Strongest Abandoned Son - Chapter 65: What Is Really Cruel

Chapter 65: What Is Really Cruel

Translator: Tim Editor: Tehrn

“Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud!”

Four consecutive sounds of broken bones could be heard as the four quickest men who charged at Ye Mo were kicked flying. It would be extremely hard to tell which one received the first kick, and even those with good eyes were only able to see a few blurred kicks.

The rest of the men who wanted to charge up were knocked by these four people and crashed into the stone wall. Everyone else froze, wondering how the man could be so strong as the damages dealt were already so big.

A youth behind the leader of the Yue Gang reacted quickly by taking out a gun with the intent to shoot at Ye Mo. However, a light gust of wind blew past him and, before his fingers could even touch the trigger, there was a bloody hole on his forehead as he collapsed on the ground, and died with his eyes wide open.


At this moment, no one even dared to make the slightest move. This man came to the door and killed five people in a few breaths of time, and this didn’t even include the two he had killed at the door before. He killed that many people but they didn’t even see him move once?!

The leader of the Yue Gang finally caught on the situation, he realized that this young man was a dangerous one and was definitely one of these special Masters, so he hurriedly said, “Friend, there must be a misunderstanding between us. Although we damaged that pagoda, we really didn’t know that place was yours… Please, I’m willing to pay double for your losses!”

Ye Mo sneered and raised his hand. The two black men from the Yue Gang who wanted to open fire had suddenly a hole appearing in each of their foreheads as they fell to their death; meanwhile, the pistols in their hands flew out a long distance away.

This time, Wang Xian managed to catch a glimpse of his movement. The young man barely raised his hands, but this simple movement resulted in two immediate deaths. The objects he shot out seemed to be faster than bullets; this person was too strong!

“Pay for my losses? Can you even afford it? Besides, you hurt my friend Fang Nan and killed his men. Even if you could afford it, I’ll make you go back to where you came from today!” Ye Mo didn’t waste any more time talking as the metal nails in his hands flew out like hail.

There were a lot of people, and Ye Mo’s spirit sense wasn’t powerful enough right now. If everyone attacked him at the same time, his spirit sense wouldn’t be able to cover it all, and he might be injured. Since he was planning to fight anyway, he might as well get rid of a few men before they could react.

“Brothers, kill him!” In an extremely short period of time, more than ten people had already died. After that yell, Wang Xian hid behind the others and look for a window from which he could escape from.

Wang Xian had initially thought that this stone house was grandiose, but because of the situation they were in right now, it became the place he loathed the most. If it had been some other house, there would probably have been a backdoor or a hidden passage in case of an emergency like this. However, not only there weren’t a single door he could use to escape, but the windows inside that stone house were so tight that it would be extremely complicated for a man to go through. His only choice was to try pulling out one of the windows, but even after a long time, he still wasn’t able to move it.

Blood was spewed, and the sound of gunshots and knives clashing into each other was resounding all over the stone house. The scene quickly erupted into pandemonium; however, Ye Mo guarded the door and didn’t let a single person escape.

Although Ye Mo had a spirit sense and he attacked very fast — usually killing those with guns first while dodging the flying knives — there were simply too many people attacking him. His spirit sense couldn’t cover it all, and he wasn’t able to avoid one bullet that lodged itself in his leg; however, at the same time he had been shot, the shooter was killed by Ye Mo.

Although the gun wound wasn’t serious enough to threaten his life, it seriously annoyed Ye Mo, and the metal nails started to fly out even faster. A few minutes later, the rustling noise in the room stopped. Other than Wang Xian who was still trying to pick the window open, even the leader of the Yue Gang was laying on the ground, dead. The stone house was full of bodies, and yet, there weren’t much blood stains. This was because Ye Mo always took care of them with one nail.

Ye Mo took out the bullet lodged in his leg and treated his wound. Then, he stared coldly at Wang Xian near the window and said, “I don’t think you need to try anymore, do you think you can still escape now?”

Hearing Ye Mo’s words, Wang Xian suddenly looked behind him. Immediately, his hands and feet went cold. A single thought lingered in his mind: “What sort of person did I offend… more than forty people against one but none of them lived? Well, it’s more like other than him, everyone else had been killed…” It took him a long time before he could even say another word.

“Please, have mercy on me. I’m willing to give you everything I have, and I am also willing to be your subordinate!” Wang Xian had killed countless people, but when it was his turn, he finally realized death was such a scary thing.

“Fang Nan, I’ll leave this to you. You can deal with this one.” Ye Mo turned back to leave. Fang Nan and a few of his henchmen were waiting outside nervously, and when he heard Ye Mo calling out to him, he asked his men to help him go inside.

At this moment, Ye Mo had already left. Fang Nan looked at the scene in the room and couldn’t close his mouth for a long time. The room was full of bodies, except for Wang Xian who was shaking right now.

Fang Nan suddenly felt a cold shiver down his back as he thought, “What is cruel? This is really cruel!” He had killed countless people but had never killed this much by himself, and yet, Ye Mo left calmly as though nothing had happened; for him, murder was as simple as breathing. No wonder he scared so much someone as ruthless as Wang Xian that he couldn’t stop shivering.

When he killed, it was the brawls between gangs. It appeared to be very scary with blood flying around, but they were mostly light wounds, and not a lot of people died; there never had been someone who could kill the opponent’s entire gang. However, Ye Mo had killed all of these people and yet still appeared like usual, as though he had just killed a few chickens; his face remained expressionless. Then, Fang Nan suddenly thought of the day when Ye Mo came to this place with him, and sweat ran down his back. If he had just acted a little tougher that day and had some bad intentions, there wouldn’t be a Fang Nan in this world.

Fang Nan had never seen someone so strong. At the same time, he had never seen someone so ruthless. Luckily, he respected Ye Mo from the bottom of his heart and had tried to be friends with him, otherwise… Fang Nan didn’t even dare to think about it.

“Leader Fang, have mercy, I’m willing to give you all of my assets. I just want you to spare my life,” Wang Xian’s plea interrupted Fang Nan’s contemplation.

“Immediately kill this bastard and clean up the bodies in the room. Rock, immediately come with me to see Brother Ye.” Fang Nan left the things here to his men as he only wanted to check on Ye Mo.

“Brother Ye,” Fang Nan was carried by two men as he came to Ye Mo and called out to him respectfully. Originally, Ye Mo was just someone strong and mysterious in Fang Nan’s eyes, who deserved his respect, but now, Ye Mo was more someone he feared.

“Fang Nan…” Ye Mo seemed to be deep in thought.

“Brother Ye, I’m here.” Fang Nan hurriedly replied.

Thinking of a moment, Ye Mo said, “Originally, I was planning to live here for a while, but I didn’t think that some things wouldn’t go according to plan. So, I will simply leave.”

“Brother Ye, you’re leaving? I can immediately help you build back the place that was destroyed,” Fang Nan quickly said. He thought that Ye Mo was leaving because the pagoda was destroyed.

Ye Mo waved his hand, “Fang Nan, right now, you decide what happens in Flowing Snake. I know what you do to make a living but don’t cross the line. As for blocking the road and robbing, don’t do it if you can. Business is easy at the national border; however, I hope you won’t do any drug business. These sorts of things harm only yourself and the others. This is all I have to say, perhaps I will come back one day.”

After finishing, Ye Mo turned to leave without the slightest hesitation. He didn’t want to stay at a place where the Silver Heart Grass couldn’t grow. Even if he had to hide from the Song Family, he wouldn’t do it at the price of inhibiting the progress of his cultivation. Fang Nan was a decent person and helped him out quite a lot, but if he couldn’t even control Flowing Snake in its current state, then he wouldn’t have the right to stay here.

After Ye Mo walked out a long distance, Fang Nan finally awoke and said, “Brother Ye, I definitely will do as you say.”

Ye Mo didn’t ask him for someone to escort him back, so he didn’t dare to make that decision himself.