Strongest Abandoned Son - Chapter 36: It Should Be By Ye Mo

Chapter 36: It Should Be By Ye Mo

Translator: Tim Editor: Tehrn / Carolin

Xu Wei nodded: “Yeah, did Ye Mo told you? Actually, I don’t even know your name yet?”

“I’m Ning Qingxue; I wanted to ask if you knew where Ye Mo went? Why has he still not come back today?” In Ning Qingxue’s eyes, Ye Mo and Xu Wei were living together. Xu Wei would definitely know where Ye Mo was.

“Ye Mo? I haven’t seen him for two days, isn’t he with you?” Xu Wei said, intrigued. Meanwhile, she thought, “Your boyfriend disappeared, why are you asking me?”

“With me?” Ning Qingxue was as intrigued as Xu Wei. She noticed something different. Things didn’t seem to be the way she thought them to be. Then, she looked at Xu Wei’s expression so she could only say: “You are his girlfriend, isn’t he living with you?”

Hearing Ning Qingxue’s words, Xu Wei blushed and was a bit annoyed, but Ning Qingxue was so beautiful, and her temperament was obviously not that of a normal woman, so she couldn’t really throw a fit. However, she replied coldly: “Since when was I his girlfriend? This is really weird, you are living with him in the same room every day, and you say I am his girlfriend. This is too out of this world.”

“What? Ye Mo doesn’t stay with you at night?” Ning Qingxue asked in surprise. As if discerning Ning Qingxue wasn’t lying on purpose, Xu Wei replied: “I am only renting the same house with him. We don’t know each other that well. Wasn’t he living with you?”

Ning Qingxue already knew, she must’ve misunderstood Ye Mo. However, if Ye Mo wasn’t living with him and didn’t live with Xu Wei, where would he be living? It should be the hotel, he had quite some money now.

“Oh, he should be living in the hotel. It’s just that he ran off somewhere today.” Ning Qingxue was a bit embarrassed thinking that she misunderstood Ye Mo.

“Live in the hotel? Not possible. I wake up at 6 am in the morning, and each morning, he would be in the backyard…” Xu Wei stopped her words at that moment. If she continued, it would be making it clear that Ning Qingxue was living with Ye Mo, and since she didn’t want to admit it to herself, why bother saying it?

Xu Wei who suddenly stopped talking felt embarrassed and said: “Perhaps, he really is living in the hotel. I have some things to attend to, so I’m going in.” Of course, Ning Qingxue knew what Xu Wei was thinking and went hurriedly to Xu Wei while she said awkwardly, “Sorry, Xu Wei, I really didn’t stay with him. But how could he be in the yard at 5 or 6 am each morning?”

Xu Wei found this series of events funny, but she saw that Ning Qingxue didn’t seem like she was lying and frowned her eyes, thinking that this was too absurd. It made people have chill thinking about it, “Is Ye Mo a…” She didn’t dare to keep thinking about it.

As if suddenly remembering something, Xu Wei suddenly said: “The landowner has installed a camera at the front and the back. The control center is a computer placed in the storage room. I’ll show it to you.”

Ning Qingxue heard that there was a camera and hurriedly followed Xu Wei into that storage room full of boxes which was at the corner of the living room. Ning Qingxue had stayed here for so long and did not know that there was another storage room. There was a surveillance computer inside, but it was full of dust, and the power was switched off.

The two switched on the screen and saw the two surveillance windows. One was facing the front door, and another was at the back. It seemed that the landowner was quite meticulous.

They opened the recent surveillance recording. The camera facing the front door showed that Ye Mo went out early each morning, but it didn’t show Ye Mo going out at night.

However, when the two people switched the camera to the back, they immediately found out Ye Mo had been sitting under the tree for the whole night. Other than occasionally sleeping under the rainproof tent on the stone floor for a few hours, most of his time was spent laying on the tree.

“He had been sleeping on the tree?!” Ning Qingxue and Xu Wei looked at each other in shock.

Xu Wei and Ning Qingxue both had the same thought: “What happens during the rainy days? A week ago, there was a pouring rain.” They hurried to change the date to that rainy day but what shocked them was, Ye Mo was still sitting under the tree; however, the rain seemed to have formed a barrier around Ye Mo. The two couldn’t see that clearly and thought there was a problem with the camera; however, an hour later, Ye Mo left the tree and slept on the stone floor.

Xu Wei was an emotional girl and after seeing that Ye Mo didn’t even have a place to live at night, she immediately felt some disgust towards Ning Qingxue. Her tears fell, thinking that Ye Mo was pitiful. Even if this girl was pretty, she couldn’t just do that to Ye Mo. What a fox demon! Wiping her tears, Xu Wei glanced at Ning Qingxue. She didn’t want to stay with this woman anymore. She just turned and left the storage room without saying anything.

When Xu Wei walked out of the storage room, Ning Qingxue understood that Xu Wei had some enmity towards her, she could feel and see it plainly. However, now she was still staring at Ye Mo, who slept on the stone floor. She suddenly felt some pain in her heart, but it wasn’t sadness like Xu Wei.

“He had that much money. Why didn’t he go to the hotel? Why did he stay under the tree night after night? Even if he did sleep under the tree, he should come under the roof when it was raining. Plus, even if he wanted to live in the same room with me, I wouldn’t have disagreed. I was the one coming to live in the same room as Ye Mo.”

Thinking about how Xu Wei was crying, Ning Qingxue felt her heart was a bit hard. She just felt Ye Mo was too much of a cheapskate. Although she didn’t feel good, she only thought of one sentence: “Those who are hated have pitiful aspects.” She didn’t know Ye Mo thought of her this way too. She sighed and thought, “Was he so stingy because he was too poor before?” Although she felt touched by Ye Mo moving out his room for her, she felt that it was more because she gave 500,000 dollars to Ye Mo.

The camera was switched on the previous night, and Ye Mo was still standing under the tree for half the night, and around 1 am, he had gone to sleep on the stone floor. But the following scene almost made Ning Qingxue scream. Song Shaowen sneakily jumped over the wall with two henchmen. Ning Qingxue suddenly remembered Li Mumei’s phone call. Didn’t Song Shaowen die already? Why was he here last night?

Thinking about this, Ning Qingxue felt goosebumps on her head, but the following scenes made her completely understand the situation. Ye Mo who was sleeping on the stone floor just spoke a few words with Song Shaowen and them. Then, Song Shao and his two henchmen took Ye Mo away. The scenes afterward returned to nothing.

She couldn’t hear the conversation between Ye Mo and Song Shaowen. Ning Qingxue had already understood. It seemed like Ye Mo and Song Shaowen reached some sort of agreement and just left like that. Normally, if Song Shaowen came here, how could he leave without abducting her? What happened? Song Shaowen actually found his way here. This really was insane. Ning Qingxue felt scared just thinking about it. If it wasn’t for Ye Mo, what would’ve happened? She didn’t dare to think.

Song Shaowen’s car fell off the cliff, did anything happened to Ye Mo? Ning Qingxue could no longer hold her worry in as she picked up the phone to call Li Mumei.

“Mumei, you said Song Shaowen and two of his men died, was there anyone else in the car?” This was what Ning Qingxue wanted to know the most. Although Ye Mo took 500,000 dollars from her, Ning Qingxue couldn’t accept it if Ye Mo lost his life because of the money. Plus, these men came for her, Ye Mo was innocent!

“No, what’s wrong? There were only the three of them in the car. This was verified. The Song Family is in turmoil right now. Qingxue, don’t think too much, I’ll come stay with you tomorrow,” Li Mumei comforted her.

After hanging up, Ning Qingxue still didn’t feel appeased. There was no way she could let anyone see the video recording here. Thinking about this, Ning Qingxue hurried and took her USB and copied the clips, while deleting it from the computer. Only then did she feel a little better.

However, another thought hit her. What if the Song Family knew that Song Shaowen came to Ning Hai? If they were to investigate, this clip could still be recovered. Ning Qingxue was stuck, not knowing what to do. She was already certain that Song Shaowen’s death should be related to Ye Mo; however, Song Shaowen’s car fell into the cliff at Feng Jin Highway, the Song family shouldn’t be able to find out about this place.