Strongest Abandoned Son - Chapter 61: Was It Just To Repay A Debt Of Gratitude

Chapter 61: Was It Just To Repay A Debt Of Gratitude

Translator: Tim Editor: Tehrn

“I will save her, you guys take care, this type of snake wouldn’t attack you.” Then, Ye Mo took Chi Wanqing and rushed into the tent.

Ye Mo knew that it wasn’t a snake; it was called a “Bare Cockroach”. It looked like a snake, but it had four legs, and its eyes had a green glow in the dark, just like a wolf. Bare cockroaches were not only extremely fast, but ordinary people couldn’t see them at all. Besides, their skin was abnormally tough, and normal attacks wouldn’t do any damage to them at all. Moreover, the crucial point was that the bare cockroach was extremely venomous and couldn’t compare to any other normal venom.

The adult bare cockroach would eventually grow a pair of wings, so this one was obviously still in its adolescent state. However, what surprised Ye Mo the most was to actually find a bare cockroach on this Earth scarce of spirit Chi.

The bare cockroach wouldn’t attack normal humans. They are only sensitive to plants and things that contained spirit Chi because this type of animal only loved to devour anything containing spirit Chi.

Ye Mo immediately pulled down Chi Wanqing’s top, but at this moment, he really didn’t have time to worry about other things. Chi Wanqing had two holes from the bite on her back. The black Chi had formed a line going up, making it oddly clear on Chi Wanqing’s back. Ye Mo used his cultivated Chi to push out the venomous blood before taking out some herbs and using his cultivated Chi to help her digest the herbs.

The poison was finally under control, but Ye Mo knew that this was only a temporary measure. If the venom couldn’t be completely removed, Chi Wanqing still wouldn’t be able to survive even for an hour.

“But what could treat her?” Ye Mo turned Chi Wanqing over, allowing her to lay in his arms while he was worried, thinking of a way to treat her. Chi Wanqing was still unconscious, and although the gray on her face didn’t get any deeper, it was still quite obvious.

Bare cockroaches liked to devour spirit plants, and the people they bit were not only poisoned but would also lose their essence. It was just like life essence: if a person’s life essence completely dissipated, they wouldn’t be able to live long even if the poison was cured.

Chi Wanqing’s case was a typical example of life force gradually dissipating. Even if he forced all the poison out of her body, she wouldn’t be able to live. If it was in the cultivation realm, then any spirit pills could cure her, but here, there weren’t even spirit herbs much less spirit pills.

Regardless of whether or not she helped him, Chi Wanqing was bitten because of him. If Ye Mo couldn’t save her, his heart wouldn’t be at rest. Besides, he had a good impression of Chi Wanqing.

“If only there were a spirit herb…” If there was one, he could use it to recover her life essence, but unfortunately, his Silver Heart Grass was gone, and the ones he just grew hadn’t even germinated yet. After a brief moment, he remembered the section of Purple Heart Vine he had obtained recently and thought that he might still be able to cure Chi Wanqing using it.

Thinking that his lucky meeting with a small section of a Purple Heart Vine was going to be eaten by Chi Wanqing, Ye Mo was a bit unwilling to give it up. After all, if the Silver Heart Grass couldn’t be successfully grown, this vine would be of great use to him. However, thinking about how Chi Wanqing was in this state because of him, Ye Mo still decided to use the Purple Heart Vine.

Anyway, could he really watch her die and not save her when he had the means to? If Zhuo Aiguo didn’t mind giving this plant to him, why couldn’t he, Ye Mo, give it to others? Was he, Ye Mo, a status higher than others? Thinking about this, Ye Mo felt ashamed of himself.

Just when Ye Mo took out the Purple Heart Vine and was thinking of a way to turn it into a serum for Chi Wanqing, he suddenly remembered that he had only eaten the Silver Heart Grass for around a month. There would definitely still be some of the medicinal powers of the Silver Heart Grass remaining in his blood. Plus, even if it wasn’t the case, he was a cultivator, and there were constantly spirit Chi in his blood, so it might even have a better effect than the Purple Heart Vine.

After all, Chi Wanqing couldn’t straight up digest the Purple Heart Vine, and she still needed Ye Mo’s help in digestion which was too troublesome. Thinking about this, Ye Mo slit his wrist without hesitation and directed the flow of blood toward Chi Wanqing’s mouth. At the same time, he used his cultivated Chi to help Chi Wanqing digest the medicinal powers of his blood.

Chi Wanqing’s face gradually returned to normal with visible speed. The black lines withdrew along the original track and spurted out from the wound on her back; the black blood was gradually flowing out of the wound until it started turning red.

Ye Mo felt relieved that it had worked. It seemed that the medicinal powers of the Silver Heart Grass were not completely digested by his body.

Chi Wanqing suddenly felt a weird taste and opened her eyes; however, she saw Ye Mo’s wrist trickling blood, and it was directly flowing into her mouth.

It scared Chi Wanqing and made her scream as she hurriedly pushed Ye Mo’s wrist away. As Ye Mo saw that Chi Wanqing was awake, and the venom of the bare cockroach had been cured, he also stopped the blood from flowing from his wrist.

“Brother Ye, you made me drink… drink your…” Chi Wanqing didn’t dare to finish her sentence in shock.

Ye Mo smiled and said, “It’s alright, I often go to the hospital to donate blood. You had lost some blood, so it was necessary for me to donate some blood to you, so you don’t need to worry about it. Perhaps I will need blood one day, and you can donate some for me as well.”

Ye Mo made it sound simple. It would be too complicated to tell her that there was some part of the Silver Heart Grass remaining in his blood. Besides, she probably wouldn’t understand these things that involved life essence and spirit Chi.

Although Chi Wanqing didn’t react to the situation in time, she knew that being bitten by a snake shouldn’t result in loss of blood. Furthermore, even if it was blood donation, it shouldn’t be donated in such a way!

She felt touched by Ye Mo donating blood to her; however, she forgot that she received this wound due to Ye Mo.

“Thank you, Brother Ye, I…” Chi Wanqing moved a little and now realized that she was still in Ye Mo’s arms. Her face immediately grew hot.

Ye Mo also realized the situation and hurriedly put Chi Wanqing down, “You’re fine now, rest up for a while. That thing is very poisonous, I’ll go look for it later.”

Ye Mo had a reason to search for that bare cockroach: since there was a bare cockroach here, it meant that there might be some spirit herbs nearby, and besides, it was too rare to find a bare cockroach on Earth. This thing only usually appeared near places of dense spirit Chi; however, Earth’s spirit Chi was relatively scarce.

Seeing that Chi Wanqing’s complexion returned to normal, Ye Mo reminded her, “Don’t do something so dangerous next time. Did you know that I almost wasn’t able to save you this time?”

Ye Mo’s meaning was that this all could’ve been avoided. If Chi Wanqing didn’t charge over, the bare cockroach wouldn’t have been able to land an attack on him. But if he had said this, it would seem a bit hurtful; after all, Chi Wanqing was trying to save him and didn’t know that Ye Mo could dodge it.

“No, if it happened again, I would still stop it. If you are poisoned, then it’s all over, but if I am, you might still be able to save me,” although Chi Wanqing’s voice was low, it was very firm.

Ye Mo was stunned for a moment and felt touched. Then, he immediately said, “Nincompoop! If you are poisoned, I may not be able to save you. Today was very dangerous; you need to remember that next time. What if I couldn’t save you?”

Chi Wanqing shook her head: “Brother Ye, I don’t understand these things. You saved me, I just don’t want you to be bitten from the bottom of my heart. Even if you can’t save me, I would still do it if something similar happened again…”

As if scared of Ye Mo’s reproach, her voice was getting smaller and smaller. Ye Mo sighed as he thought that this girl was really giving people a headache. He even doubted if he made the right choice in staying longer with them. Chi Wanqing’s feelings towards him didn’t seem to be as simple as repaying gratitude.