Strongest Abandoned Son - Chapter 71: What is Truly Crazy

Chapter 71: What is Truly Crazy

Translator: Tim Editor: Tehrn

The reason Li Bangqi was so shocked was because his master had once told him that the highest power level in martial arts was the heaven state. Although he had practiced martial arts for more than ten years, he didn’t even reach the lowest level, the yellow state. At most, he was on the borderline of high-level martial arts. However, those who reach the legendary heaven state were very rare; perhaps no one had even seen one.

Even his master was barely in the doorsteps of the yellow state but unable to progress any further. Real Martial Arts Masters came from ancient martial arts families and some hidden power factions. However, these ancient martial arts families usually never showed themselves to the world and only pursued martial arts to its extremity so normal people could rarely see them.

If one day, someone could block his Hurricane Storm Fist, then it meant that this person was on the borderline of the yellow state, and he definitely wouldn’t be a match for him.

However, right now, Li Bangqi’s Hurricane Storm Fist had been completed, yet his opponent was still standing firmly. Li Bangqi immediately remembered his master’s words. He knew things weren’t good and was about to go into a defensive stance. But at this moment, Pu Dongheng seemed to have suddenly turned into two people, and taking advantage of that one moment when Li Bangqi was hesitating, Pu Dongheng had landed a kick on Li Bangqi’s chest.

The pain of breaking ribs made Li Bangqi forget for a second the fact that he had been kicked out of the ring. However, he immediately recovered his mind as he had realized that he had lost and was beaten by the vice club master; the club master didn’t even need to show his face. At this moment, he no longer cared about the pain of his broken ribs, and the only thing in his mind was the humiliation he received. The Hans stole the arts of his ancestors and used it to beat him.

The boisterous gymnasium suddenly went into a deadly silence. Li Bangqi represented the highest level of martial arts in Ning Hai, but he couldn’t even beat a vice club master. How embarrassed were the few thousand people at the scene? The reason Li Bangqi made his move today was because he had just come back from Beijing the day before, and yet he hadn’t expected to suffer a loss as soon as he arrived.

The vice president of the Ning Hai Martial Art’s Association, who was also the chairman of the Ning Hai Technology University’s student association, Chen Weilin, said with a face full of disappointment, “Quickly take Bangqi to the hospital, we surrender this match…”

There were sighing everywhere in the gymnasium, and many people started to leave in disappointment. Suddenly, Chen Weilin’s phone rung and, as he picked up the call, he had only heard one sentence before exclaiming, “What, you found him? Okay, leave this to me…”

“Club Master Pu, we still have one more member of our martial arts association who wants to challenge you today. This is the last challenge, and if we still can’t beat you this time, I will represent the Ning Hai Martial Arts Association not to challenge you ever again,” Chen Weilin’s words immediately caught everyone’s attention. Not challenging them again meant accepting their status and everyone thought that Chen Weilin was mad.

“Hahahahaha, you’re welcome to send more contestants. Our Han Martial Arts Masters aren’t afraid of challenges, on the contrary, we worry that there are no more challenges, and I was starting to wonder why there was only one every few days.” Pu Dongheng laughed cockily. He wanted more challenges since the more there were, the more famous his Han Style Taekwondo Club would become.

“What? There’s still someone challenging him? Stay to support him. We must beat these Hans until they know what true Chinese Martial Arts is.”

“Yes, yes, we must stay to support our people…”

“If you want to stay, you can stay, I’m sick of the disappointment, I’m leaving.”

“Yeah, leave, why stay and cheer for the Hans.”


With the heated discussions, half of the people left, and the tightly squeezed place was quickly becoming more spacious. However, some of those who were watching the match outside heard that there was another challenger incoming and decided to stay. Soon, new people squeezed into the gymnasium, and the place that was just becoming empty became full again.

“What sort of person is it? Does he want to challenge the Han? But even if he loses, I will still support him, at least he isn’t a coward.”

“Yes, of course, we support him, unlike some people, they lose their vigor after seeing a loss, so no wonder the Hans are so cocky.”

“I heard it was because Chen Weilin received a last minute call and arranged the match. However, the Hans definitely want more people to challenge them. This way, they would become more famous.”

“Famous? I don’t think so. The challenge hasn’t started yet. How would the Hans know they would win.”

When Ye Mo came to the Ning Hai Technology University, he didn’t think that there would be so many people at the scene. It could even be described as a sea of people. Despite that Ye Mo was a cultivator who was originally from another world and preferred peace, he still resonated under the fervor of these hot-blooded students and Ning Hai Citizens. What he didn’t know was that this was only the scene after half of the people had already left.

Ye Mo followed Fang Weichen into the passage and entered from the back. No one came up and said anything because he looked too ordinary, so ordinary that he didn’t look any different from an ordinary, quiet student.

“Brother Fang, did you find that master? Did he come? Where is he?” Chen Weilin saw Fang Weicheng and immediately asked a few questions.

“That’s him, Shi Ying. A master of the martial arts realm,” Fang Weicheng pointed at Ye Mo and said.

“Huh...” Chen Weilin was so surprised that he was startled. “How could it be such a quiet looking youth?” However, he immediately reacted and saw that his actions were very impolite; he hurriedly extended his hand and said, “Master Shi, hello, I’m Chen Weilin, the vice president of the Ning Hai Martial Arts Association. It’s a pleasure to meet you, but that Pu Dongheng is rather strong, how about I show you some of his recorded matches first?”

Ye Mo waved his hand and said, “I’m tight on time, there’s no need for recordings, the faster, the better.”

Chen Weilin opened his mouth and thought, “Wow he is really arrogant, too arrogant.” Everyone who fought Pu Dongheng all analyzed his fights repeatedly. Even so, no one had been able to hold out for more than 20 minutes against him.

“Who is this Shi Ying? Did Weicheng get things wrong? What if he just went up and got thrown down in one round.” It was a small thing if he got hurt, but then the face of the Ning Hai Martial Arts Association would be completely lost. Thinking about this, Chen Weilin looked at Fang Weicheng and wanted to know what Fang Weicheng would say.

Seeing Chen Weilin look at him, Fang Weicheng waved his hand and said, “President Chen, just do as what Shi Ying requires. His time is really tight; it would be best if we could call the Club Master and the vice one here to fight him as well. I believe after this match, the Han Style Taekwondo Club would go back to where it came from.”

Fang Weicheng was quite admiring of Ye Mo’s strength as he didn’t believe the club master could kick him out in less than one round like this Shi Ying had done so easily in the past. Seeing that Fang Weicheng said this, Chen Weilin couldn’t say anything anymore and just looked at Ye Mo before turning around to make the arrangements.

“Wait!” Ye Mo stopped Chen Weilin.

“Is there anything else? I will do as you wish.” Chen Weilin had not much faith in Ye Mo, but after all, he was brought by Fang Weicheng, so he would comply.

“Go tell them that if they want to fight me, they better get everyone from their club and fight me together. I don’t want to waste time. And, tell me where that Pu Dongheng likes to break people’s bones,” Ye Mo said to Chen Weilin.

“What?” Chen Weilin was truly dumbfounded now. Before he had thought that Shi Ying was very arrogant for not watching the recordings, but now, he knew that he was truly crazy.