Strongest Abandoned Son - Chapter 55: Lend A Helping Hand

Chapter 55: Lend A Helping Hand

Translator: Tim Editor: Tehrn / Carolin

“Elder Brother Ye, our instructor has told us that the one who reaches the first place among us, or the strongest, is the elder brother. Although I’m a few years older than you, I know you’re not an ordinary person, and you definitely are the person who would reach the first spot, so following our instructor’s words, I’ll refer to you as Elder Brother!

“I don’t understand the great ideologies of a man’s responsibilities in the affairs of the world, but the Yue bastards have been burning, raiding, and killing at our borderlines; there’s no evil that they won’t commit.

“Thirty years ago, our army started to retaliate, but the southern Yue abuse and humiliate before killing the Chinese in their territory. They burn Chinese factories, and countless compatriots have been brutally murdered. Although a few decades have passed, these devils haven’t stopped their actions, and even though it’s more subtle, they are still a threat to us.

“This time, a few of my team members were surrounded by the Yue, so even if I, Guo Qi, die, I will save them. On the behalf that we’re all Chinese, I want to ask for your help. Moreover, since we’re really familiar with the surroundings here, if you help me rescue my teammates, I’m willing to help you find what you’re looking for,” Guo Qi finished his monolog and looked at Ye Mo fervently.

Ye Mo stayed silent for a moment. He didn’t have any good impression for those Yue devils, and as for Guo Qi helping him with his search, that wouldn’t be necessary. He had already been looking for a few days, so he didn’t think that Guo Qi and his team could help him find it. However, this Guo Qi had some reason to his words; he was a Chinese right now, and since he was, he should be helping out with this simple task.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo nodded and said, “Brother Guo is right, don’t mind my words just then, I didn’t think it through. Let’s be on our way then! Meanwhile, tell me the situation in detail; a few pesky Yue are no threat to me.”

“Thank you, Elder Brother Ye!” Guo Qi saw that Ye Mo had agreed and saluted with his fist delightedly. He understood that Ye Mo wasn’t a heartless person; he was probably living in reclusion for some time and had faint views of some concepts.

Guo Qi picked up three guns and gave one to Ye Mo, but Ye Mo waved his hand: “No need, I don’t like to use guns, it’s troublesome to hold in your hand.”

Guo Qi suddenly remembered the situation when Ye Mo killed those strong soldiers with his bare hands and gave up on the thought.

After hearing Guo Qi’s details on the situation, Ye Mo finally understood that it wasn’t that Guo Qi and his squad were weak. There were six people in Guo Qi’s squad, and when they were doing a mission on the borderline, they had been ambushed in the forest. Although the attacker didn’t show their identity, Guo Qi firmly believed that they were Yue.

In the ambush, two people died, and three were trapped; only Guo Qi managed to escape. The place they were trapped at was called the Han Chan Cave. Guo Qi said that if it wasn’t that the geology benefitted them, their whole team would have been annihilated. When they were ambushed, they tried to break through, but the only one who managed to escape was him, and if it had not been for Ye Mo, even he wouldn’t have been able to go any further. The Han Chan Cave wasn’t very close, and Guo Qi led Ye Mo on a two-hour walk before arriving. Just when they neared the cave, they heard a gunshot.

When the gunshot sounded, Guo Qi immediately said in joy, “They haven’t been captured yet! This is my squad member’s gun; I can tell by the sound.”

Meanwhile, Ye Mo was also overwhelmed with joy; however, it was because he had realized that the place Fang Nan was describing was exactly like this Han Chan Cave. Although he hadn’t seen the evergreen yet, the surrounding was exactly as Fang Nan had described. It seemed that he needed to be more willing to help people; otherwise, he was sure that he wouldn’t have been able to find this place in two hours.

“Elder Brother Ye, what now?” Although Guo Qi was an elite in the special forces, he knew that he was a far cry from Ye Mo. Now that he knew his teammates weren’t in enemy hands, his thinking immediately became more fluid.

However, he was aware that even if his teammates weren’t in enemy hands, they probably wouldn’t be able to last long: they were most likely going to run out of ammo very soon; otherwise, if the team had enough ammunition, they wouldn’t fire so scarcely.

“How many people are against us?” Ye Mo returned to his senses. If he wanted to find what he was looking for, first, he had to finish off all the people that trapped Guo Qi’s teammates here.

“From the number of gunshots sounds during the ambush, I think there were at least 20 people and, at the time, we had also finished off 3 to 4 men. It looks like my teammates haven’t been captured yet, and my guess is that they are trying to hold out until the nightfall before breaking through the lockdown. However, the enemy should be aware of this too and wouldn’t let my teammates last that long. I think they might be thinking of a strategy right now,” Guo Qi’s reply was quite precise.

Ye Mo nodded and said, “You stay carefully behind me, and don’t fire unless absolutely necessary! I’ll take care of the rest.” Guo Qi knew that Ye Mo silently killed three special ops at that time, so he didn’t have the slightest doubt about his words. If he were in the shadows, then 16 people really weren’t enough to deal with someone as mighty as him. He even wondered who was stronger between Ye Mo or Xu Shi, who the authority sent to teach them for 3 days.

While Guo Qi was still thinking, Ye Mo had already moved out. The Han Chan Cave was within a valley, so this place was easy to defend but hard to invade. Although he didn’t know why those people chose to ambush Guo Qi here, Ye Mo knew that it was either due to a time constraint or Guo Qi’s team was able to retreat here in time.

Ye Mo’s spirit sense could already reach out to a radius of 7 meters, and when it was close to the Han Chan Cave’s valley, Ye Mo immediately discovered 6 people hidden not far away. If Guo Qi didn’t make the wrong judgment, then it meant that they had reinforcements elsewhere.

There was a loud bang as a bomb exploded outside the Han Chan Cave, creating a huge mushroom cloud. It seemed that these people didn’t want to kill them, but were using the bombs to threaten the people inside.

Ye Mo shot out 6 nails which went into the back of their heads or into their temples; the six men died quickly and silently.

The outside of the Han Chan Cave had a fan shape, so although it was easy to hold the position, it was also incredibly easy for the people from the outside to trap them. Ye Mo walked along the fan shape and killed his way through. Unfortunately, when he killed the 21st person, he was finally discovered by the last three people because the person Ye Mo had just killed was communicating with them, and his voice just suddenly dropped. From his cries for help, they immediately found Ye Mo.

Three gunshots resounded. Although Ye Mo’s spirit sense had scanned their movement, and he dodged at the right time, there was still a blood slash on his arm. These people were much stronger than the 13 turbos, and the guns in their hands were also much more sophisticated than the trash used by the 13 turbos.

He was actually injured!

Enraged, Ye Mo shot out 6 nails at once. Two people were killed straightaway as two nails reached them, while the remaining four nails smashed to mesh the face of the man who hurt him.

“Come over!” Ye Mo called to Guo Qi. Of course, Guo Qi had realized by now that there definitely weren’t just 16 or 17 people; 6 or 7 more people came. He said embarrassingly, “I apologize, Elder Brother Ye, it seems that I had the wrong information.”

“Hurry up and meet up with your team,” Ye Mo waved his hand and said.