Strongest Abandoned Son - Chapter 67: Injury

Chapter 67: Injury

Translator: Tim Editor: Tehrn

Ning Qingxue woke up later than Xu Wei each day. But when Ning Qingxue woke up this morning to clean herself, she discovered that Xu Wei didn’t go to work so she couldn’t help but to ask, “Xu Wei, you’re not working today?”

“Today’s a rest day, Qingxue, don’t you get bored looking at those flowers all day long?” Due to having the experience of living together for a week, Xu Wei and Ning Qingxue gradually got to know each other, so Xu Wei wasn’t as cold as she had been at the start.

Ning Qingxue shook her head, “Nope, I feel great looking at them growing each day.” Xu Wei was amazed for a moment as she really couldn’t understand Ning Qingxue’s actions since even when Ye Mo was growing these flowers, he wasn’t as much into this as her. At most, he spent some time of the day to look after it, and the rest of the time, he spent it on other things.

Xu Wei, who was just about to say something, was frightened by the door that was suddenly bumped open and dropped the tub in her hands.

Two ferocious-looking men charged in but were surprised to see the frightened Xu Wei as they didn’t expect that the person living with Ning Qingxue didn’t go to work that day; however, their surprise was gone in a flash, and they didn’t look at her anymore.

“B*tch, you deceived us and stole my money, and now you’re hiding here. Come, go back with me!” One man was going to pull Ning Qingxue who wanted to dodge, but she didn’t expect this man to take out a wooden stick with the intent to swing it toward a flower pot. Meanwhile, he was still yelling: “How dare you stole my money and hide here to grow flowers? I’m going to smash all of them!”

“No!” Ning Qingxue saw the stick was about to hit one of the flower pots, and with that strike, even a metal flower pot would be shattered. She was so scared that she didn’t even think before she just put herself in front of the flower pots. “Puff!” The stick directly hit on Ning Qingxue’s unprotected back.

Spew, Ning Qingxue spewed out a mouthful of blood on the flower pots and fainted immediately. Xu Wei screamed and immediately tried to call the police. The two men didn’t think that this would happen, they swung using their full strength with the intent to destroy a flower pot, so the consequences would be different when that stick hit on a woman. His orders were to simply take away this woman, but they didn’t think that this woman would block a stick from him for a flower pot.

The men saw that things went out of control, so they immediately looked at each other and left in a rush. Even when the Police, Li Mumei, and Su Jingwen all came, Ning Qingxue still didn’t wake up.


“Fractured spinal bone, 60% of the ribs broken, heavy damage to the heart and lungs. Even if we do everything we can, she would only have 3 years to live at best, and she would be sleeping on a bed most of the time. If we don’t treat her, she barely has a month to live,” this was the conclusion drawn by the specialists in Ning Hai’s best hospital.

“Even if I go bankrupt, I will make the perpetrator pay!” Ning Zhongfei was furious. Ning Qingxue was his only daughter, and for her, he was even willing to break out with his father and his brothers. But now, his daughter was beaten to the ground.

A 30-or-so-year-old looking woman just held Ning Qingxue’s hand and cried. She was Ning Qingxue’s mother, Lan Yu.

“Qingxue, I won’t let you be in this state without doing nothing!” After crying for a while, Lan Yu stood up and rubbed her red eyes. She looked at her husband and said, “I will find Su Su and help Qingxue exact revenge. Even if the Song Family was more powerful than the heavens, I wouldn’t let this pass!”

Previously, every time his wife had talked about Su Su, Ning Zhongfei would try to persuade her saying that Su Su was in the hidden power factions, and it wasn’t suitable for her to come out. However, this time, Ning Zhongfei surprisingly didn’t say anything, he just nodded with a stern face and said, “No matter the costs, we can’t let Qingxue be treated like this.”

“Mom…” Ning Qingxue opened her eyes for the first time, but as she saw that she was laying in a white room, she felt a heart-wrenching pain.

“Qingxue, you’re awake!” Lan Yu hurried over and grabbed her daughter’s hand.

“I’m hurting so much…” Ning Qingxue spoke, and sweat immediately cascaded down her face.

Lan Yan felt pain in her heart as she knew that her daughter was suffering, not just physically, but inside her heart too. At this moment, she was hoping to be the one laying on the bed instead of her daughter; however, she could only console her: “Qingxue, don’t be afraid, mom will cure you.”

Ning Qingxue shook her head with a struggle: “I want to go home, mom, take me to that yard. I know myself, I don’t want treatment.”

Ning Qingxue was clear in her heart. With her injuries, even if she was cured, she would be laying on a bed for the rest of her life, in the best case scenario. She harbored the will to die and didn’t want to stay in the hospital. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to see Ye Mo once before she died and apologize in front of his face.

“Qingxue, don’t be impulsive. Listen to your mom, stay in the hospital, the doctors will definitely treat you. Rest assured, Mom will stay here with you.” How could Lan Yu not know what her daughter was thinking? Her heart felt like it was getting sliced.

Ning Qingxue wanted to shake her head, but she felt a sudden immense pain. However, she bit her teeth and said, “Mom, can’t you let me die with no regrets? I just want to return to that house, take me back... I’m begging you.”

She breathed and said, “Mom, give me that little case…” After she said that, Ning Qingxue closed her eyes. Her pain no longer allowed her to continue talking, and she fainted once again.

Lan Yu stood up and wiped the tears from her eyes, “Zhong Fei, why does Qingxue want to live in that house ever since she came back? What exactly happened between her and Ye Mo.”

Ning Zhongfei shook his head and said after a while, “This is our daughter’s last wish, and since we can’t save her completely in the hospital, we should send her back to that house. We’ll do everything we can to find the best doctors in the meanwhile. As long as there’s even a sliver of hope, I don’t want to give up. Put that case beside her bed so she won’t miss it when she wakes up.”

Lan Yu nodded and agreed with her husband’s opinion.


Ye Mo didn’t go straight to Luo Cang like Chi Wanqing had recommended. He wanted to see if he could find a job himself. If he really couldn’t, then he would go work at Chi Wanqing’s cousin’s company. However, before this, he had to go to Ning Hai and take away some soil from the flower pot in that house and take away his medical case.

The reason he wanted to take some soil was for analysis. He wanted to find a laboratory and ask them to analyze the compound of the earth to understand as to why it could let the Silver Heart Grass grow but not with the soil in Flowing Snake. Returning to Ning Hai, Ye Mo estimated that at this time, Xu Wei was probably still at work, so he sneaked into the house.

But when Ye Mo walked beside the flower pots, there was a heart-wrenching blood stain. Although it was almost dry, it was obvious that it didn’t happen long ago. Why was there so much blood on this flower pot?