life. There was an unknown yet faint melancholy that rose in her heart. She knew this wasn’t because of Ye Mo but because of other reasons. Ning Qingxue walked out of her room for the first time. Perhaps she also wanted to see the place where she had lived for more than 20 days looked like.

Ming Du street was probably the most popular place at Ning Du district at night, and Ning Qingxue had unknowingly walked here already. The place was filled with people, red lights, and green lights. There were all sorts of snacks and small tokens sold everywhere. There were also many small businesses and stalls. One stall had golden cakes that looked enticing and was steaming with air. Ning Qingxue who never ate roadside stall snacks couldn’t resist the temptation and bought one golden cake with two dollars. She bit down lightly; it was sticky and soft.

“Come and have a look at a recipe passed down from the ancestor! It can cure all sorts of diseases, headaches, fever, external and internal injuries, short-sightedness… There are only things you can’t think of but nothing I can’t cure!” This promoting almost made Ning Qingxue laugh. From the sounds of this person, he could cure anything.

Ning Qingxue subconsciously looked up at the person selling the fake medicine and was stunned. Wasn’t this Ye Mo? Although he wore shades and a duck shaped hat, Ning Qingxue could tell it was him from the first glance. Plus, there was that signature chest beside him. Ning Qingxue always didn’t know what was inside it, but now she did: it was a medical case.