Strongest Abandoned Son - Chapter 69: Qi Masterp

Chapter 69: Qi Masterp[1]

Translator: Tim Editor: Tehrn

Ye Mo now understood that Ning Qingxue was the one that wanted to go back which made him wonder why she would choose something like that. However, since Ning Qingxue was going back home, he was no longer in a hurry. When there were no one left during the night, he would sneak inside and help her once again by curing her injuries. As for whether he would take away that piece of Silver Heart Grass, he still needed to think about it.

Since he already knew that the ambulance was going to send Ning Qingxue back, Ye Mo didn’t follow it. Instead, he was wondering where he could find the people who made her on the verge of death. Although he knew it was definitely the Song Family, Ye Mo didn’t know where the Song Family’s current base was in Ning Hai.

Ye Mo found a clean restaurant and ate there. After the meal, just when Ye Mo walked out of the restaurant, he saw three people leave a star rated restaurant; two men, and one lady, and Ye Mo quickly recognized one of the men: Wang Peng. However, Ye Mo didn’t care about Wang Peng at all, what interested him was the man beside him. He was around 40-years-old, he had a medium build and a long face with a grass patch haircut and slightly bulging temples. Ye Mo could tell with one glance that this was a Master.

That man seemed to have sensed Ye Mo observing him, he actually raised his head and looked toward Ye Mo who glanced away with the thought that this man was really powerful. He was sure that this man was even stronger than Wen Dong, and even if he might not be as strong as Ye Mo himself, he wasn’t far off.

This was Ye Mo’s first time encountering such Master and immediately understood that it had been that man who cured Wang Peng’s hand. Now, his spirit sense could scan up to an 8-meter radius around him, which was perfect for him as he wanted to know what these people were saying. Finally, Ye Mo stopped at a newsagency not far away from where he could perfectly monitor those people without being caught out.

“I was really lucky to have Brother Hu last time; otherwise, my hand still wouldn’t be able to move now. I really feel ashamed to be unable to properly thank you this time for coming to help me,” a voice that seemed to be Wang Peng’s could be heard.

Ye Mo had now the confirmation that this man really did cure Wang Peng’s hand, which meant that this man was a Qi Master, and it was his first encounter with a Qi Master on Earth. Even Wen Dong, that he had met the last time, was only strong in brawling and assassination techniques, but she was far from being able to cultivate Qi.

The middle-aged man waved his hand and said, “You are too polite, Young Master Peng, your father is also on Young Master Tan’s side, so this little gesture of help is nothing. However, just try not to go mess with those people selling fake medicine on the streets, there are some quite-abled men amongst them.”

“Yes, I will remember Brother Hu’s teachings. I have to trouble Brother Hu to say hello to Young Master Tan for my father as it’s a bit inconvenient for me to go over right now. Anyway, thank you, Brother Hu!” Wang Peng’s tone was very respectful.

The middle-aged man waved his hand and entered the Audi. The car was started and left rapidly. Ye Mo didn’t have the time to care about Wang Peng. He focused exclusively on this man that Wang Peng called Brother Hu. This was a Master.

Immediately, Ye Mo followed the car. After twenty minutes, the sky had already darkened, and the Audi finally reached a private mansion. Ye Mo scanned the mansion with his spirit sense and found cameras everywhere, but absolutely no way of getting in.

After thinking for a while, Ye Mo still decided to come back during the night when he would be able to destroy all these cameras and find that Brother Hu more easily. The reason he wanted to find this man was that Ye Mo had no idea about the martial arts system here and wasn’t sure to what state he had to cultivate to ensure his own safety.

Even if he had to forcefully interrogate him, he would do so as to not be unprepared when he met a stronger Master one day. Unfortunately, this time wasn’t the most suitable as the sky was just beginning to turn dark.

It was still early now, and he definitely had to help cure Ning Qingxue’s wounds. It was just that it wasn’t convenient now since there would definitely be someone beside her. It wouldn’t be appropriate for him to go; however, when it was later in the night, he would go treat her and then return here.

He wanted to go visit Shi Xiu at the Ning Hai University, but after some thoughts, he gave up the idea. He was still weak now, and if the Song Family somehow find out that he was related to Shi Xiu, they might try to harm him too.

Ye Mo left Brother Hu’s mansion and was preparing to go buy some things as he still had some money on him now. After he had finished treating Ning Qingxue, he decided that he would go to Luo Cang and have a look. If possible, he would find a job there, but if things still wouldn’t work out, he would go to Chi Wanqing’s cousin’s company.

His idea was to find a place to rent, and once things were more stable, he would get the content of the soil to be analyzed and then plant a few seeds of the Silver Heart Grass; after all, its growth period was very long. During this time, he also intended to go to the Taklimakan Desert. He didn’t want to wait until the Silver Heart Grass was mature before leaving; that was wasting too much time.

On this Earth scarce of spirit Chi, he really wouldn’t know when he would be able to cultivate to a degree he wanted if he wasted time like that. Although it wasn’t foreseeable how strong he would get if he continued like this, there was still hope if he tried, and if he didn’t, there would be nothing but regret.

Although Ning Qingxue also managed to grow a Silver Heart Grass, she was able to give up her life for that barely germinated blade of grass, and even though Ye Mo didn’t know why she would do something like that, he couldn’t bare to think about it any further.

“Hm, it’s really you, I finally found you!” a voice broke Ye Mo’s contemplation. Ye Mo turned around and found someone that he knew. That person seemed to be called Fang Weicheng, and he met him last time when he was practicing his martial arts in the Qing Du Lake Park. At that time, he had wanted to spar with Ye Mo but was defeated in only one move.

“Oh, it’s you, Fang Weicheng,” Ye Mo nodded. Fang Weicheng was quite straightforward.

Fang Weicheng saw that Ye Mo still remembered his name and immediately said in happy surprise: “I didn’t think you would still remember me! After that day, I had been waiting for you at the Qing Du Lake Park, but I never had been able to see you again. It’s really lucky for me to see you here.”

Ye Mo smiled and said, “You need something from me?” Fang Weicheng rubbed his hands nervously. He knew that Ye Mo was quite strong. Even a few of him combined would be no match for Ye Mo.

“I… I was wondering if you had time for a chat.” Fang Weicheng seemed very hopeful.

Ye Mo thought that he still had some time now and didn’t have a place to waste it on. Since Fang Weicheng had something, he might as well go see it. Therefore, Ye Mo nodded and said, “Fine.”

Seeing that Ye Mo agreed, Fang Wei was elated. He hurriedly brought Ye Mo to a quiet western restaurant. He didn’t even ask if Ye Mo had been here and just ordered a few dishes.

Although he hadn’t eaten western cuisine before, Ye Mo felt it was quite good. After eating a few mouthfuls, Ye Mo asked casually, “What’s up?” If Fang Weicheng was going to ask him to become his master, then Ye Mo would refuse it without a second thought. He didn’t have the time to be teaching disciples.

Fang Weicheng saluted with his fists and said, “I haven’t asked for your honorable name yet.”

“I’m called Shi Ying.” Ye Mo didn’t want to reveal his real name in Ning Hai. Besides, calling himself Shi Ying had a few meanings. Firstly, it was that his master, or shifu, was Luo Ying. Secondly, it was a homonym for Si Ying, which meant thinking of his master.

Hearing Ye Mo’s name, Fang Weicheng was amazed for a moment but soon recovered. In his opinion, this name was very feminine. However, of course, he wouldn’t reveal his thoughts. He had come here today to ask Ye Mo for help.


1: Reminder: The Chi cultivated in Ye Mo’s previous world is the spirit Chi which is an energy from the surrounding environment and universe. It is a level higher than the Chi which Martial Arts Masters on earth cultivated. To avoid any confusion, the “Chi” which mortal martial arts masters cultivate is called Qi instead of Chi.