Strongest Abandoned Son - Chapter 51: Ning Hai Magical Doctor

Chapter 51: Ning Hai Magical Doctor

Translator: Tim Editor: Tehrn / Carolin

After going into Flowing Snake, the Audi stopped in front of a stone house that Ye Mo thought to be interesting due to its unique design. It had a half circular shape looking similar to the tents in Mongolia, and although there were multiples windows, they were tightly fitted between the stones on the wall.

Zhuo Aiguo didn’t let Xiao Yu and Xiao Lei go in with him and just asked Ye Mo to follow him.

The space inside the room wasn’t small, there were more than 20 people in it, and each and every one of them looked ferocious as they were surrounded by Killer’s Qi. Even those who didn’t understand Chi or Qi [1] could tell these people would kill if they had to. Other than the two armed men besides the long-haired man sitting at the top with a face full of ferocity, everyone else had either swords or custom-made knives.

Seeing Zhuo Aiguo and Ye Mo walk in, two ferocious-looking youth demanded to search Ye Mo and Zhuo Aiguo before the long-haired leader even said anything. However, when these two approached Ye Mo, Ye Mo grabbed one with each hand and threw them aside like harmless chickens. The two flew straight out the door like cannon balls in perfect formation.

Seeing this, all the people in the room raised up the blades in their hands, waiting for the command of the long-haired man at the top. The man sitting in the top seat saw Ye Mo defend himself effortlessly, and shock flashed across his eyes; however, he immediately got over it and waved his hand, signaling his men not to be impulsive. After a brief moment, he simply said to the two people beside him, “You two leave first, Rock and Shadow stay behind.”

At this moment, there was only Zhuo Aiguo and Ye Mo in the room, together with the long-haired man and two of his subordinates. That leader knew that this youth was obviously someone not to be messed with, and although he greatly overpowered Ye Mo in numbers, it didn’t necessarily mean that they would be a match for him. Since a normal person couldn’t just throw out two bulky men so casually, he might as well be more forgiving, and he wasn’t planning on devouring Zhuo Aiguo anyway. The long-haired man looked at Zhuo Aiguo and saluted with his fist: “Boss Zhuo, its a pleasure to see you! May I ask who this is…”

He chose his words carefully as he turned his head toward Ye Mo.

Zhuo Aiguo knew exactly what was going on, this person was afraid of Ye Mo, not him. Aiguo immediately waved his hand and said, “Chairman Fang, don’t worry, he is my friend. He doesn’t like to talk much and was just afraid something would happen to me, so he came along. I have already brought the item that you seek, what about your end of the deal, Chairman Fang?”

The long-haired youth looked scrupulously at Ye Mo once and procured a wooden box from a leather bag. As soon as the wooden box was taken out, Ye Mo felt an unusual Chi. This definitely wasn’t something normal and actually had a sliver of pure spirit Chi. Ye Mo’s eyes shimmered. He had the instinct that this thing would be useful for him.

“Show me your item first.” The long-haired man held the wooden box and looked at Zhuo Aiguo. Before Zhuo Aiguo could speak, Ye Mo suddenly waved his hand, and the wooden box from the long-haired man flew by itself and landed right in Ye Mo’s hands.

This immediately scared the long-haired man, and he stood up abruptly. However, his shocked expression was immediately concealed. Now, his eyes not only looked at Ye Mo scrupulously but also with a deep fear and reverence.

It wasn’t only the long-haired man, but the two other people behind him, as well as Zhuo Aiguo who looked at Ye Mo in disbelief. What mutant ability was this? He simply waved his hands and was able to grab something from 6 to 7 meters away?

Ye Mo wasn’t fazed by the shocked eyes around him. He just reached his hands and opened the box, and inside, there was a black piece of vine. As Ye Mo picked up the vine, a faint spirit wave emanated from it.

“Purple Heart Vine?” Ye Mo immediately understood that this was a section of the root of a Purple Heart Vine. Seeing this here on Earth shocked Ye Mo as it was a spiritual plant, and he knew that the spirit Chi on Earth was scarce. He was already surprised when he had found the Silver Heart Grass, much less this section of the Purple Heart Vine. Unfortunately, there was only this tiny amount, if only there were more...

“Brother Ye… You…” Zhuo Aiguo was so shocked by Ye Mo’s telekinetic ability that he stuttered while he tried to make sense of what had just happened. Before, Ye Mo was able to beat many enemies down swiftly just by himself which meant, in Zhuo Aiguo’s eyes, that he had great ability. However, this telekinetic power could no longer be called a “great ability”; this was too outrageous!

“Brother Zhuo, this thing will be useful to me, I was wondering if you would be willing to compromise.” If it had been billions of USD, Ye Mo would just ignore it; however, although this thing could be found easily where he came from, the probability to find it on Earth was minuscule. If it hadn’t been for his good fortune, he wouldn’t have been able to find it in his lifetime.

“Ah…” Zhuo Aiguo didn’t seem to have come back into reality from Ye Mo’s actions moments before. Now, he heard Ye Mo’s words which immediately woke him up; he said in a hurry, “Since Brother Ye likes it, then just take it. This Dark Purple Root is indeed rarely seen; I only managed to find it in Flowing Snake, and only this small piece.”

Ye Mo heard Zhuo Aiguo calling the Purple Heart Vine as a “Dark Purple Root” but didn’t correct him, perhaps that was what it was called here. After Zhuo Aiguo had said his piece, he took out an envelope and gave it to the long-haired man: “This is the cheque, take it.”

The long-haired man reacted and immediately walked in front of Ye Mo, saluting with his fists and said, “I’m Fang Nan, right now, I’m a small leader of a small clan. I haven’t asked for your honorable name yet, Elder Brother.”

He could already tell that Ye Mo wasn’t an ordinary person and wanted to create a connection with him. Although Ye Mo was definitely younger than him, he still called Ye Mo “Elder Brother”. Ye Mo looked at this long-haired man, he wondered where he had obtained this plant and planned to ask him later. Besides, he had decided to live in Flowing Snake for a period of time, so it was necessary to have a good connection with the local snakes here.

“I’m Ye Mo, I plan to live at Flowing Snake for a period of time,” Ye Mo said.

“Ah, great, if Brother Ye needs to deal with any trivial things, just come to me, Fang Nan. I’ll give this Dark Purple Root as a greeting present for Brother Ye. Brother Zhuo, sorry, please take this cheque back.” Fang Nan pushed the cheque back to Zhuo Aiguo.

Zhuo Aiguo wasn’t amused and pushed the cheque right back to Fang Nan: “We’ve already agreed to this, this is my present to Brother Ye, how can I not pay for it?”

Seeing the two was getting into an argument, Ye Mo waved his and said, “Chairman Fang, just take the cheque, you have a lot of brothers with you, and you need it for expenditure. By the way, Brother Zhuo, what need did you have for this Dark Purple Root?”

Zhuo Aiguo sighed and said, “For some unknown reason, when my son turned eight, he suddenly got sick which left him mentally disabled. During the past couple of years, I don’t know how many hospitals I have been to and how many specialists I have seen, but none of them had any clue as to how to treat him. It was until some old Chinese doctor told me to use a Dark Purple Root to make a beverage to drink every day for three years, and it might cure the problem. I used countless ways until I finally found out that Chairman Fang had a piece here, so I rushed over here.

“Originally, my big uncle saw a “magical” doctor at Ning Hai, but when I made my way over, that doctor had disappeared. I thought that if that magical doctor could cure my big uncle’s disease, then he could definitely cure my son’s disease... Sigh... Unfortunately, I wasn’t lucky enough. Furthermore, this Dark Purple Root may not necessarily cure my son’s disease; that Chinese doctor just said maybe... Anyway, it doesn’t matter if Brother Ye takes it.”

“Ning Hai?” Ye Mo repeated to make sure he didn’t hear wrongly. He thought that since he just came over from Ning Hai, maybe Zhuo Aiguo was talking about the old man that he had saved last time.

“Yes, Ning Hai, they met him at Li Kang Hospital. My big uncle had his disease for many years, and many specialists made the same conclusions, yet, that magical doctor still managed to save my big uncle. Unfortunately, it was a heavenly fortune to encounter him once, it is too hard to find him again,” Zhuo Aiguo said, as he was looking down gloomily.

Meanwhile, Ye Mo was already sure that this “magical” doctor he talked about was none other than himself.


1: A little reminder/clarification: “Chi” refers to the special chi Ye Mo cultivates, it is used by the immortals who are called the “Cultivators”.

“Qi” is used by the Martial Artists or Masters who cultivates on Earth.

The “Killer’s Qi” is obtained after taking many lives and enjoying it