Strongest Abandoned Son - Chapter 72: Descent of the Crow’s Butt

Chapter 72: Descent of the Crow’s Butt

Translator: Tim Editor: Tehrn

“What?” Although Pu Dongheng could speak fluent Chinese, he was so angry that his accent changed after hearing Chen Weilin’s request. He had been challenged for a month, and no one in Ning Hai was a match for him, but now, someone wanted to challenge everyone in their club at the same time.

Pu Dongheng’s face turned purple as he said, ”Okay, but he must beat me first. Perhaps after he had fought me, he wouldn’t say such things. I’m sorry President Chen, I want to ask you to tell him that there will be injuries in the fight, don't regret after he goes in the hospital. Although our club welcomes challengers, not every little prawn can come and challenge us. Now, if he still wants to fight then hurry up,” after speaking, he sat down and meditated, ignoring Chen Weilin.

“What, the challenger tonight wants to challenge the entire club? Is this real?”

“What a boss, who is this? Even if he loses, I will still support him.”

The people at the scene erupted upon hearing this news that had spread like wildfire across the scene as it had immediately excited those supporters with only one thin line of hope. Although they knew this was impossible, it still ignited their fervor. There was no stopping it.

Ye Mo didn’t have to wait long until Chen Weilin came back with someone following behind him. That person had an agreement in his hand and made Ye Mo sign and press his fingerprint on it.

After that person had left, Chen Weilin said, ”That Han said that you would earn the right to talk about fighting his entire club only after beating him. Right now, he is waiting for you on the stage.”

The boisterous scene immediately quietened down after Ye Mo came in. Originally, they thought that a challenger who could be so cocky was at least very tall and big if not bulky. However, the quiet looking Ye Mo was obviously a student.

Many people could no longer allow their eyes to be tortured and left quietly, thinking that even if they were no match for them, they couldn’t use such low ways of pestering them. At least Li Bangqi was nearly 1.9m tall, but this Shi Ying was not only not bulky but also didn’t look like a Martial Arts Master no matter what.

Pu Dongheng was also stunned, he really had some expectations for this arrogant Shi Ying, but he had never thought that he would be so young. It could be said that out of all the people that had challenged him this month, this Shi Ying was the most ordinary.

“You are the one who arrogantly challenged our entire club?” Pu Dongheng pointed at Ye Mo and really couldn’t get his head across.

However, Ye Mo didn’t answer and just said coldly, ”If you want to fight hurry up, I still have other business, I don't have time to play with you Martians.”

He could easily tell how strong Pu Dongheng was: slightly stronger than Wen Dong, but if she was fighting with her life on the line, he might not even be a match for her. Compared to that Brother Hu he was going to see that night, Pu Dongheng was a far cry. How could someone like this be called a master?

“Martian?” Pu Dongheng repeated and soon realized that Ye Mo was ridiculing him for being ignorant, so he replied: “Soon I will let you know what regret is.”

Then, Pu Dongheng immediately went for a combo kick. Pu Dongheng believed that if he used this combo kick, Ye Mo definitely wouldn’t be able to dodge it. He was going to kick Ye Mo up as soon as possible, and when he fell down, he would launch a round of attack.

The cheering at the gymnasium immediately stopped. Most of the people at the scene had seen Pu Dongheng’s matches. This was the first time he had used his combo kick as soon as the match started.

The less brave girls didn’t even dare to look at Ye Mo anymore and just closed their eyes instead.

Ye Mo sneered. From the way Pu Dongheng moved, he could tell that he wouldn’t be able to improve in his life at all. His movements were too reserved, and although Ye Mo didn’t cultivate Chinese martial arts, he knew that someone who tried to kill his opponent on the first attack wouldn’t be someone strong unless he was actually countless times stronger than his opponent.

And, this Pu Dongheng wanted to beat him senseless with one move? He thought too high of himself!

Ye Mo didn’t even move and just stared coldly at Pu Dongheng’s combo kick.

“Oh no!” Everyone who looked at Ye MO sighed. “He didn’t even know how to dodge. This was too stupid. Chen Weilin must have gone mad from the losses and found someone like this to get beat up.”

Pu Dongheng’s idea was good, and it seemed insurmountable to him. Perhaps this idea wasn’t bad for those opponents he had faced before. Even if he couldn’t succeed with this one, he still had other moves, and this wouldn’t affect him at all.

Unfortunately, he met Ye Mo.

Ye Mo’s first move was to reach out his hand and grab his ankle. The second move was to swing him up and then followed with two kicks on each of the knee caps on Pu Dongheng’s legs.

Pu Dongheng didn’t even get to scream when Ye Mo’s third move, a few quick kicks, landed on his chest. The fourth move was the final kick that landed right on his nose.

The last sentence that Pu Dongheng, who was shouting in excruciating pain, heard was “I’ll give you the Descent of the Crow’s Butt move!” After hearing this sentence, he felt that he was sitting inside a round barrel with countless garbage covering his face.

After Ye Mo had walked off for a few seconds, the scene suddenly erupted into thunderous roars. He actually kicked a Han, who was so arrogant for a month, flying so easily. “How dare you act cocky in China? Taekwondo? It was only something that our ancestors in the Tang Dynasty passed into the Han lands. Now, how dare you proclaim that to be your own. Now, you encounter the attacks of our ancestors, and your butt has to turn around.”

The gymnasium was rumbling. There were countless calls going out or coming in.

“Quickly come, it’s true, he really was beaten, and in one move, it was so fascinating. There should be more, later on, come quickly. But there are no longer seats here anymore.”

“Ahahahhaa, your fault for leaving. God, luckily I didn’t listen to you. That was really a show. One move. What? How to describe that move? Just pretend it was Bruce Lee. Yeah, go regret, no time to talk to you. I need to go see my idol…”

“No I can’t deal with it, I love Shi Ying, I want to marry him…”

“Stop drooling, just look at you, sigh, it’s a bit hard.”

“Miao Yuan, do you want to die…”


“What? He actually won? And in one move? What the hell, why is my luck so bad. I’ve been watching it for a month, but I didn’t get to see this. No, I must get there, it’s too exhilarating…” a young man who was eating fast food immediately hung up and quickly went out.

“Hey, you still haven’t paid for your food yet.” When the boss rushed out, there was no one left.