Strongest Abandoned Son - Chapter 46: Borderland Flowing Snake Town

Chapter 46: Borderland Flowing Snake Town

Translator: Tim Editor: Tehrn / Carolin

This youth kicked by Ye Mo flew backward and crashed onto a trash can. The way that he sat there would make people think he sat there himself, if not for his bleeding nose and mouth.

Ye Mo’s move immediately alerted everyone. Even that man who had just finished his call turned around. As soon as he turned around, he saw the thief behind him. However, when that thief saw that the middle-aged man noticed him, he didn’t look worried at all. Instead, he packed away the sharp knife hidden between his fingers and turned, as two other men surrounded Ye Mo with him.

Other than the youth kicked into the trash can, there were actually four of them.

“Punk, you’re asking to die! Go and disable him!” another youth with a knife yelled in rage as he charged towards Ye Mo. The other two didn’t hesitate to charge at Ye Mo as well, only the one sitting on the trash can with his face still bleeding was completely terrorized.

Of course, he had understood what had happened to him: a kick on his face from a young man actually sent him flying over and sitting on the trash can. He didn’t even dare to think about this. It was as though he was forced to stand up as he realized that if Ye Mo had kicked him in the chest instead and made him fly, he would probably not be as terrified as he was right now. He recognized that this youth wasn’t someone they could mess with and wanted to tell his mates to stop, but they had already charged up.

The middle-aged man also seemed to understand that this young man probably saw the thieves trying to steal his wallet and was targeted by the thief’s partners in crime instead. Although he wanted to help, he didn’t know any martial arts, and just when he was about to call the police, a scene that he could not believe happened once again before his eyes.

That young man kicked again and sent flying the man with the knife, who didn’t even understand how his knife was pierced into his own leg. This wasn’t all, the place where the man flew was right on the head of the man sitting in the trash can.

Then, the youth jumped up and did a roundhouse kick, which sent the other two youth, including the one that tried to steal his wallet, flying. Two “cracks” resounded. It wasn’t immediately known what broke until two of the thieves yelled out in pain and crumpled on top of the trash can. The four formed a human pile which made the trash can crumbling onto the ground making a loud banging sound.

The middle-aged man gasped a breath of cold air. If he hadn’t seen Ye Mo’s movements with his own eyes and saw it on video instead, he would’ve thought this was synthesized by computer. This was almost like shooting a movie.

“Scum.” Ye Mo left, and finally, the people watching finally came back to themselves. They looked at the four thieves laying on the ground and started clapping.

These thieves were barely able to move, but they seemed to know that things would get troublesome if the police came, so they struggled to sit up. They didn’t care about the blood on them as they held each other and walked out.

“Friend, please wait up! Thank you for what happened just then,” the middle-aged man chased Ye Mo and called out to him in gratitude.

Ye Mo waved his hand and said, “It’s nothing, I didn’t help you just for your sake. Those scum picked a fight with me,” after finishing his sentence, he was about to leave once again.

“My name is Zhuo Aiguo, and I would like to invite you to a dinner to compensate you. Are you willing to come, friend?” Seeing that Ye Mo was so powerful, Zhuo Aiguo immediately had some thoughts.

“Not interested.” Ye Mo was only staying in Xian Shan city for one night. This man invited him to dinner for a reason, but what thing was more important than him going to Gui Lin and cultivate? Seeing that Ye Mo was going to leave, Zhuo Aiguo was getting anxious, he hurriedly went up to him and said, “It’s like this, I just need you to accompany me to Gui Lin, and furthermore, you can name any price you want.”

In Zhuo Aiguo’s opinion, Ye Mo didn’t dress like a wealthy person, so money should be a good motivator to him. However, he didn’t know that if Ye Mo didn’t want to go to Gui Lin himself, he wouldn’t be able to motivate him even with 1 million since Ye Mo still had 50,000 on him.

Gui Lin? Ye Mo stopped his steps. The place he wanted to go happened to be Gui Lin. If it was along the way and he had money to earn, he wouldn’t mind. However, if it were something dangerous like what he did with Wen Dong, then he wouldn’t want to do it. Although he wasn’t scared, he didn’t want to become a henchman every time he met someone. He had an identity now anyways, he wasn’t scared that he couldn’t buy a plane ticket.

“Fine, let’s go talk.” Ye Mo thought that he couldn’t leave tonight anyway, so he might as well have a talk with him.

The two found a quiet cafeteria and sat down. Zhuo Aiguo was straightforward and said, “Actually, something urgent came up which is forcing me to go to Gui Lin. I have to meet up with the gang leader at the Flowing Snake Town to exchange some things. However, Flowing Snake is further down than Gui Lin, and that place is too chaotic.

“Originally, I was waiting here for someone to go with me. But friend, you are so much stronger than him, so if you are willing to come with me to Gui Lin, you can name any price. In fact, Flowing Snake is no longer a part of Gui Lin. I need to take a few hours car ride to reach Flowing Snake after I get off the plane at Gui Lin airport.

“You know that there are no problems in flying straight from Xian Shan to Gui Lin. However, Flowing Snake is close to the borders of a few countries and is the place where some ethnic minorities live. I said that the public security is chaotic there, but in fact, there is no public security at all.”

After Zhuo Aiguo had finished, he looked at Ye Mo filled with hope. There was one sentence that he omitted, which was that Flowing Snake was the place where the fugitives and mercenaries of different countries gathered at, and such things as killings and fighting occurred every day.

Ye Mo frowned as he barely knew anything about Gui Lin. He heard that Gui Lin was a borderline city, so if the Song Family discovered him, he could go on the other side of the border at any time. He really hadn’t heard of the place closer to the border that Zhuo Aiguo talked about. As for whether or not it was chaotic, he didn’t care at all.

After thinking for a while, Ye Mo said, “In fact, I was also planning to go to Gui Lin, as I want to find an opportunity to develop in that place; however, it will be my first time going there. I heard you saying that Flowing Snake is closer to the border, so I think I will have a greater chance of development going in this town instead. As for the payment, I don’t need it. If you have some familiar places at Flowing Snake, then keep one in mind for me.”

After hearing Ye Mo, Zhuo Aiguo hurriedly shook his hand: “Don’t ever go to Flowing Snake to develop. If you want to do business, you should stay at Gui Lin. I have some contacts in Gui Lin, and I also have a house there that I don’t need and could simply give to you. In my case, the only reason for me to go to Flowing Snake is that I don’t have any other choice; if I had, I would definitely not go there.”

Ye Mo smiled faintly and said, “Where there are dangers, there are opportunities! I will go to Flowing Snake.”

Seeing that Ye Mo had made up his mind, Zhuo Aiguo didn’t try to persuade him anymore; after all, Ye Mo was a master. Finally, he said, “No problem, I should be able to find a place in Flowing Snake.” Zhuo Aiguo understood Ye Mo’s meaning. He had heard of this place before; although it was a wicked city, it was easy to do things as long as you paved your way with money first.

Ye Mo nodded and said, “The business I do is a bit illegal, the further away it is, the better.”

Zhuo Aiguo opened his mouth but eventually didn’t say anything. From his many years of experience in the business industry, Ye Mo didn’t seem like those cunning and sly people; however, the way he talked sounded like he wanted to join gangs.