Strongest Abandoned Son - Chapter 74: Ning Qingxue’s Last Words

Chapter 74: Ning Qingxue’s Last Words

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When Ye Mo came to the house, he found a 30-or-so-year-old woman still sitting in front of Ning Qingxue’s bed, and looking quite similar to her. It was probably Ning Qingxue’s mother. However, she looked really young, and if Ning Qingxue’s incident didn’t occur, she would perhaps look even younger.

With Ning Qingxue’s mother here, Ye Mo didn’t know whether or not he should go in now.

Just when Ye Mo was hesitating, the woman beside the bed spoke, “Qingxue, you should let go of that case and sleep.”

“Mom, you can go to sleep, I want to have some quiet time to myself…” although her voice was really soft, Ye Mo could still hear it with his spirit sense.

The woman near the bed sighed and spoke after a while, “The nurse and I will be outside, if there’s anything that you need, just ring the bell. If you’re in pain, tell mom, and I’ll get the nurse to come in and give you some anesthetics.”

Ye Mo looked at this woman as she walked out of the room and waited until she was outside to rub her eyes. This place had been transformed into a temporary medical place, and two young nurses were sleeping on the beds on the side.

Ye Mo waited for a while, and when that woman sat on the bed, he went over quietly and pressed the chakra point of the 3 women inside the room to force them to sleep. He didn’t want someone to suddenly charge in while he was treating Ning Qingxue.

After doing all that, Ye Mo entered Ning Qingxue’s room. He used to live in this room before and gave it to Ning Qingxue after she had come. As he entered, Ye Mo felt things were familiar yet unknown at the same time.

He looked at Ning Qingxue who was hugging the case and knew that her injuries were very serious, even more than he had expected. He just couldn’t understand why she constantly hugged his case.

Ye Mo was still thinking whether he should tell Ning Qingxue that he was treating her, or make her sleep and then treat her when he heard Ning Qingxue’s quiet murmuring. Then, he saw the red phone on her hands, and he immediately realized that she was recording a message on it.

“Ye Mo… I’m sorry, I will leave soon... I know that I hurt you, and I regret it so much. I really wanted to see you once before I passed away to apologize… After experiencing all that, I finally know how naïve I was… I am. However, I finally realized how magnanimous you are, but it is already too late. Besides, the only thing I do not regret is blocking that grass… I only regret the way I treated you.

“After reading your letter, I understood how lonely you were. You never had friends, and yet I was still a nasty woman, hurting you again and again… I even used the money you earned from selling your blood to buy a few thousand dollar bottle of wine… but I never thought about how you would feel, I just did what I wanted without thinking of the consequences… and when I finally understood things, it was already too late…”

Ning Qingxue coughed a few times as her face was getting paler, but she still moved her phone closer and continued, “Ye Mo… I don’t know if I love you, but if I still had the chance to be engaged with you… I definitely wouldn’t do it because I needed you as a shield, but because I am willing to marry you… perhaps it has nothing to do with love, and you might even say I’m not good enough for you… but I still keep the marriage certificate by my side. I... never divorced... and won’t divorce in the future. You are my only husband in this lifetime… Regardless if you know it or not, regardless if you agree or not, I, Ning Qingxue, am willing to be your wife and am your wife.

“Ye Mo, I still have to apologize to you… I was your wife, but I never took on the responsibilities of a wife for a single day. Instead, I got you into so much more trouble… I was like an immature child, thinking that I knew everything,” — she paused for some time — “Ye Mo, I will protect you from Heaven… you need to stay well, it’s a pity that I wasn’t even able to leave a child for you… You must find a girl who loves you… not someone like me…”

Speaking till now, Ning Qingxue gasped for some air and caressed the case with her hands before saying once again, “Ye Mo, I’ve never said the two words ‘Lao Gong’ [1] in my life, I really want to say it… but I’m too embarrassed…”

“There’s a blade of grass in the yard. I took care of it every day because I’ve seen you do the same with the previous one. I don’t know if it could be useful to you… If it is, then take it away when it matures… perhaps that is the only thing I can leave to you…

“Ye Mo… Lao Gong… are you still well?” Ning Qingxue’s voice gradually got lower.

Ye Mo suddenly felt sour and guilty in his heart. When he had helped Ning Qingxue before, he wasn’t as magnanimous as Ning Qingxue thought him to be. He just thought that Ning Qingxue’s gloomy faced looked like his master Luo Ying, so he was willing to help her. He wanted his master to also have people helping her if she ever was in trouble.

And the money from selling blood, he didn’t go for her. Even if he had had more money than he could have spent, he would have still gone there. Wasting was bad, but Ning Qingxue thought that he was trying to make a living for her and still felt guilty about it.

It could be seen that Ning Qingxue was a kind-hearted girl. It was just that the environment she lived in, and her family background gave her a sense of aloofness that made her have a distaste toward strangers. However, if you peeled away the layer of her shield, she was a kind-hearted, yet pitiful person. However, she mixed up the feeling of love and guilt. Perhaps she would understand one day.

Ye Mo sighed, this had further reinforced his decision of saving Ning Qingxue. However, he wouldn’t tell her for now. After all, his abilities were too absurd, it would only scare her.

Just when Ye Mo thought that Ning Qingxue was asleep and prepared to seal a few meridians on her to treat her, Ning Qingxue suddenly grabbed the phone and mumbled, “Dad, mom, I’m leaving… I’ve been a bad daughter, I already married to Ye Mo… that case is his marriage gift to me, don’t separate that case from me. There’s a grass in the yard that I left for him… if he ever came back, give this phone to him, but if he never does,” — she paused for a long time — “Then nevermind…

“Sorry, I caused so much trouble for the family and just left…”

Ning Qingxue’s voice suddenly dropped low. Just when Ye Mo was wondering if he should tell her that he was already here, Ning Qingxue suddenly grabbed a knife from the case and pierced it toward her throat…

Ye Mo was shocked and couldn’t care anymore as he dashed in front of Ning Qingxue. There was too much distance, and he didn’t have time to grab the knife. He could only block with his arm in front of her throat.

The knife pierced Ye Mo’s hand and was blocked by Ye Mo’s Chi, rendering it unable to go any farther.

However, Ning Qingxue fainted because she had used too much strength. Ye Mo pulled out the knife, although it didn’t pierce very deeply, there was still some blood.

Ye Mo stopped his wound from bleeding, and seeing that Ning Qingxue had fainted, he raised his hand and sealed a few meridians, rendering her unable to wake up for some time.

Afterward, he tried to take the case from her arms; however, he discovered that Ning Qingxue clutched the case tightly. Even when she had fainted, her hands still held the case firmly. Unless Ye Mo forced it out of her, he wouldn’t be able to take it from her at all.

Ye Mo helplessly shook his head and could only open the case in her hands. There were quite a few things inside, Ye Mo took out a bottle of pills and took out that packet of silver needles.

He stuffed two heart protection pill into Ning Qingxue’s mouth and, using his Chi, he helped her body digest it.

Afterward, he took up the 108 silver needles, sterilizing them with his Chi, and flipped Ning Qingxue as he took off her top.


1: Lao Gong is how the wives call their husbands