Strongest Abandoned Son - Chapter 44: Lethal Trap

Chapter 44: Lethal Trap

Translator: Tim Editor: Tehrn / Carolin

“Haha, don’t be hasty! Mrs. Wen, let’s talk about business first. I don’t think you would have a problem with that,” the man talked slowly once again.

“All right…” after Wen Dong said these two words, her face changed and said to Ye Mo, “Open the case and let him see.”

Ye Mo saw Wen Dong’s face change and immediately knew that she had discovered the people hiding at the side. Although he didn’t know how she found out, but since she did, it meant that she had a plan. However, he didn’t know if she noticed the people hiding behind the door or the people hiding in the ping feng.

“Mrs. Wen, I know you’re strong but no matter how strong you are, you will need more than ten seconds to open the case and set up the gun inside. During these ten seconds, I can kill you many times. Therefore, I hope we don’t get impulsive.” The man sat down and looked at Wen Dong in derision.

Ye Mo was also surprised. He didn’t know where Wen Dong got her courage from to deal with this man; it was akin to a sheep going into a tiger’s mouth.

“What does that mean? What’s the meaning of you having people with guns standing behind the door? Do you want to break the rules?” Wen Dong asked smoothly, as though she was saying something completely irrelevant to her.

“Clap, clap…” The man clapped his hand and said, “Mrs. Wen, you truly are as strong as you were before. But now, the rules don’t mean much, come in.”

Hearing the man’s voice, the two people at the door came in and held up their gun to Ye Mo and Wen Dong. However, Ye Mo didn’t expect that the four people behind the man wouldn’t raise their guns.

Ye Mo now realized that Wen Dong only discovered the two people at the door and didn’t see the two people hidden at the ping fengs on the each side. Ye Mo’s spirit sense locked onto the fingers of the two men at the door. As soon as they would pull the trigger, he would try to dodge it. He wasn’t too sure if he could dodge bullets now, and before the 3rd stage, Ye Mo estimated it to be quite dangerous.

Wen Dong acted as though she wasn’t pointed at by a gun. Instead, she took out a timer from her pocket and said slowly, “If you really want to break the rules, then I don’t mind all of us leaving together. Indeed, I have a gun in this case but there is also a timed bomb. Although it isn’t very powerful but it is potent enough to flatten your mansion and more. I think you won’t doubt the power of the bomb in my hands.”

“Haha, Mrs. Wen, you really like to joke. Jiang Yan, give the thing over to Mrs. Wen for inspection. And you guys, put back your guns! Don’t you know that Mrs. Wen is a guest?” the man said while making the men at the door put back their guns. He obviously knew what Wen Dong would do since playing with bombs was as easy as playing with fire crackers to them.

Wen Dong acted as though this thing didn’t happen and just opened the case. When everyone had their eyes on the case, she had already set up the gun in a flurry of movements. Although it wasn’t timed, Ye Mo was sure she didn’t go over ten seconds. Although it was just a few seconds, either out of concern for the bomb on her or because he didn’t see the thing Wen Dong brought, the man’s face changed a few times, but in the end, he didn’t instructed his men to open fire.

However, Ye Mo knew that Wen Dong’s case definitely didn’t have a bomb because he scanned it with his spirit sense before. Wen Dong had already set up the rifle and pulled Ye Mo to the side. Ye Mo laughed bitterly to himself; even though she avoided leaving their backs to the people at the door, this just left their backs to the people hiding in the ping feng.

Of course, the man had a smile on the corner of his mouth and nodded to the man beside him with the case.

The man opened the case and walked over to Wen Dong. Ye Mo had seen it clearly, it was a case full of US Dollars, around 1 million.

He cursed Wen Dong for being stingy. She got herself more than a million, yet she just gave him tens of thousands for payment and still made him subject to gunpoint. However, Ye Mo also opened the case and pointed the case at the man. At the same time, he picked off some wooden splinters from the wooden chair by his side and split into eight pieces. He shot one of them to the back as the wooden splinter passed through the hole in the ping feng accurately into the man hiding on the other side. The man’s position didn’t even change before he was killed.

No one saw his movement. The wooden splinter was imbued with chi and when it struck the man, it just pierced his forehead and blocked his sound chord. For those who wanted his life, Ye Mo was always merciless.

After killing this man, Ye Mo intentionally walked towards the middle. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to see them clearly with his spirit sense due to the range. Seeing Ye Mo walk towards the middle, even though Wen Dong didn’t want to, she could only follow behind Ye Mo.

The man with the US Dollars walked up to Ye Mo’s case and checked it, while Wen Dong also had the gun on one hand and took a few stacks of US Dollars to make sure.

After seeing the contents of the case, the man nodded.

The boss smiled and said, “Okay, just like this…” after a few words, he actually turned and walked away. Ye Mo’s spirit sense immediately scanned that the other man inside the ping feng was going to pull the trigger, and at the same time, the rest of the 7 splinters in Ye Mo’s hands had already flew out as he pulled Wen Dong aside a few meters. Ye Mo didn’t understand why these guys weren’t afraid of bombs but it was possible that when Wen Dong opened the case, he used some instruments to see through it. This Wen Dong was careless.

Just when this man said okay, Wen Dong immediately noticed something was wrong and was going to raise her gun and shoot. But at this moment, she was pulled away by Ye Mo. Wen Dong, who didn’t understand why Ye Mo pulled her away at this dangerous moment, immediately reacted after she heard a few clear gunshots. She didn’t even think and raised her gun to retaliate. However, she realized that other than the boss, no one else could stand.

What was this? Seeing that the two men at the door as well as the four behind the boss were all bleeding from their forehead, Wen Dong immediately understood what had happened. These people were killed by Ye Mo.

Wen Dong’s first thought was that Ye Mo definitely wasn’t a normal person. He actually managed to make her dodge the gun shot while killing at least seven people in such a short time. If Ye Mo didn’t pull her aside, she was sure she could only kill six of them before she was shot. However, she definitely wouldn’t have been able to dodge the bullet from the ping feng.

God, who is he, and how is he this strong? Wen Dong immediately found the blood stain on the ping feng in astonishment. Just then, the gun shot also sounded from there. Wen Dong immediately realized that there was someone inside, and this person was killed by Ye Mo.

Thinking that there was another ping feng on the other side, Wen Dong also looked over. As expected, there was also blood dripping down from there. Immediately, Wen Dong had cold sweat run down her back. If it wasn’t Ye Mo, she wouldn’t even have known how she died. There were two hidden people pointing their guns at her and she didn’t even notice. No wonder she felt her heart was a bit cold when she came in here. So this was the reason. So what if she could drag a few people to death with her?

There was the sound of footsteps which had been already heard by Ye Mo as he was prepared to kill with more wooden splinters, but Wen Dong had already raised her gun and ended the battle in two shots.

Ye Mo nodded to himself. Wen Dong definitely couldn’t hear the footsteps like him, but she could notice someone approaching which meant that she was experienced. The boss looked at Wen Dong in disbelief, and his face became paler. He knew that Wen Dong was arrogant so he set up this lethal trap; however, he lost all his men instead. If only he had known that her bomb was fake earlier, he could’ve killed her before.

“Gong Huishan, you wouldn’t want to kill me for a mere million would you? You want to keep the information to yourself?” Wen Dong’s face immediately became bad and raised her gun, forcing it towards the man.