Strongest Abandoned Son - Chapter 70: Arrogance

Chapter 70: Arrogance

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“Shi... senpai—” Fang Weicheng couldn’t find a proper greeting so he could only refer to him that way. However, when he just spoke those words, he was interrupted by Ye Mo: “Brother Fang, just say my name, I’m not some senpai.”

Fang Weicheng saw that Ye Mo didn’t mind, so he said, “In that case, I won’t be too polite. Shi Ying, I came to you asking for help this time. Because I haven’t been able to find you before, I know that it is very impolite of me to say this the second time we meet…”

Ye Mo frowned and thought, “You still know this is impolite? Wasn’t this obvious?” He and Fang Weicheng were strangers who met for the second time. If a stranger asks for help as soon as he opened his mouth, it would be strange if Ye Mo didn’t frown.

Seeing Ye Mo’s reaction, Fang Weicheng didn’t dare to drag it on and just said, “You know that I am a driver. Although my boss’ son is only going to the university, he is generous, and his relationship with me is excellent. He is doing his fourth year at the Ning Hai Technology University and is also the president of the martial arts association. However, a month ago, he was heavily injured in a martial arts spar and is still in the hospital now.”

Ye Mo stopped Fang Weicheng’s words and said, “Do you want me to avenge him?”

Fang Weicheng nodded and just wanted to say something but was interrupted by Ye Mo again: “I won’t do such a pointless thing. This thing ends now, don’t bring it up again.”

Fang Weicheng opened his bitter mouth and hesitated before saying, “Brother Ying, let me explain to you first, and if you still aren’t interested, I won’t dare to ask again.” Fang Weicheng cHanged his reference of Ye Mo from Shi Ying to Brother Ying in a hurry.

Ye Mo nodded helplessly, “Fine, but be quick, I’m busy tonight.”

“It’s because my boss is also from the military that his son loves martial arts. However, a month ago, a few Han men started a Taekwondo gym next to the university. In fact, there are a lot of Taekwondo Clubs in Ning Hai which is normal. However, as soon as these Hans started the Han Style Taekwondo Club, they wrote two sentences on their door ‘Every martial arts originated in Han, and among all of them, Taekwondo is number one! Those who enter this club must accept that the Chinese martial arts originated from Han, and only those who admit that could come into the club to study.’

“Originally, everyone thought that no one would join this club simply because of that rule; however, we didn’t expect so many people to sign up. I really couldn’t get it through my head and neither could Qi Weidong. So, he went to spar with the people from this Han Style Taekwondo Club,” after saying that, Fang Weicheng sighed.

Although he didn’t continue speaking, Ye Mo could guess what happened next. This Qi Weidong was probably the son of Fang Weicheng’s boss. In fact, Ye Mo also didn’t really like some of the Hans he had met because they were too shameless. Not only did they call Chinese medicine, Han medicine, but they had even said that Zhuge Liang came from Han. This wasn’t all, as long as it was a traditional Chinese festival, they would all claim it to be Han.

After Fang Weicheng had made another sigh, he said, “Seeing Qi Weidong willing to challenge the club master, he was actually very welcoming and also made him sign some kind of agreement that they wouldn’t be held responsible for any injuries. I know Qi Weidong’s skills, he started practicing martial arts since he was 8, and it has been more tHan ten years since, but he still was no match for the vice club master of the club and was heavily beaten. However, due to the prior agreement and the fair nature of the match, there was no way to reproach anything to them.

“Due to Qi Weidong’s injuries, many masters in Ning Hai went to challenge them, but all of them came back heavily injured. That Han was indeed strong, and it’s been a month, yet no one in Ning Hai was a match for that man. Later on, they even set the challenge at each university to increase their influence. In this way, their Han Style Taekwondo Club not only didn’t close but was instead getting more and more popular, and those signing up increased significantly. I really don’t know what these fellow Chinese are thinking.”

Fang Weicheng seemed furious after he had spoken. Ye Mo smiled faintly in the meanwhile. He had heard once that the Chinese had tried to reject the Japanese imports for a certain number of years already, but there were still so many people buying Japanese products, still giving them money so they could turn it into bombs and throw it back. Although the current world still waged war, it was only partial war, and those young men and women living in the peaceful era wouldn’t be able to think of more deeply about those kinds of things.

Their emotions for their country were mostly in their mouths and not in their hearts; they would forget it after speaking. Compared to the older generation that had experienced war, they were missing a lot of things. Usually, when they bought things, they only cared if the brand was famous or if the appearance was good, and as for where it came from, rarely anyone bothered to check. This wasn’t to say that they didn’t love their country, but more like they didn’t have that subtle notion in mind.

Of course, Ye Mo was able to empathize with Fang Weicheng’s emotions. He wasn’t an angry youth, but someone saying that everything belonged to them made him feel uncomfortable. Ye Mo was also a Chinese now and knew that they had a long history. He believed that the Han’s Taekwondo originated from Chinese martial arts, yet now, they were saying the opposite.

Since he was able to help out, Ye Mo asked, “Brother Fang, what time is it now?” Fang Weicheng looked at his watch and answered: “7.30.”

Ye Mo nodded, “I still have 3 and a half hours. If you can arrange a match within this time. I should be able to help you with this.”

Fang Weicheng stood up excitedly: “Brother Ying, I can definitely do that. Right now, they are hoping that someone would fight with them. And now, they would hold the competition with lots of promotions at every university to raise their fame.” Afterward, Fang Weicheng immediately picked up the phone and started to make a call.


Ning Hai Technology University.

A gym that could only contain 3000 people was filled with more tHan 4000 people now, and the lights were on inside because right now, there was a match in progress. One was the President of the Ning Hai University Martial Arts Association, Li Bangqi, and the other one was the Han Style Taekwondo Club's Vice Club Master, Pu Dongheng.

The reason the vice club master was the challenger was because one had to beat him first before the club master came himself. However, since the establishment of the Han Style Taekwondo Club a month before, no one had been able to beat Pu Dongheng in a match. Many challengers either broke their arms or legs.

Even though Li Bangqi was only the president of one martial arts association in Ning Hai University, he had represented Ning Hai in participating in the national youth martial arts competition and won the third prize. So this time, the match between the two of them almost attracted the attention of all the university students of Ning Hai. However, this gymnasium was too small and couldn’t hold more people. Most people stood outside watching on a big screen that was prepared for the event.

The match between Li Bangqi and Pu Dongheng didn’t involved rounds, but just free fighting. Except for the prohibition of weapons, they could use any means they wanted.

Almost everyone was cheering for Li Bangqi. Although the two were in a heated battle, no one had the advantage yet, but everyone knew that the deciding moment was about to come. Because every time Pu Dongheng fought with someone, he would suddenly defeat his opponent around twenty minutes and now, it was almost twenty minutes.

Li Bangqi originally thought that even though a mere Han had beaten many masters in Ning Hai, he was still a Han, so Li Bangqi didn’t take him seriously; however, after they had started fighting, he realized that Pu Dongheng was not only agile but also experienced in Chinese martial arts. The most despicable part was that these Hans claimed it as theirs.

The more Li Bangqi fought, the more he became alerted. He had already taken a few punches from Pu Dongheng, and even though he had a strong body and it didn’t really matter much for the moment, he was the only one to know that he only landed one kick on Pu Dongheng, causing barely any damage to him.