Strongest Abandoned Son - Chapter 39: Such A Powerful Woman

Chapter 39: Such A Powerful Woman

Translator: Tim Editor: Tehrn / Carolin

“There’s no other way here other than this road. If you enter the mountain here, you would be reaching the Gui Xiang mountain range. Although there are a few tourist spots, it is mostly primitive forests. If you get off here, there really is nowhere to go…” A good-hearted middle-aged man said in the car.

The woman stayed silent for a moment and went back to her seat again. It was unknown if it was because she felt that this middle-aged man was right or if it was something else. However, Ye Mo’s heart was moved. Although it wasn’t good for anyone else to get off here, it was good for him.

He knew about the Gui Xiang mountain range, its expanse went through the three provinces of Hu Zhong, Xiang Huai, and Gui Nan and was named after one of the three greatest mountain ranges of China. Gui Nan province was at the border between China and Vietnam, and the place where he wanted to go, Gui Lin, was the southernmost city of Gui Nan province.

If he wanted to go there by car, he had to keep changing vehicles at Hu Zhong, Xiang Huai, and Gui Nan, but he didn’t have his identity papers which would increase his chances of being exposed. If he left from the Gui Xiang mountain range by himself, it was much safer despite it taking more time. Besides, there were a lot of trains passing by the Gui Xiang mountain ranges. Perhaps, he could try to get on one, but even if he didn’t, there was no pressure for him, since he was able to cultivate while he walked.

“Driver, stop, I’m getting off, my friend’s car is coming,” said Ye Mo as he walked to the front.

Not only was the driver stunned but the people on the bus were too; even the woman looked at Ye Mo curiously. The reason she didn’t get off wasn’t that this was the wilderness or in the middle of nowhere, but because she was scared that people would get suspicious of her and spread the word. After all, a woman getting off the bus in the wilderness was very unexpected. Just when she wanted to find a good reason to get off the vehicle, someone actually also said they wanted to leave, which suited her perfectly.

The driver didn’t say anything this time. Saying that there was another car coming obviously meant that he didn’t want to take the bus anymore. The bus stopped, and Ye Mo got off first, followed by that woman. However, what surprised everyone was that there were another two men that got off afterward. Everyone realized that those two got off because of Ye Mo and the woman; nevertheless, the driver didn’t dare to mind others’ business and immediately started the bus, quickly disappearing at the corner.

As for why that woman got off the car, Ye Mo understood that she already had the intention to leave when she had expressed herself earlier; however, he didn’t understand why the two men behind also got off the car. It didn’t take long for him to figure out their intention as the two men had circled the woman. One of them glared at Ye Mo and said, “Punk, if you want to live a few extra days, hurry up and piss off! There’s no business for you here!”

Ye Mo had stumbled upon a case of robbery, which made him want to laugh. Although these two men looked tough, Ye Mo was sure they weren’t a match for the woman. This woman stared coldly at the two men who approached her but didn’t say a word.

“Little girl, take out your money! Don’t try to tell me you don’t have any, I saw it when you picked up the phone. There should be more than ten thousand! Hehe, we were planning on robbing the bus, but since you have that much money on you, we might as well just rob you.” The man who told Ye Mo to piss off turned to stare strangely at this woman.

Ye Mo smiled. He didn’t even want to bother himself with these sort of things since both parties weren’t good people.

“Wait!” just when Ye Mo was about to leave, the woman suddenly called.

“What?” Ye Mo turned his head and asked plainly. Seeing that Ye Mo wasn’t worried at all, this woman scanned Ye Mo again with a look of surprise. However, she really couldn’t notice anything abnormal about Ye Mo. This person was so normal and average; even his vans (shoes) were as ordinary as it could be which made her believe that Ye Mo really had a mental problem.

“Help me out with something and later...” This ferocious yet busty woman suddenly smiled and took off her glasses. Her face suddenly became lively with this smile. This was the first time Ye Mo saw such a significant change in a face just because of a smile. It was as though she became two different people.

“I don’t like fighting,” before the woman finished the latter half of the sentence, Ye Mo had already refused.

“Haha…” The woman was dazed for a moment and actually started laughing. She continued, “I don’t need you to fight, I want you to help me bury these two in the trees later.”

The two men who were surrounding the woman were originally looking at Ye Mo fiercely. When they saw that Ye Mo didn’t leave immediately and wasn’t scared, they instantaneously became vigilant toward him. Usually, people would run away if they saw someone getting robbed, so they had rarely seen someone who was fearless like him. However, when they heard that this woman was asking Ye Mo to bury them, the taller man could no longer hold it as he grabbed his knife, piercing towards the woman’s chest.

“Crack… Argh…” Two sounds, yet the man with the knife was already on the ground.

The other shorter man hadn’t even reacted, but Ye Mo saw it clearly. The woman quickly grabbed the tall man’s wrist and pushed it upward when the man pierced the knife toward her chest. At the same time, she knocked the back of the knife with her hand which flew right into the tall man’s throat.

Such a powerful woman! This whole set of moves was only a few breath’s time. If Ye Mo wasn’t at the 2nd stage now, he wouldn’t even be able to see it. Ye Mo thought that if it was at the time when he was still at the 1st stage, and he had to fight this woman, then the odds would have been unpredictable.

In other words, he wondered what would have happened if he had a conflict with this woman a month before and what the result would have been; Ye Mo didn’t like this sense of threat. The only way was to continually get stronger.

The shorter man finally woke up to the situation. Although it was just a few breaths of time, he had already understood that they had met someone too powerful for them this time and without a second thought, he turned and started to run. However, the woman suddenly kicked the knife that was still inside the tall man’s throat, then with another kick on the back of the knife, send it toward the fleeing man whose heart got immediately pierced through from the back.

“You have guts, I didn’t ask you to help me fight them and, as you can see, you don’t need to anymore. You just need to help me bury these two people in the forest, and all of their money is yours.” The woman suddenly smiled at Ye Mo once again.

“What if these two people don’t have money on them?” Ye Mo asked plainly. The woman was stunned for a moment, she didn’t think that Ye Mo was still considering this problem right now. A normal person would’ve done what she asked ages ago; they wouldn’t dare to argue.

“If there isn’t money, then this is yours.” The woman reached into her bag and pulled out a stack of notes, keeping only around half of it and gave the rest to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo casually took the notes. He saw that it was probably around 10,000 dollars at the start, but the woman kept some, so there was only around 4 or 5 thousand left which was still really generous of her. Ye Mo who needed money at this moment smiled and said, “Fine, it’s a deal.”

After saying that, he just dragged the two men laying on the ground into the forest. Watching Ye Mo going so casually into the forest as well as the ease with which he pulled the body, there was a sliver of approval in the woman’s eyes as she muttered to herself, “He has good strength and courage, it’s just that he doesn’t look manly enough.”