Strongest Abandoned Son - Chapter 66: Where Did He Go

Chapter 66: Where Did He Go

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Ning Qingxue had already bought the place where Ye Mo used to live before. She felt that staying in Yu state was a torment and wanted to find Ye Mo, but she had no idea where he went. Ning Qingxue, who could no longer remain in Yu state, returned to Ning Hai, and although she came back to this small yard once again and the place didn’t change, the person wasn’t there anymore.

Xu Wei didn’t know that the property had been bought by Ning Qingxue and still lived in her original room. However, recently, there were people constantly questioning her and investigating the surrounding, and eventually, they even took away all the surveillance computers. Xu Wei had a feeling that this was related to Ye Mo.

Thinking back to the time she spent with Ye Mo together, she just remembered that she didn’t even know what Ye Mo did. Xu Wei who just opened the door and was prepared to go out shopping suddenly saw Ning Qingxue standing at the doorway by herself. She was stunned for a moment and asked subconsciously, “What are you doing here?”

Ning Qingxue knew that Xu Wei held a negative opinion of her, but she didn’t feel that Xu Wei was wrong. In her opinion, her understanding of Ye Mo was even less than Xu Wei.

“I’m living here because the rental period isn’t over.” Ning Qingxue didn’t want to let her know that she had bought the house. If she did say it, then Xu Wei would probably move out of here immediately. However, Ning Qingxue wanted things to be the same as they had been before, yet, she knew this was impossible; even if everything else was the same as the original, Ye Mo was no longer here.

Xu Wei wanted to say something to Ning Qingxue, but she didn’t know what Ye Mo and Ning Qingxue’s relationship was like. Besides, Ye Mo did pay for a year’s rent here, so she didn’t say anything in the end. However, she didn’t want to stay any longer, so she left to pick up some groceries.

Ning Qingxue went back to the room, looking at the place that looked exactly the same as before, which left her with an indescribable feeling of sadness. That bed, she was even laying down with Ye Mo and took photos on it. She had even tried to go farther into the act which had even been noticed by Li Mumei at the time. Was that feeling before her true intentions? After sitting on the bed for a while, Ning Qingxue cleaned up the room leaving everything exactly where they were. However, Ye Mo’s small medical case was still in her luggage. For her, that was perhaps the last thing that Ye Mo left behind.

She opened up Ye Mo’s medical case again, and finally, she couldn’t resist to take out Ye Mo’s letter anymore. She had always resisted the temptation of opening it, but this time, after coming back to the place where she had lived with Ye Mo, the temptation was too strong for her. As soon as she opened it, a beautiful yet strong handwriting entered her eyes. Ning Qingxue didn’t think Ye Mo’s handwriting would look so bold as if it would come out of the paper.

“Hello Shi Xiu, I left this letter for you before I left. Originally, there were some things I wanted to give you, but you hadn’t been to school lately. Coming here, I was a lonely person, and you were my only friend. I was kicked out of my family and my original father-in-law had broken off the engagement in front of everyone. The only friend that hadn’t left me was you, so I consider you as my true friend.

“In fact, the thing I’m most grateful for was that day when you woke me up. If you hadn’t done it, perhaps I would never have been able to wake up ever again… Sigh, I don’t have a place to live anymore for these past few days, so it’s inconvenient to write, but when I have found a place to settle down again, I’ll write another letter to you. This is it for now.”

The letter stopped suddenly, but Ning Qingxue knew that the reason Ye Mo didn’t have a place to live was because of her and felt even gloomier. He was a lonely person, but she had hurt him even more. Now, she was also a lonely person. Ning Qingxue packed up the things and left the room.

Xu Wei had come back but went to wash the veggies and didn’t talk to Ning Qingxue anymore. Ning Qingxue walked to the flower pots where Ye Mo grew flowers in the back yard. She wanted to care for this place and grow some flowers too.

A fresh bud made Ning Qingxue look at it for a long time. The place where his small bud grew was the place where the Silver Heart Grass grew before. Ning Qingxue remembered that the grass with a silver color in the middle was cherished greatly by Ye Mo but also remembered that after the grass had disappeared, Ye Mo was gone as well.

Was this bud that grass from before? Ning Qingxue once again carefully fenced up the surrounding of this grass creating a protection that looked exactly like the one Ye Mo made before.

No matter whether this grass was the same one Ye Mo grew before, Ning Qingxue decided she would care for it because its place was the same as that plant from before. Xu Wei had cooked food and, when she saw that Ning Qingxue was still taking care of the flowers in the garden, she felt intrigued. Was her relationship with Ye Mo really more than ordinary? Otherwise, why would their interests be so similar?

“I’ve already cooked some food, how about you eat here as well?” Xu Wei had prepared food and said to Ning Qingxue who was still doing gardening.

“Thank you, I’m not very hungry,” Ning Qingxue replied, but suddenly after thinking for a while, she asked, “Xu Wei, did Ye Mo eat with you frequently?”

“Ye Mo?” Xu Wei didn’t know why Ning Qingxue would ask this, but she still answered, “He only ate once with me and said that he was going to invite me out to eat. But now, he still hasn’t invited me and left without a notice. By the way, Ning Qingxue, what’s your relationship with Ye Mo?”

“I…” Ning Qingxue could say another word. Yeah, what was her relationship with Ye Mo? They were no longer engaged since the marriage was a fake. She had no relationship with Ye Mo at all now, so what was she doing here?


After a week, Xu Wei astoundingly discovered that Ning Qingxue’s lifestyle was shocking similar to Ye Mo’s: they were both very zhai [1] and almost never went out.

Furthermore, they had a similarity which was their love of growing flowers. Ning Qingxue often watched beside the flower pots, and when she did, it was usually the whole day and actually didn’t feel bored. The only difference was when Ye Mo lived here before, there was basically no one who came but after Ning Qingxue lived here, that Li Mumei came quite a few times and even someone called Su Jingwen came. Su Jingwen’s beauty also gave Xu Wei a little shock, she didn’t know why there were suddenly so many beautiful women coming.


In a private mansion of the Song Family in Beijing, the manager of external matters, Song Hai, was immersed in staring at a map. A few days ago, he received a report saying that a youth looking strikingly similar to Ye Mo went into the town of Feng Tang and went on a bus leaving toward Qi City.

However, according to the driver, that person got off before even reaching Qi City. The place he got off was approximately in the Gui Xiang mountain range. However, the trail was cut off here once again. What Song Hai was staring at right now was the map of the Gui Xiang mountain range, this place was full of forests and mountains. If Ye Mo was really hiding there, it would be quite troublesome to find him.

“Ring, Ring,” Song Hai’s phone rang and broke his train of thought. Song Hai frowned, he had exhausted himself mentally recently trying to find Ye Mo, and a phone call at this time made him feel uncomfortable.

“What is it?” Song Hai picked up the phone and asked impatiently.

“Master Hai, Ning Qingxue from the Ning Family had come to Ning Hai and moved into Ye Mo’s previous home. What do we do now? Master Hai, please enlighten us.” The phone came from the people he sent to Ning Hai in order to watch out for Ye Mo. However, he didn’t think that they would be surveilling Ning Qingxue instead of Ye Mo.

Song Hai rubbed his head and replied after a while, “Keep an eye on her but don’t make any move yet. If there still isn’t any news in a few days, find a few hoodlums and take her away.”

“Yes, master Hai,” a very straightforward voice responded. Song Hai put down the phone, and sneered as he talked to himself, “I won’t touch the Ning Family for now, but can’t I touch you Ning Qingxue? You will see what happens next!”


1: As a reminder “zhai” means the habit of staying home constantly and not going out. (You can find a similar term in a few Japanese novels “hikikomori”)