Strongest Abandoned Son - Chapter 58: Found The Place

Chapter 58: Found The Place

Translator: Tim Editor: Tehrn

Ye Mo smiled and said, “Tell me, as long as it’s convenient and not troublesome, I’m willing to help you.” He felt good toward Chi Wanqing, so if he could help her, he wouldn’t mind spending some of his time for her.

“I have a cousin that opened a company in the Jiang Nan Province at the city of Luo Cang, but she doesn’t have enough people right now. Would you have the time to go work at her company? It’s actually really simple; you just need to survey the factory, and that’s about it,” Chi Wanqing said, beaming with joy. She suddenly realized that she had smiled more in these 20 or 30 minutes than she did for an entire year.

Ye Mo immediately understood that this little girl was trying to help him out, but was scared that his dignity wouldn’t allow him to accept, so she told it masking it as a favor from him. Otherwise, how could there be such good thing? He didn’t need to do anything and would just receive money; that would be too good to be true.

This was a very meticulous girl; however, she didn’t understand him well enough and was afraid of hurting his self-esteem. He smiled slightly as he gave her an answer: “Thank you, Chi Wanqing. If I want to look for a job, I will definitely go to your cousin’s company. To be honest, I really don’t know how to do anything anyway.”

Ye Mo couldn’t just reject Chi Wanqing’s goodwill so straightforwardly. Even if he had wanted to work at her cousin’s factory, he couldn’t do so around this time. He still needed to grow his Silver Heart Grass. Until it was fully ripe, he would not leave.

“You don’t need to do anything…” as she said that, Chi Wanqing realized that her words were too obvious and quickly added, “You just need to walk around in the factory.”

“Wait, Brother Ye, I’ll give you my number. You should save it in your phone just in case.” Chi Wanqing was prepared to give her number to Ye Mo who simply replied, “Sorry, I don’t have a phone.”

Chi Wanqing was stunned. Who didn’t have a phone these days? But looking at Ye Mo’s appearance and the fact that he didn’t have a job, perhaps he couldn’t afford one...

Seeing Chi Wanqing’s troubled look, Ye Mo smiled and said, “You just need to tell me once, and I will be able to remember.”

Chi Wanqing looked at Ye Mo with an air showing that she didn’t really believe Ye Mo’s words. “Even if he remembered now, he would still forget later.” She thought Ye Mo was just embarrassed to reject her; however, this didn’t trouble her and immediately thought of a way. She took out an exquisite hair brush from her pocket and used a small knife to carve out some numbers on it before giving it to Ye Mo. Finally, she was relieved.

Ye Mo took her brush that still had a faint aroma and looked at it. He smiled and said, “This number is really unique... Thank you, Chi Wanqing! If there is a time when I need a job, I will call this number for sure.”

Chi Wanqing seemed very delighted to see that Ye Mo accepted it, and immediately, she said, “Brother Ye, could you not call me that way, it sounds weird to me. Just call me Wanqing from now on, or my dad calls me Xiao Qing, you could call me that way too.”

“Okay, Wanqing,” Ye Mo said helplessly. He just heard her teammates call her Chi Wangqing.

As she heard Ye Mo calling her “Wanqing”, Chi Wanqing seemed jubilant; she completely forgot about going back and instead continued her questioning: “Brother Ye, I heard from Guo Qi that you were trying to find something around here. Did you find it?”

Ye Mo shook his head and said, “Not yet, but it should be nearby. There should be two evergreen trees and a valley. I think the valley might be this place, but I haven’t seen any evergreen yet.”

“Evergreen? I know. When we hid inside the valley, I saw a place with two evergreens. It isn’t too far from here! Brother Ye, I’ll take you there.” Chi Wanqing suddenly felt pleased that she was able to help Ye Mo. Before Ye Mo could say anything, Lu Lin’s voice resounded not far from where they were, and Chi Wanqing replied to her: “Sister Lin, I have some business with Brother Ye, I’ll be back soon.”

Her voice sounded crisp and touching. Lu Lin was astonished, “Since when did Chi Wanqing have such a cheerful spirit? Her tone was full of joy. Wasn’t she always really cold? Did, did they?”

Lu Lin shook her head and turned away; she couldn’t understand Chi Wanqing’s change no matter what. Chi Wanqing also stood up a bit shakily, but Ye Mo caught her and said, “I’ll carry you.”

Ye Mo didn’t have any ulterior motives; he just wanted to reach that place faster and see what that Lama left behind. If he really could find large amounts of Purple Heart Vine, it would be crucial to him.

“Mm, thank you, Brother Ye.” Chi Wanqing laid on Ye Mo’s back without any protest. For her, since he had already seen her without her pants, carrying her wasn’t such a big deal.

She wasn’t a shy girl, and Ye Mo highly approved of Chi Wanqing for that. He didn’t know if all soldiers were so frank. There were two twirls of softness on his back, and although it was very comfortable, Ye Mo didn’t think about doing anything else at all.

“Captain Lu, did Brother Ye carry Chi Wanqing on her back? Did I see wrong?” Fang Wei stared at Ye Mo and Chi Wanqing with his eyes wide open. He rubbed his eyes. Chi Wanqing who always didn’t like talking to male squad members and was even constantly cold actually let a man who she saw for the first time carry her on his back. This was too absurd.

“You didn’t see wrong, now hurry up and pack up these guns. They must have some business and will be back soon,” Lu Lin said coldly.

Guo Qi also saw Ye Mo and Chi Wanqing disappear and nodded: “Brother Ye is a heroic man, although Wanqing is cold to people, perhaps it’s because she hadn’t met the right one for her yet, and who knows, it might be Brother Ye! They are a very good match…”

“Brother Ye, do you think I’m too unreserved?” Chi Wanqing who laid on Ye Mo’s back suddenly said.

Ye Mo almost stumbled and immediately said, “No, I really like your unrestrained personality. You are very frank about everything.”

Chi Wanqing hesitated: “Brother Ye, I’m usually really cold when I’m with my teammates. I don’t really like to talk, and it’s even possible that I didn’t speak as much in a month with them, than what I have said to you since we met. Ever since my parents divorced, I joined the army under my family’s influence, and due to my father, I have a natural sense of rejection toward men.

“I don’t know why but, Brother Ye, I feel a sense of nature and freedom on you. Those are things I have always longed; therefore, it might be why I didn’t have the feeling of rejection toward you. I’m not usually so unrestrained as you might have imagined, so…”

After finishing her sentence, Chi Wanqing looked worriedly at Ye Mo, afraid that Ye Mo wouldn’t like her personality.

Ye Mo smiled as he had understood what Chi Wanqing meant. She could sense the feeling of nature and freedom on him. This could only mean that she had a “Spiritual Root” [1] making Ye Mo look at her through another lens. On this Earth scarce of spirit Chi, a place where cultivation resources were close to none, it was indeed hard to have a spiritual root.

“Live according to your own will, there’s no need to compromise yourself for others. If you like them, you like them; if you don’t, you don’t… hmm, it’s here. There really are two evergreens here,” Ye Mo had just seen the two evergreens while talking to Chi Wanqing.


1: The Spiritual Root is the determining factor on whether you can cultivate and how fast you can cultivate. It allows the person to be naturally connected to the spirit Chi in the world.