Strongest Abandoned Son - Chapter 35: Ye Mo Didn't Come Back

Chapter 35: Ye Mo Didn't Come Back

Translator: Tim Editor: Tehrn / Carolin

It was because they saw a fallen Ah Fa sprawled on the ground, with Ye Mo stepping victoriously on his chest while staring coldly at him and Wang Chuan. He couldn’t understand how Ye Mo subjugated Ah Fa in a matter of milliseconds. Ah Fa was his best henchman! However, Song Shaowen couldn’t think anymore because before he even landed on the ground, Ye Mo flew over and kicked him.

“Crack!” Song Shaowen’s leg bones were broken by Ye Mo’s kick. “Argh!” Song Shaowen immediately broke out in cold sweat. Wang Chuan shivered as he stared at Ye Mo’s flying kick. “What sort of person is he? His moves are so horrific. He is definitely a tough brick.”

“Get into the car!” Ye Mo’s murderous eyes made Wang Chuan shiver. He didn’t dare to resist and quickly climbed in. What made him grow numb with fear was that Ye Mo was able to carry Song Shaowen and Ah Fa, one in each hand with him effortlessly, and followed behind him.

Song Shaowen was in so much pain that he almost fainted. If he had another chance, he would rather be sworn at than come face to face with this demon called Ye Mo. Everyone else was used to call Shaowen a demon, but Song Shaowen himself had just realized that the true demon was Ye Mo, who pretended to be weak.

When he tortured people, at least he had thoughts in his mind and expressions on his face. But when Ye Mo broke his leg, it was as though it was something as simple as stepping on an ant. His eyes didn’t even blink, much less betray any expression.

The car wasn’t far away, only a few hundred meters away. Song Shaowen was used to choose small roads to park on so that he wouldn’t be seen by others. Besides, it was 2 am, there was no one on the streets, so these few people went into the BMW unimpeded. Ye Mo dumped Song Shaowen and Ah Fa on the back seat and took all their cash, then, he sat in the seat beside the driver, saying: “Drive to Gui Lin.”

Gui Lin was the intersection between China and a few other small countries. This place was in the mountains and didn’t have many people. This was perfect for Ye Mo’s cultivation. Plus, even if people found out he killed Song Shaowen, it was extremely hard to try to capture him there.

“What, Gui Lin?” Wang Chuan was shocked. Gui Lin was almost a thousand km from Ning Hai. How could they drive over there?

“No bullsh*t, just drive!” Ye Mo ordered, making Wang Chuan gulp down the words. He could only quickly start up the BMW and rapidly disappear from the range of Ning Hai city.

When the car drove for an hour or so, Ye Mo suddenly remembered that his little medical case was still in the corridor of the room. However, if he went back to get it now, it would probably become dawn, so he abandoned the idea. There were only some soup, pills, a letter, and some miscellaneous things.

Not only was Song Shaowen depressed, but Ah Fa and Wang Chuan were also humbled and dejected. It was usually them who taught people lessons but today, not only were they taught a lesson by the supposed useless trash Ye Mo, but they had also been robbed of their money.

“Young Master Mo, it is my fault to have wronged you this time. But I think you know the power of the Song Family. If something were to happen to me, you would never be able to escape. But if you are willing to let me go, I won’t mistreat you any furth—” Song Shaowen started to soften and beg for mercy. He felt this Ye Mo was a fierce character, far fiercer than him.

But before he finished his words, “Slap slap”. Ye Mo slapped twice Song Shaowen hard before slowly saying: “Stop bullsh*tting in front of me. It would be to your benefit if your Song Family didn’t mess with me. If they did, I’d erase their name from Beijing. I, Ye Mo, will do as I say but perhaps you won’t get the chance to see it.”

“You…” Song Shaowen spat out two teeth and was shaking. It was unknown if he was shaking out of anger or fear, but this time, Song Shaowen was really scared. From Ye Mo’s words, it seemed as though Ye Mo was going to take his life. Although he didn’t believe Ye Mo would dare to, he only had one life after all. If regrets were of any use, he would have done it thousands of times already.

After another hour or so, Ye Mo looked ahead at the highway wrapped precariously around the tall mountain and thought to himself: “It’s almost dawn.” If he pushed the car off the cliff here, it would be the most suitable idea. He wasn’t really going to get this car to drive him to Gui Lin, that would be asking to die.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo saw a camera far away. He suddenly bowed down and pulled on the wheel. Wang Chuan who was still thinking on how to alert the police didn’t expect Ye Mo to duck his body and turn his wheel so suddenly. The vehicle had a sudden big turn and charged off the highway, falling down the cliff.

The moment the car started plummeting, Ye Mo kicked open the door and used his Wind Controlling Technique to glide to the wall of the cliff, sticking closely to it. He had to be in the Third stage of Chi Gathering to be able to utilize the Wind Controlling Technique to its full potential, but Ye Mo was only in the Second stage now, so he had difficulty using it. However, it was enough for him to save his life.

The BMW fell off the cliff and after a short moment, a loud explosion sounded, and a swirl of fire erupted. Ye Mo was relieved, he was still thinking that if the car didn’t burn, he would have to go down and do it himself, but he didn’t think the car would so obediently burn by itself.

Ye Mo carefully avoided the cameras and went into the forest, quickly disappearing into the night.


Ning Qingxue got up in the morning. Xu Wei had already gone to work but what made her curious was that Ye Mo didn’t buy breakfast for her that morning. She also didn’t see Ye Mo, and this made her unhappy. Last time, she just brought a schoolmate for dinner, but in the end, not only was the food quality had decreased, but now she didn’t even get breakfast. Even if she spent 2000 dollars for a bottle of red wine, the red wine was drunk all by him anyway.

Luckily, she was leaving one day later. Otherwise, she had this indescribable repulsion each time she saw Ye Mo. Sometimes, one couldn’t just relied on their first impression. After all, other people’s opinions weren’t formed from thin air.

However, what made Ning Qingxue disappointed was that she still didn’t see Ye Mo at noon. Suddenly, she realized that she had become overly dependent on Ye Mo. If Ye Mo didn’t come back, would she not eat? Since nobody from the Song Family came to bother her, Ning Qingxue did feel a lot more relieved, and soon she was going to leave Beijing with her parents which made her feel even better.

After lunch, Ning Qingxue suddenly looked at Ye Mo’s flower pots. It seemed that they hadn’t been managed for more than ten days. Some flowers had even died. However, Ning Qingxue discovered that the one especially taken care of by Ye Mo with a silver color had disappeared. Ning Qingxue suddenly felt annoyed and wanted to call Li Mumei, but her phone suddenly ringed.

“Qingxue, I have great news for you! Did you know, last night around 4 am, Song Shaowen’s car fell off a cliff at Feng Jin Highway. Song Shaowen and his two henchmen who were in the car all died. Now, you can relax. No one will come to bother you ever again. I’ll come and pick you up tomorrow…” Li Mumei’s joyful voice made Ning Qingxue feel like she was dreaming.

After a long time, she finally hung up the phone. She still couldn’t believe that the demon in her dreams had died and she was relieved. Ning Qingxue let out a long sigh of relief. Her first instinct was to go into the room and take out her marriage certificate with Ye Mo, so when he came back, she could divorce him.

This afternoon must have been the longest afternoon for Ning Qingxue. Ye Mo, who usually came back early to cook, still didn’t come back at 8 pm. However, Xu Wei came back from work. This was the first time Xu Wei came back from work to see Ning Qingxue, not in her room but waiting outside. However, she didn’t see Ye Mo.

“You are Xu Wei, right?” Ning Qingxue said hesitantly.