Strongest Abandoned Son - Chapter 63: Departure

Chapter 63: Departure

Translator: Tim Editor: Tehrn

“Wanqing, come to my left side,” Ye Mo made Chi Wanqing move to his left side because the right side was where the bare cockroach was hiding. This guy was hiding under a rock with his eyes staring at Ye Mo and Chi Wanqing. Not only did he not escape, but he was instead trying to find an opportunity to attack Ye Mo.

Of course, Chi Wanqing didn’t know what Ye Mo had meant, but since Ye Mo told her to go left, she immediately went on the other side. Ye Mo knew that the bare cockroach was sly, so he pulled Chi Wanqing, pretending not to see it moving past by its side.

The bare cockroach saw Ye Mo showing his back, so it slowly moved closer toward him and was prepared to suddenly attack him when he was the closest possible to its position.

“Why being so careful?” Chi Wanqing asked quietly. Ye Mo didn’t answer but suddenly turned and made a grabbing move with his hands in mid-air. His movements were extremely fast, so much so that Chi Wanqing wasn’t even able to react.

“Ji!” With a sharp shriek, the bare cockroach that jumped and attacked Ye Mo was caught in his hands in mid-air, as though it had placed itself there. If Ye Mo didn’t use some Chi in his hands, he really wouldn’t have been able to catch this fast creature.

Feeling the intense struggle of the bare cockroach, Ye Mo immediately said, “Wanqing, hurry up and bite open the tip of your finger. Quick, this thing is really strong.”

The bare cockroach knew it was tricked and struggled more fiercely. If he didn’t catch it with his own hands, Ye Mo definitely wouldn’t have thought that it could have such power, and this was only a young bare cockroach!

Chi Wanqing saw the green eye and immediately felt scared; cold sweat trickled down her body. She wasn’t really scared about herself, but about Ye Mo getting bitten; however, hearing Ye Mo’s yell, she quickly reacted and, although she didn’t know the reason why she still quickly bit open her finger.

Meanwhile, Ye Mo took out a knife and slit open a gash in the middle of its head. As blood trickled out, Ye Mo held Chi Wanqing’s finger and dropped the blood from her fingertip into the gash. His hands continuously made differents hand signs, as though he was using some magical art on the little snake-like creature.

Chi Wanqing looked at Ye Mo’s actions in shock and didn’t dare to speak. She could already see the sweat beads trickle from Ye Mo’s forehead and wanted to wipe them for Ye Mo, but she was scared that she would interrupt him, especially since she had no idea what Ye Mo was doing. His hand gestures seemed mysterious as though it was mystical; however, Chi Wanqing believed in him.

The struggling bare cockroach gradually calmed down before eventually stopping. After being dropped by Ye Mo, it immediately ran towards Chi Wanqing’s feet; but not only that, it even used its sharp head and rubbed itself against Chi Wanqing’s shoe as though a sign of intimacy.

Chi Wanqing was just staring tensely at Ye Mo and didn’t expect this snake to run over so suddenly and was evidently frightened. Luckily, Ye Mo’s voice resounded in time: “Now, it has been subdued by me, but because you don’t have a spirit sense, you can only make it understand you through words. Don’t worry; it won’t attack anyone unless you give the order to.”

Ye Mo knew Chi Wanqing wasn’t a cultivator and, therefore, didn’t have a spirit sense, so although he made the bare cockroach sign a slave pact with her, she could only command it through words. It would take a long time for her to be able to command it only with her will.

“Huh, Brother Ye, how do you know something like this? It sounds weird and mystical!” As Chi Wanqing saw that the bare cockroach really didn’t seem to have the intention to attack her, she was finally able to calm her heart.

Ye Mo smiled and said, “This is the method used amongst common people, and I have learned a bit of it. However, you can’t train every animal with this, it’s only doable for a few special animals, and this bare cockroach is one of them.”

“Bare cockroach?” Chi Wanqing didn’t think that this snake-looking thing had such a strange name.

“I’ll call it ‘Little Wolf’ from now on. It won’t bite others right?” Chi Wanqing suddenly found it interesting but was still worried about the ferocity of the bare cockroach. Not everyone could save someone bitten by that creature like Ye Mo did with her.

“It won’t.” Ye Mo knew that even without taming it, it wouldn’t bite ordinary people as it was mostly attracted to Chi, much less after signing the slave pact with her. He thought for a moment and continued, “From now on, you just need to feed it some bamboo shoots, or you can allow it to find food itself. Most people wouldn’t even be able to shadow of the bare cockroach anyway.”

Ye Mo and Chi Wanqing returned to the campsite, and when the others saw the creature, they were amazed that Ye Mo was able to capture such a strong pet for Chi Wanqing. They kept observing the bare cockroach, and eventually, Lu Lin suggested that Chi Wanqing should make a small linen bag to keep the bare cockroach close to her.


Originally, Ye Mo was planning to leave after accompanying them out of the forest. However, because of Chi Wanqing, Ye Mo didn’t even mention leaving once but simply continued to follow the group.

Although Chi Wanqing really liked staying on Ye Mo’s back, she had completely recovered now and felt embarrassed to continue staying on his back, so she got off and walked herself.

In the next few days, Ye Mo would teach some techniques to Fang Wei each day and, later on, Guo Qi and Lu Lin also came to learn. The things Ye Mo taught were all easy to learn and very practical. He even taught them some simple breathing techniques. Although they wouldn’t be able to cultivate Chi with this, if they persisted for some time, they would be able to produce some inner force.

“Sister Chi, why don’t you come and learn?” that night, after Guo Qi had set up a simple place for them to stay and the time to learn from Ye Mo was coming, since Fang Wei saw that Chi Wanqing wasn’t coming, he invited her.

Lu Lin smacked Fang Wei on the head, “Wanqing will be taught privately by Ye Mo, what are you blabbering about?” Chi Wanqing who was just playing with Little Wolf immediately blushed. She looked at Ye Mo once but didn’t even try to explain anything.

Ye Mo smiled faintly but didn’t rebuke Lu Lin’s words; however, he didn’t have the intentions of teaching Chi Wanqing privately. Maybe if there were a pen and some paper, he would probably write some breathing techniques for her, but since there weren’t any, he gave up on the thought.

Ye Mo had a great impression of Chi Wanqing since she was willing to risk her life to save him. Besides, even though Chi Wanqing was in the army, she seemed to stick to him quite heavily. However, only Ye Mo knew that nothing would happen between him and Chi Wanqing as he already had Luo Ying in his heart, and no matter how extraordinary other girls were, they wouldn’t be able to capture his heart. The only reason he caught a bare cockroach for her was to repay her for saving his life.

Nevertheless, the bare cockroach was quite an important thing to Ye Mo now since after all, his power wasn’t quite high right now, and a lot of people were stronger than him. With the help of bare cockroach, he would be much safer; however, in order to repay Chi Wanqing’s goodwill, he still gave it to her.

On the 11th day, this temporary team had finally encountered people who had come to meet the squad; therefore, Ye Mo was going to bid them farewell.

“Brother Ye, if you have time, you really need to remember to help my cousin at Luo Cang.” Chi Wanqing couldn’t let him go the most and felt as though she lost something when Ye Mo left. However, she didn’t have any valid reason to make him stay. She could only hope that Ye Mo would go to the company her mother gave her and, perhaps she would find an opportunity to leave the army and go back there too.

Ye Mo felt helpless as he saw Chi Wanqing’s expectant look, he couldn’t bear to disappoint her so he could only nod to agree. However, he knew that after separating with them this time, it would probably be very hard for them to see each other again because he needed at least a few years’ time to cultivate his Silver Heart Grass.

Seeing Ye Mo’s back gradually disappear into the forest, Chi Wanqing suddenly felt a deep sense of loss and disappointment in her heart; her mood reached rock bottom once again.