Strongest Abandoned Son - Chapter 64: Ye Mo’s Rage

Chapter 64: Ye Mo’s Rage

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When Ye Mo went back to Flowing Snake by himself, his speed was a lot faster. Even adding the time when he had to go out of his way to collect some herbs, he only spent three days to get back to his temporary residence in Flowing Snake.

However, the scene that entered his eyes as he arrived infuriated him. It had only been 20 days, but his place had been ruined. The walls were broken everywhere, but the most important part was the patch of land where he had plowed to grow his Silver Heart Grass was utterly destroyed.

“Crack,” Ye Mo kicked a large rock with his feet and, using his chi, the rock was actually shattered into countless pieces. His most valuable possession was the Silver Heart Grass, and he had tried to cultivate 19 seeds here; however, this place had been decimated just like this. What was Fang Nan doing?

Just when Ye Mo was prepared to look for an explanation from Fang Nan, a person quickly ran over. This individual had seen Ye Mo standing in front of the ragged pagoda and hurried over and respectfully said, “Brother Ye, Brother Nan made me wait here for you. You’re finally back!”

This was a youth in his twenties and Ye Mo still remembered him; he was called “Rock” and was the one who stood behind Fang Nan when Ye Mo first went to see him. Ye Mo suppressed the anger inside his heart; the Silver Heart Grass was more important than anything, but now, half of it was gone. How could he not be angry? However, he wasn’t a person to go into a tantrum before fully understanding the situation, but someone will pay with his life for his Silver Heart Grass.

Seeing the dark look on Ye Mo’s face, he quickly said, “Brother Ye, after you left, Brother Nan and another big gang in Flowing Snake, the Yue Gang, fought over the distribution of benefits of those left behind by the 13 turbos. Originally, Brother Nan wouldn’t be afraid of the Yue gang. However, the Yue gang went against the rules and rallied with the Fei Gang to ambush our Pu Dao Clan.

“Brother Nan was heavily wounded and taken here by our brothers to recover. However, he was still attacked by the Yue and Fei Gang. In the end, only a few brothers and Nang brother made it out. Nang brother told me to wait here for Brother Ye to apologize to you.”

Ye Mo listened through Rock’s words with a pale face, not replying for a long time. He understood that if Fang Nan didn’t come here, perhaps his Silver Heart Grass wouldn’t have been destroyed, so maybe Fang Nan was using this method to force Ye Mo to help him out. If Fang Nan was actually trying to make Ye Mo angry at the Yue Gang so he would destroy them, then, he really wouldn’t mind annihilating Pu Dao Clan too.

Ye Mo walked into the yard. That patch of land was trampled all over, but Ye Mo still managed to find a few seeds. Seeing those seeds made Ye Mo calmer; however, he realized that even if that event didn’t happen, he wouldn’t be able to grow the Silver Heart Grass here because the few seeds he had found were all rotten and didn’t have any signs of germination. It seemed that this Silver Heart Grass could only be cultivated in certain places… He didn’t even know why the place he had been living at before could grow a Silver Heart Grass.

“Take me to Fang Nan,” Ye Mo turned around and said coldly to Rock. His face had returned to complete calm.


Fang Nan was extremely devastated right now and was hiding in a far off cave. Including Rock, only six people were remaining. As he saw Ye Mo walking in, Fang Nan struggled to get up with a face filled with guilt. From Ye Mo’s attitude toward the place, he could see how important it was for him, yet not only was he unable to guard it, but the place was also destroyed because of him. If something similar were to happen again, he would never allow his brothers to take him there to hide.

Seeing Fang Nan struggling to get up with guilt in his eyes, Ye Mo only waved his hand: “This isn’t your fault; let me have a look at your wound first.” Fang Nan had been injured during a gunfight. Although he was shot twice, it was not a problem for Ye Mo to heal him at all and, in less than half an hour, he had already treated Fang Nan’s wounds completely.

“I’m going to have a look around Flowing Snake to see who destroyed my stuff. You can rest up here in the meantime, you will be able to return to Flowing Snake at night.” when he saw that Fang Nan was better, Ye Mo stood up and, as he was about to leave, the tone he expressed himself with made everyone who heard him frigid.

Fang Nan immediately said, “Brother Ye, this thing was caused by me, so even if I die, I can’t let you go to Flowing Snake while I sleep here.”

Ye Mo smiled faintly: “In that case, you can come with me.”

To him, these gangs formed by desperados really didn’t have nothing to do with him. There wouldn’t be a problem even if Fang Nan came with him.


Flowing Snake.

Inside the semi-circle stone house that originally belonged to Fang Nan, the Yue Gang and the Fei Gang that had encircled the border of China were also here.

The big boss of the Yue Gang spoke in a fluent Chinese: “I’ve long despised that Fang Nan from the Pu Dao Clan. Although we didn’t manage to kill him, we kicked him out of Flowing Snake this time which makes me feel at ease. We were really fortunate to have Boss Pu this time. Come, with this glass, I now represent the Yue Gang to toast in your honor!”

“All right, but we will also be living in Flowing Snake in the future, and we hope Supreme Chancellor Wang will help us out a little.” The boss of the Fei Gang sitting on the opposite side of the Yue Gang with black skin. Although he was speaking Chinese, he was stuttering a little. He obviously knew that he wouldn’t be able to live at Flowing Snake if he couldn’t even speak Chinese.

Supreme Chancellor Wang smiled and replied, “No worries, no worries. We each take half of the land and business left behind by Fang Nan since it is what we had already agreed beforehand.” This Supreme Chancellor Wang was the leader of the Yue Gang, Wang Xian. He didn’t like to be referred to as “Gang Leader” and instead preferred the title “Supreme Chancellor”.

Under such discussions, the atmosphere in the room was extremely cheerful. “Thud! Thud!” However, two discordant sounds disrupted the scene as two bodies fell on the table where the two gang leaders had just drunk a toast. These were the bodies of the two guards outside.

In that instant, the entire room became deadly silent, yet quickly the tens of people in the room reacted and started flourishing their weapons, preparing for the upcoming battle.

“Who are you? Why did you kill my men for no reason?” Supreme Chancellor Wang had his hands on his pistol. No matter what, this person killed his men, so he was going to make him pay for it.

Ye Mo sneered and scanned the people in the room. There were about 40 to 50 people, with more than ten people with a black skin and two were white. After taking a glance at the people in the room, he simply asked, “Did you destroy the temple I was living at?”

“He... actually came for a broken-down pagoda?” The face of Supreme Chancellor Wang darkened and pulled out his hand as he yelled, “Brothers, fire! Finish this son of a b*tch!”