Strongest Abandoned Son - Chapter 49: Slow Paced Walk

Chapter 49: Slow Paced Walk

Translator: Tim Editor: Tehrn / Carolin

Zhuo Aiguo had already gotten off, so did Ye Mo and the chauffeur Xiao Yu. Ye Mo looked around, other than the man calling out to them and the two with the guns beside him, there were another two behind them that blocked their path. Including two more at the front blocking them, there was a total of seven people, of which six were armed with guns.

“Give us 50,000 dollars, and you may leave,” the man with the megaphone said.

“Wasn’t it 10,000 before? Why is it suddenly 50,000 now?” Xiao Yu seemed to know the situation and asked.

“What?” Talk more sh*t, and I’ll kill you. I decide on how much money we take!” the man who stopped the BMW heard Xiao Yu’s words and waved his gun, reproaching him arrogantly.

“Okay, okay, I have the money. 50,000 dollars, I’ll give it to you immediately!” The youth had a pale face and acted immediately, turning around and took 50,000 from his car. The man in front took the money and waved his hand: “You can go.”

The tall youth immediately got in the car and said, “Xiao Lei, let’s hurry and leave, don’t go to Flowing Snake, we should go back immediately.”

The woman called Xiao Lei looked at Ye Mo and the 2 other people with him, and said worriedly, “They—” she barely said two words but was immediately interrupted by the youth: “They are driving such a good car, they definitely will have the money, we don’t need to worry—”

Just as he was speaking, he was also interrupted: “Punk, you can leave by yourself! We’ll take her for a few days; you can come and pick her up later. You woman, come over here!”

The man with the gun spoke and pointed at the tall girl Xiao Lei. Hearing the man’s words and his finger that was pointing at her, her face immediately went pale. “Um, I already gave the money to you, please let us go—” When the tall youth heard that they wanted him to leave Xiao Lei behind, his face that had just recovered some color, turned pale and ugly once again.

“I will count from five, if you still stay here, then I won’t be so nice anymore!” the man who said that the girl was to stay, interrupted the young man’s words and said coldly while raising his gun. Then, he started counting.

“Wait, I’ll leave!” The youth suddenly charged toward his Mercedes, he left behind a small bag and quickly ignited the engine, then he turned his vehicle and actually started to drive back on his own. He was so fast that, at this moment, the man with the gun had only counted backward to four. Luckily, this area was open; otherwise, it would’ve been really hard for the young man to turn with his speed.

The robbers kept their word and, seeing how this man fled, they all laughed as they opened up a way for him to pass instead. The woman called Xiao Lei was still here and had a paler complexion. Her lips were trembling, but she still couldn’t say anything for a long time; she only kept moving back until she retreated to Ye Mo’s car.

“It’s your turn; you need to be fast to take out the money, and don’t waste our leisure time.” The seven men had already gathered around them.

“Xiao Lei? You are journalist Xiao?!” at this moment, Zhuo Aiguo recognized who the girl was and suddenly exclaimed. Obviously, he knew this girl.

Xiao Lei suddenly turned around and saw Zhuo Aiguo. The person in front of her she was familiar, but she didn’t recognize who he was. However, with someone knowing her, she seemed to have found a place where she could hide and quickly retreated behind Ye Mo. She felt her heart freezing, facing these bulky men who were staring at her like hungry tigers.

“You are…” Xiao Lei looked worriedly at Zhuo Aiguo. No matter what, Zhuo Aiguo was countless times better than these thugs.

“I am Zhuo Aiguo, from Lan Ye Corporation—” Before Zhuo Aiguo even finished his sentence, he was interrupted by Xiao Lei in surprise: “You are the CEO Zhuo of Lan Corp?! Zhuo Yangqing’s third uncle. I really didn’t think that I would see you here…”

Xiao Lei suddenly stopped as she remembered the situation she was in. Although Zhuo Aiguo was someone familiar, even if Zhuo Aiguo didn’t leave her behind, he wouldn’t be able to protect her from the thugs. Her heart sunk once again and no longer had the joy of seeing Zhuo Aiguo in a foreign land.

“I didn’t think you guys knew each other, hurry the f*ck up and give me the money, then p*ss off! Woman, come over here or I’ll shoot all of you down! Don’t blame me for not giving you a chance, f*cking hell!” the man who had his eyes locked on Xiao Lei woofed cockily.

Zhuo Aiguo managed to calm down in this situation. He knew Xiao Lei as she was a famous journalist in Beijing and went especially to those dangerous front lines to do interviews. Zhuo Aiguo wouldn’t be able to let a woman she knew be dragged away by thugs to be r*ped.

“Ye Mo, do you have any idea?” Zhuo Aiguo knew Ye Mo could fight, but facing seven thugs with guns, this wasn’t the same with the thieves back in the market.

“Who are these people?” Ye Mo asked plainly as if not seeing the gun pointed at him.

“They are all mercenaries and thugs from inland and other countries. These people often walk on the border of China, Vietnam and a few other countries. They would kill as they wished but they mainly robbed.” Zhuo Aiguo knew some about this; otherwise, he wouldn’t be asking for Ye Mo to help him.

“How many people do they have?” Ye Mo asked another question again.

“It’s said that there were 13 of them and called themselves the 13 turbos. However, I heard that they had a fight with another gang and 6 of them died. Now, there are just these seven remaining. Usually, they only want money, but if you didn’t cooperate, they would kill people immediately. They barely took the women, but there was rarely a woman of this caliber coming here…” this time, it was the chauffeur who replied. He came here a few times and was more familiar than Zhuo Aiguo.

When Xiao Yu talked about women, he subconsciously looked at Xiao Lei and didn’t continue talking. Everyone knew what he was thinking: “Why did a woman like you come here?”

Ye Mo nodded and said, “Boss Zhuo, leave this to me, you three get on the car first.”

“F*ck, wasting our time, Yang Pi, kill one first, since these people—” The only one without a gun — the one holding a megaphone in his hands — saw Ye Mo and them talking for too long and was getting impatient. “Bang”, before the man had even finished speaking, the man beside him fired his gun.

Obviously, he was thinking the same thing as the man with the megaphone. Unfortunately, his target was Ye Mo.

At the same time he fired his gun, Ye Mo had jumped up and kicked him right in the face. The man didn’t even make a noise before collapsing. The two people beside him, including the one holding the megaphone, also collapsed, and yet, Ye Mo wasn’t even hurt.

Ye Mo kicked three people consecutively, and before he even dropped to the ground, he copied Wen Dong’s way and kicked on the hilt of the two guns which flew out and went over Zhuo Aiguo’s head. Then, there were another two deep sounds as the two men behind Zhuo Aiguo were struck in the head by the guns Ye Mo kicked out and fainted. The two remaining men quickly reacted and raised their weapons to shoot.

“Bang! Bang”, there were two more gunshots.

There was another “crack”, and only then did Zhuo Aiguo and the others saw what happened despite their fear. Ye Mo was holding up their wrists which made the guns shooting into the air, and the cracking sound was probably Ye Mo breaking their wrists.

Ye Mo didn’t want to kill people in front of a journalist in case this woman would spread the word everywhere. That’s why he didn’t use the metal nails; otherwise, he could’ve solved the problem with a few nails even quicker. Zhuo Aiguo stared at Ye Mo in shock; he knew that Ye Mo was strong but didn’t think of him to be this competent. He seemed to have dodged the first bullet before attacking, and then faced six guns like he was having a stroll, he then casually proceeded to beat them down; this wasn’t a fight, this was a show.

The driver also opened wide his mouth; he didn’t even dare to believe that this innocuous-looking young man who came with his boss was this strong.

After Xiao Lei’s initial shock, she immediately watched the fight with fascination. This was her first time meeting someone with such refined martial arts which was completely like something made in the action movies; it was a pity, however, that she wasn’t able to film it. She had already forgotten the situation she was in not long ago... But then, she remembered what had happened and couldn’t help but to feel grateful toward Ye Mo. If he didn’t intervene, she would probably have been living a life that was better dead. It seemed that she couldn’t be so impulsive anymore.

Thinking about Wang Qianjun who had run away before, she sighed to herself. One could only see a person’s true character in times of crisis. Even Zhuo Aiguo was countless times better than that handsome Wang Qianjun.

Thud, Ye Mo kicked one thug in the stomach, sending this person flying many meters away who fainted as he reached the ground.