Strongest Abandoned Son - Chapter 73: Famous

Chapter 73: Famous

Translator: Tim Editor: Tehrn

“That Shi Ying kind of looks like someone from my school, how is this possible?” Immediately, a Ning Hai University student realized that Shi Ying had similarities with Ye Mo but obviously didn’t dare to believe that thought. Who didn’t know who Ye Mo was in Ning Hai University? How could he become Shi Ying?

“Pfft, keep dreaming, your school? The strongest in your school, Li Bangqi, has already lost.”

The student who spoke before felt so as well. After all, there were too many similar-looking people, so he didn’t say anything anymore.


“Master Shi, I didn’t think you would be so strong. It was really right to invite you this time. It’s almost like a dream, I…” Chen Weilin was so excited that he didn’t know what to say anymore. He didn’t think that this Shi Ying would be much, much stronger than what Fang Weicheng had proclaimed. That cocky Pu Dongheng was absolutely out of his league.

Although Fang Weicheng was sure that Ye Mo would be eventually the victor, he didn’t think he would win so cleanly.

A tall girl ran in, and looking at Ye Mo, hopefulness glimmered across her eyes, but she still remained calm and said to Chen Weilin, “President, some journalists want to interview Brother Shi Ying.”

Of course, Chen Weilin also wanted journalists to interview him. For him, the more known this event was, the better, but he still needed to ask for Ye Mo’s permission.

Ye Mo heard the girl’s words but waved his hand and said, “There’s no need for an interview, hurry up and arrange for that ‘Club Master’ to fight me. I don’t have much time.”

“Okay, okay, of course, your things are the top priority, I will arrange for it immediately. Yu Yaxin, push the journalists away. Just say that Master Shi Ying needs to rest,” after finishing, Chen Weilin rushed out, but his footsteps were much lighter than before.

Seeing that Chen Weilin went out, Yu Yaxin suddenly took out a small notebook and pen, walking fearfully toward Ye Mo, she asking in a small voice, “Brother Shi, could you give me an autograph.”

Ye Mo smiled and said, “Of course.”

Then, he took over the notebook but as soon as he had written one character, he felt that something was wrong. He was used to writing Ye Mo and actually wrote the first character to be Ye. However, he just hesitated for a moment before finally writing down “Shi Ying”.

Yu Yaxin took the book with a blushed face saying thank you before rushing out. She still needed to tell the journalists that they couldn’t do interviews, but her heart was still beating rapidly. Thinking about the admiration she would receive from her schoolmates in her dorm, she couldn’t resist revealing a smile at the edge of her mouth.

“Why won’t Mr. Shi be interviewed?” The female journalist was very shocked upon hearing that Ye Mo rejected interviews. Although she was only one media body of Ning Hai, who didn’t want to be famous now? There was a chance to be famous, but he didn’t take it.

Yu Yaxin saw the journalist was a bit unhappy and hurriedly said, “Master Shi might have another match, how about you ask President Chen later. I can’t make this decision.”

“Fine, I will go talk to your vice president, and if that still doesn’t work, I will go straight to the president of the Ning Hai Martial Arts Association!” this female journalist spoke angrily. She was very unhappy with the condescending attitude that the Ning Hai Technology University was adopting.

Just when Ye Mo was getting impatient while waiting for his next opponent, Chen Weilin hurried in with a face full of excitement.

“How did it go?” Fang Weicheng had been staying with Ye Mo. He knew that Ye Mo’s time was short so he asked Chen Weilin as soon as he came in.

“The Hans surrendered! The Han Style Taekwondo Club will leave tomorrow and won’t use that title ever again!” Chen Weilin said excitedly with a face full of pride and satisfaction. It was as though he had defeated Pu Dongheng himself.

Fang Weicheng frowned and said, “How could the Hans surrender? Their club master is really strong, I’ve seen him before. He is definitely much stronger than that Pu Dongheng. This shouldn’t be.”

However, Chen Weilin replied, “Yes, they said it very clearly and even signed. That club master checked Pu Dongheng’s wound and looked at the recording. Then, he immediately surrendered. However, he said that it was only temporary. He would fight Master Shi at the same place a year later.”

Ye Mo frowned. He didn’t have time to fight them again a year later, but since they surrendered now, he couldn’t fight them again today anyway.

Seeing Ye Mo frown, Chen Weilin immediately said, “I didn’t agree with him but he said that I didn’t need to, he would come here a year later, and if Master Shi Ying didn’t come to fight him, he wouldn’t blame you. He just said that if you didn’t come, then it would be obvious who would win.”

“They lost and yet they are still so cocky. These Hans are really shameless!” Fang Weicheng was angry.

Ye Mo waved his hand and said, “We can talk about these things a year later. I’m leaving now.” He stood up and headed for the door.

Seeing that Ye Mo was about to leave, Chen Weilin hurriedly said, “Master Shi Ying, today is a joyful day, how about I invite you to a dinner with us at the Ru Wei Tower. Also, a few journalists are waiting outside for you.”

Ye Mo smiled and said, “There’s no need for that, I still have things to do anyway. I’ll just leave using the window so there won’t be any trouble with the journalists outside,” he didn’t even wait for their response, he opened the window and jumped out.

“Huh… Wait! This is the third floor!” However, Chen Weilin had barely enough time to finish his sentence before Ye Mo had already disappeared from the window.

Chen Weilin and Fang Weicheng rushed to the window and yet, Ye Mo was nowhere to be seen.

Although Ye Mo had left, this scene was actually more chaotic. People were celebrating, drinking champagne and beer everywhere, and the room was filled with happy shouts, simply because the Hans, who had been winning consecutively for a month, had admitted defeat. They could take what was yours in front of you, but making them admit defeat was extremely hard.

At this time, Shi Ying’s name had spread throughout the entire university and was spreading outside even quicker. Many people were starting to know that a great Master called Shi Ying had appeared in Ning Hai.

The happiest people tonight were those who got to see with their own eyes the match between Ye Mo and Pu Dongheng, but the unhappiest were those journalists who waited for him for a long time and still didn’t manage to see him.

And then, there was the last group of people, the morose one. They were the ones who left at the last minute. Now, no words could describe their feeling.

Regret was too light of a word to describe their feeling. It was as though a hardcore Chinese Soccer Fan was watching the world cup between China vs. Spain in the finals, and after 90 minutes, the score was 0 to 4 with China losing. Although the referee had called for three more minutes of overtime, because of the disappointment, a lot of soccer fans had left the stadium. Yet three minutes later, they learned outside of the stadium that China had scored 5 goals in three minutes and eventually pulled down Spain from the throne with a score of 5 to 4. But the last 3 minutes, they weren’t there to see it. How depressing would that be?


The time was already around 11 pm, so Ye Mo quickly left the Ning Hai Technology University. What he wanted to do first was to treat Ning Qingxue, and at this time, the person staying with her should be already asleep.