Strongest Abandoned Son - Chapter 75: Treatment

Chapter 75: Treatment

Translator: Tim Editor: Tehrn

With Ning Qingxue being such a beautiful girl, although Ye Mo had never seen her back, he could still imagine how white it would be. However, when he finally saw her back, it was almost fully dark purple, showing how hard she had been hit that day. Seeing the wound on Ning Qingxue’s back, Ye Mo’s killing intent rose once again. “Song Family, I won’t let this go.”

Ye Mo unbuckled Ning Qingxue’s bras, and the 108 silver needles in his hands quickly fell onto Ning Qingxue’s back. At the same time, his two hands kept massaging Ning Qingxue’s body. As his cultivated Chi gradually permeated into Ning Qingxue’s body through his hand, her broken meridians, organs, and backbone began to slowly recover.

Luckily, Ye Mo had left some medical pills here; otherwise, it would be very hard to heal her in only one night with her wounds.

As Ning Qingxue’s tattered body was gradually recovering by Ye Mo’s Chi, Ye Mo’s face was becoming paler. Initially, he had thought that he would have been able to treat Ning Qingxue’s injuries in at most a little over an hour. But now, it had already been two hours, and he only finished half.

Pea sized sweat dripped on Ning Qingxue’s back, but Ye Mo didn’t dare to stop because if he did, not only his previous work would have been for nothing, but it would be even harder for him to help her later on.

If only he had a spirit stone or a spiritual recovery pill, even of the lowest grade. Ye Mo felt that his Chi was gradually running out and was dreaming about having such a pill.

After another hour, Ye Mo’s hands that had been massaging Ning Qingxue’s back were beginning to shake. Although he felt that the Chi in his body was not enough to continue, he still had to hold on. Despite knowing that he may lose his powers like this, he had no choice.

He overestimated his powers and underestimated Ning Qingxue’s injuries.

Although Ye Mo’s face gradually turned bad, Ning Qingxue’s skin was continuously returning to a healthy white. The dark purple on her back also seemed to have been removed, layer by layer. Her face was gradually becoming ruddy and the tense, wrinkled skin due to pain, started to relax.

Although her meridians were sealed shut by Ye Mo which still prevented her from waking up, he saw from her eyebrows that she had felt something.

Ye Mo bit the tip of is tongue and forced the last sliver of his spiritual Chi into her body. He continued to massage her, and after another half an hour, Ye Mo finally finished recovering the last bit of injury on Ning Qingxue; however, he could no longer resist and just collapsed on her back.

As Ye Mo’s face touched the soft skin on Ning Qingxue’s back, a faint aroma reached his nostrils, shocking him as the scent immediately reminded him about Luo Ying. He got up quickly and helped Ning Qingxue to tie up her bras and put on clothes before flipping her back around. Poor Ye Mo, he had never touched something like a bra, and a small tie kept him troubled for a long time. He was almost sweating before he had managed to tie it back up.

At this moment, Ye Mo just realized that Ning Qingxue’s front chest stood firm and massive, and two round white rabbits seemed to squeeze out which made Ye Mo feel astounded. With her perfect face, it made Ye Mo almost unable to resist.

However, Ye Mo was drained and simply rested for a bit before unsealing Ning Qingxue’s meridians and just left her to sleep. Before leaving, Ye Mo packed up the things in the little case and looked at Ning Qingxue’s hands that tightly held the case. He sighed and eventually didn’t take the case away. He didn’t even take anything inside it as well.

When Ye Mo walked out of the house, it was almost 3 am. He found a quiet place and rested for an hour. At approximately 4, Ye Mo had basically recovered 70% of his strength. However, due to him treating Ning Qingxue before, his spirit Chi was a bit unstable. However, Ye Mo felt this was enough and thus headed toward that Brother Hu’s mansion.

When Ye Mo came, the guards outside the mansion were snoring on a table. Ye Mo casually knocked them out to prevent them from waking up too quickly and went into the room shutting down every monitoring computer. He knew that these computers should be connected to the other computers in the compound, but since he had shut down the one with the recordings, they wouldn’t be able to monitor anymore for the time being. He just didn’t know if there were other monitoring computers.

What made Ye Mo curious was that when he went inside the mansion, there was another room with its lights on. Ye Mo walked in a bit and scanned with his spirit sense. As expected, there were still a few people inside discussing something that still weren’t sleeping.

That Brother Hu was there but other than him, there was also a 20-or-so-year-old youth with a face that actually looked a bit similar to Song Shaowen. Two bulky men were standing at the door, Ye Mo went over quietly, and with just two palms, these two bulky men silently collapsed.

“Brother Hu, that Wang Peng did things well today, with these two little girls staying over tonight with him, Qian Shiping shouldn’t keep finding excuses anymore. I don’t believe that Ye Mo could still run with Qian Shiping helping us,” although this youth’s voice wasn’t loud, it was full of confidence.

That Brother Hu nodded and said, “You’re right Young Master Tan, although Qian Shiping is only so-so, the power behind him is sometimes more useful that a government wanted list. I’m just worried that those few old people under his father would disapprove.”

“Disapprove? Qian Shiping is Qian Longtou’s only son. Even if he wanted the moon in the skies, he would pick it for him. With his power, he would have ten times more ways of finding Ye Mo than I have. Although the Song Family is one of the five great families, there are still some things that we can’t do overtly. It would be best if we hand it to Qian Longtou.” This Young Master Tan seemed to take Qian Longtou very seriously but was obviously contemptuous towards Qian Shiping.”

After stopping, he said, “Tian Ji is getting worse, he actually got two idiots to take away Ning Qingxue. Not only did they not get the person here, but they got themselves into trouble. Otherwise, if Ning Qingxue had been here, she would have been so much better than those two girls. I also want to enjoy the taste of the prettiest girl in Beijing. What a failure of a person.”

He even sneered after talking.

“I will take care of Tian Ji and his two underlings. They are still regretting in the basement. But looking at Ning Qingxue, she seemed to have some feelings for Ye Mo, that disabled person. Perhaps we can use this to block Ye Mo in Ning Hai,” Brother Hu said.

Young Master Tan shook his head: “You are underestimating Ye Mo. According to my recent investigation, I found this guy was the typical person who acts like a pig to eat the tiger. Not only is he very strong, but he is also very cunning. If it wasn’t for this, it wouldn’t be necessary for us to go to someone like Qian Longtou. After all, if this spreads, it won’t do good for the Song Family.”

Ye Mo had finally understood the whole situation. This Young Master Tan should be from the Song Family and was here just for him, and they accidentally injured Ning Qingxue instead of abducting her.

Ye Mo scanned out his spirit sense and indeed found three men on their knees in the basement. In the room not far away, he saw two other girls with their hair covering their faces, laying on the bed completely nude, and beside them was a young man.

However, these two girls were full of bruises, and it was unknown if they were asleep or unconscious, but by the looks of it, these two girls were the two girls Young Master Tan was talking about. Ye Mo suddenly discovered that one of the girls seemed a bit familiar, and soon he recognized this girl from Ning Hai University and was even considered as one of the top ten prettiest girls there.

“It’s getting late, Brother Hu, we should get some rest now,” after saying that, Young Master Tan stood up.

Before Brother Hu could respond, the door was kicked open. At the same time, a cold voice said, “There’s no need to rest, from today onward, there will be plenty of time for you to rest.”