Strongest Abandoned Son - Chapter 56: Chi Wanqing

Chapter 56: Chi Wanqing

Translator: Tim Editor: Tehrn / Carolin

“Captain, that bomb just exploded, but why nothing else followed after that, and what was that gunshot afterward? Did we get reinforcements?”

“I don’t know what’s going on, I’ll go outside and have a look. You guys stay here! Wanqing, are you alright?”

“Mmm, I’m fine but... leave me a grenade…” the woman called Wanqing who spoke last had a pale face. The other two people knew what she had meant; ammunitions were getting low, and if she couldn’t defend herself anymore, she would commit suicide while taking as many lives with her as possible.

“Captain Lu, are you guys alright?” Guo Qi started yelling as soon as he came in.

“It sounded like Brother Guo... Right, it is Brother Guo! Did we get reinforcements? Are the Yue devils finally finished?” the youth with a machine gun in his hand asked, surprised.

“Fang Wei, you’re right, it is Guo Qi! How did he get in? Wasn’t he… No way!” The woman who was they referred as “Captain” shook her head halfway.

“What’s going on, Guo Qi?” Captain Lu asked as soon as she saw Guo Qi coming to the entrance of the cave. Guo Qi saw the three people in the cave and was relieved as he noticed Chi Wanqing was still able to hold herself against the cave wall. “I have requested for reinforcements, and we have already finished off all the Yue devils outside. Are you guys alright?”

“We’re fine, it’s just that Wanqing was shot in the thigh. By the way, which squad saved us?” Captain Lu looked at Guo Qi with suspicion, thinking, “Which team could come here this quickly? Even reinforcements couldn’t get here so fast, was it Wolf Howl’s people?

“No, I met a... friend in the forest just then, he saved me and help me deal with the 20 or so Yue devils outside,” Guo Qi caught on with his breath and said.

“What? You’re saying one person killed more than 20 special ops? And this person is a friend you just met? Oh, Guo Qi you do know how to kid!” Captain Lu exclaimed immediately. Chi Wanqing and Fang Wei also looked at Guo Qi with suspicion. If they didn’t deeply understand Guo Qi as a person, they would even think that Guo Qi had betrayed them.

Guo Qi hurriedly said, “Captain Lu, this is real; however, that friend ambushed them, he didn’t fight them head on, but he killed them off one by one in the shadows. I followed behind him and saw very clearly. He was only discovered by the last few, and they opened fire.”

Fang Wei then came to the realization and said, “I heard those Yue devils open fire at the end, so that’s what it was.”

“Even if he ambushed them, this ability is definitely absurdly strong. Let’s go, Guo Qi, show me this ‘friend’ of yours. Wanqing, I’ll help carry you,” Captain Lu said to the woman behind her who was injured and didn’t care if she would agree or not; she just carried her on her back.

“Wanqing has a gunshot wound, but my friend can cure it in a matter of minutes! Look, I was shot here this morning, and now it has a scab already; it has only been a few hours! He really is amazing! Fortunately, I had the chance to met him when I was running away, but you wouldn’t even believe what he was doing at that time,” Guo Qi spoke those words quickly.

“That’s amazing, it really did form a scab!” Fang Wei had been so amazed by the wound at Guo Qi’s waist that he couldn’t help but exclaimed. After a while, he remembered about Guo Qi’s last part and asked, “By the way, Guo Qi, what was he doing when you met him?”

Guo Qi smiled and said, “He was leisurely roasting a rabbit in the middle of nowhere, he even gave me half of it after casually taking care of three men in a flash and healing my wound. He is definitely the strongest senpai I have met before.”

“There are actually people this strong! I have to make him become my master, but he must be quite old. Sigh, if only Liu Chen and Yu Nan were still here...” Fan Wei’s eyes became glum.

Hearing Fang Wei talk about Liu Chen and Yu Nan, these few people all fell into silence, and suddenly, the atmosphere grew heavy.

“Ah, what?! A pile…” After walking out of the cave, those few people immediately saw the 24 people Ye Mo killed stacked into a pile, but Ye Mo wasn’t here.

“He actually killed that many… He is way too f*cking amazing! I must bow down to him as my Master!” Fan Wei exclaimed once again.

“Don’t bother trying, Brother Ye is a powerful person out of this world, do you really think he’s going to take you in? Brother Ye! Brother Ye!” After finishing, Guo Qi called out.

“You all came out? Then you can leave, I still have some things to do, so I won’t be staying anymore.” Ye Mo suddenly appeared from somewhere and smiled plainly. Guo Qi was stunned for a moment and immediately said, “Huh, Elder Brother Ye, you’re leaving? Oh, let me introduce, this is the captain of the Eagle Hunter, Luo Lin, the woman on her back is called Chi Wanqing, and this is Fang Wei, he really admires you. Captain, this is the Ye Mo I told you of that helped us.”

“Ye Mo, Hello, my name is Lu Lin, I’m really grateful for you this time! I never expected you to be this young, I thought you would be at least 30 or 40.” Luo Lin hurried to extend a hand and shake with Ye Mo. The gratitude in her eyes was evident.

“Big Brother Ye, you really are so strong and so young! My name is Fang Wei, would you take me as your disciple?” Fang Wei eye’s shot out intense beams as he looked at Ye Mo with admiration.

Ye Mo waved his hand and said, “I only got them through ambushes, I’m only half learned myself, how can I take disciples? Don’t bring up this anymore.”

Chi Wanqing looked at Ye Mo, and her eyes brightened up. The reason she wanted to join the army and even got into the Eagle Hunter Squad through her hard work was because of her admiration for the strength of soldiers. Furthermore, her grandpa was a soldier, and her father was a soldier; however, her father didn’t have a son and only had her as a daughter. She even had an argument with her father over some things and didn’t want to stay home, so she used Hua Mulan [1] as her idol and joined the military.

If Ye Mo was really as powerful as Guo Qi had said, then he was a partner that she could approve. Usually, she had been very cold to people. Firstly, it was because she was too beautiful, so if she wasn’t cold in the army, then there would be too many ‘flies’ flying around her. Secondly, she felt that there was not a single person that deserved her admiration in the army; although her instructors were unyielding, they couldn’t finish off more than 20 enemies all by themselves, even with an ambush tactic. Of course, her cold personality was mainly due to family reasons and her upbringing.

The only one she slightly admired was Xu Shi. He came to her squad to teach them for a few days, and he really was strong; however, he left a few days after. Ye Mo, who was in front of her eyes, seemed a bit different from Xu Shi, and yet, she didn’t know exactly how; it was just a vague feeling.

“Elder Brother Ye, this is my squad member Chi Wanqing. She is wounded in the leg, could you perhaps treat it for her?” Guo Qi looked desperately at Ye Mo. Ye Mo looked at the woman on Lu Lin’s back. She was just a bit over twenty, her hair was very short, and her face was beautiful and picturesque like a drawing; however, she was a little pale, probably due to the loss of blood. Ye Mo shook his head and thought that this type of girl should be staying at home. “Why would she come to the country border forest to fight?”


1: Hua Mulan was a female general in ancient China who fought for her country disguised as a man (Disney made a movie out of her story). Another famous woman was Joan of Arc (or Jeanne d’Arc in French) who kept her hair short and men soldier’s clothing through her military campaigns.