Strongest Abandoned Son - Chapter 47: So That’s It

Chapter 47: So That’s It

Translator: Tim Editor: Tehrn / Carolin

Ning Hai University.

Yun Bing was feeling irritated these few days. She tried to see if she could find Ye Mo, but she hadn’t seen him for a long time. Initially, although Ye Mo didn’t go to her class often, she could still often see him going to the library, yet these last few days, she hadn’t even seen his shadow.

Originally, she thought that after Ye Mo had disappeared, she would be able to calm down and keep doing what she wanted; however, she was constantly reminded of the fact that Zheng Wenqiao and her schoolmate being beaten until they became mentally disabled, was related to her. She wanted to ask Ye Mo about the event, but his attitude was horrible at the time; he had even wanted to throw her into the lake. “That bastard!” She suspected that not only he had looked at her body, but he might have even touched it, seeing how cocky he was to her. Thinking about this, Yun Bing immediately felt furious and started wondering if perhaps Ning Hai was no longer suitable for her, which would force her to go back to Beijing.

After thinking about leaving Ning Hai for a while, Yun Bing actually gasped a sigh of relief and thought that she should have left long ago. The first thing Yun Bing did when she returned to her home wasn’t to cook like she used to but pack her stuff.

After she had completely packed her things, she started cleaning the place and found an SD card in her room. Yun Bing picked up the 8GB SD card near the corner and felt confused, as she had never used SD cards. However, she immediately thought of the camera that she had found, smashed to pieces that day after Ye Mo left. However, all the things inside it were broken, and since she didn’t know what had happened, she didn’t bother looking too much into it.

But now, she found a storage disk and immediately thought that it should be the camera’s, the one that she couldn’t find when she had woken up and saw the mess that was left that day. It looked like this was exactly the one she had been looking for, but she didn’t expect it to be in the corner of the room; if she wasn’t tidying the house today, she actually wouldn’t have found it.

Yun Bing opened up her laptop and put the SD card in. She found only one video file and opened it with the embedded player. Immediately, the screen showed an image and voices could be heard.

“Young master Qiao, I am ready.” It was the voice of her schoolmate who drugged her.

“Start when I go on this woman. Remember to film it clearly and capture all the specifics, especially when she moans. I want all of it! I don’t believe that she won’t cooperate after all that.” The image showed Zhen Wenqiao.

Watching the video, Yun Bing was literally so angry that she was shaking. What made her more embarrassed and outraged at the same time was that she was the one to pull apart her own clothes, and she immediately understood what happened; it should have been from the drink she had drunk that day which had an aphrodisiac in it. On the screen, her face was ruby red, her eyes were filled with lust, and she had pulled off the clothes in front of her chest. This showed just how potent the drug was.

Just as Yun Bing didn’t know what to do anymore, the door in the screen was kicked open. Ye Mo who had his face covered came in. When Yun Bing saw to this part, she was finally relieved and had already a subtle understanding of what had happened.

“Friend, what do you want to do? If you just want money, we don’t need to cross paths, and we can let you play after we finish enjoying ourselves. This is a high-quality woman…” Zhen Wenqiao was wary of Ye Mo as he was talking. At the same time, he was putting back on the clothes he was about to take off.

“Human scum…” Ye Mo just spoke two words and kicked Zhen Wenqiao.

The following scene was very blurry then she saw her schoolmate fight with Ye Mo. It seemed to be very brief, and the video just stopped there. Afterward was an entirely black screen.

Although the content of the video was limited, from what she had gathered so far, Yun Bing had already guessed a few things. It should be that Ye Mo saw these people abduct her and followed them, then he beat them up in her home. Ye Mo had broken the door to save her, but as for how he eventually had dealt with the effects of the drug, Yun Bing wasn’t completely certain; however, she knew that Ye Mo didn’t do anything more “physical” to harass her.

“No wonder the second morning, those two became mentally disabled and were thrown on the square. It was Ye Mo who did it!” Yun Bing suddenly stood up as she realized that she had wronged Ye Mo who saved her life. “If it weren’t for Ye Mo, what would the results have been?” Yun Bing didn’t dare to imagine. Perhaps there was no other way out than suicide. This Zheng Wenqiao was so evil; however, she had no idea when she got on his bad side.

Yun Bing thought again and realized now wasn’t the time to care about other people’s things. She should be trying to contact Ye Mo; he saved her, yet she repaid his benevolence with malfeasance. Yun Bing suddenly felt embarrassed; however, she was a very grateful person, since she was wrong, she knew that she should immediately find Ye Mo and apologize, then thank him for saving her life.

“Why didn’t Ye Mo tell me the truth?” However, Yun Bing understood very quickly. That day when Ye Mo was just wiping his face, she had woken up for barely a moment and fainted again, and perhaps Ye Mo didn’t even realize it. Or maybe, since this thing involved the vice mayor’s son, he might have been scared that she might be burdened mentally or reveal something and end up being the one to suffer.

Besides, with her impression of Ye Mo, would she believe him even if he had said it? “Thank you, Ye Mo.” She suddenly felt that he didn’t seem so annoying.

When a person’s mentality changed, the person’s views of someone else might change too. When she was tidying the room, she still felt that Ye Mo was the most detestable person, yet now, she felt he was quite handsome.

“No, I must apologize in front of his face,” she thought. He had saved her life, and some things couldn’t be resolved even with death. Even if she killed herself for this, it would only ruin her reputation. “Should I find Ye Mo? But I hadn’t seen him for a long time… I know, I will go to class tomorrow and ask if someone knows where Ye Mo is.”


In today’s English class, what made all the students in the class drop their glasses was that the usual cold Merciless Bing actually asked about Ye Mo whereabouts.

After class, Yun Bing didn’t leave and asked on the podium, “Ye Mo hasn’t been here for a long time, do you guys know where he went? Is there anyone among you that can contact him?”

Silence, a long silence...

When at last even Yun Bing didn’t know what to do, finally a student answered, “Ye Mo is the closest with Shi Xiu; however, Shi Xiu hasn’t come for a long time either... There is also Su Mei who knows Ye Mo; I saw them talk last time at the library.”

After Yun Bing had left, the classroom erupted again. Ye Mo not only knew an incredibly breathtaking woman who even came for him multiples times. Now, even Merciless Bing had asked about him. This Ye Mo really was almighty.

Su Mei was a celebrity in Ning Hai University and, at the same time, she was also a student of Yun Bing, so of course she knew her.

When Su Mei heard Yun Bing asking her about Ye Mo, she was stunned at first but soon returned to her composure as she said, “Mrs. Yun, Ye Mo is a wicked man down to the root, you don’t need to be angry at him; even my cousin almost fell for his trap. This person really knows how to disguise himself.”

Yun Bing was astonished for a moment and thought, “Why would I be angry with Ye Mo when I’m trying so hard to show my gratitude?” However, she didn’t rebuke Su Mei. After all, that was her point of view, and she had her own. Wasn’t she also a hater of Ye Mo before?

“Su Mei, actually, I have something urgent for Ye Mo,” Yun Bing said helplessly.

“Something urgent? It seemed that Mrs. Yun really had something urgent,” as she thought of her words, Su Mei was immediately reminded of that day when Yun Bing wanted to slap Ye Mo in anger. She subconsciously looked at Yun Bing’s stomach and thought, “Wasn’t Ye Mo impotent? Did he also ‘create’ a problem there?”

Of course, Yun Bing didn’t know Su Mei’s dirty mind and asked worriedly again, “Do you know where he is?” Su Mei returned to herself and shook her head: “I don’t know, but my cousin Su Jingwen might know. Why don’t you ask her?”