Strongest Abandoned Son - Chapter 77: Hesitant Yun Bing

Chapter 77: Hesitant Yun Bing

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Yun Bing rubbed her fatigued eyes as her mind wandered elsewhere. Ever since the thing that had happened eight years ago, she had always been unwilling to return to Beijing, and her boyfriend also left her due to that thing. However, the one who assaulted her was still roaming free in Beijing; even the 7-year-old Ting Ting was taken away forcefully by their family.

The reason she hadn’t slept for the whole night was that her boyfriend from those years ago, Feng Rong, came back from America. Eight years ago, after that thing happened, he had never appeared again. Afterward, when she knew that he went to America, she was really hurt at the time since he had left without notice when she needed him the most.

However, today he actually came back and requested her to come to Beijing; she had seen it when she opened an email on her computer earlier and realized that it had been sent by Feng Rong. He explained to her that he didn’t even know what had happened to her at that time because the next day, he had been sent to America by his family, and he wasn’t able to contact her again. Now, the first thing he did when he came back was to find her and even had to ask for her email address from other people when he came back to Beijing.

He told Yun Bing that no matter what had happened, he wouldn’t mind and that he still loved her.

When Yun Bing saw Feng Rong’s email, her first thought was to delete it, but seeing Feng Rong’s love in his words and that she might still have feelings toward her first love, Yun Bing hesitated. She was scared of the person who assaulted her those years ago, and if Feng Rong still loved her, he could have taken her to America, and she would have left that nightmare behind.

If she hadn’t known about the misunderstanding with Ye Mo last time, she would have perhaps gone to Beijing, but she felt guilty. Ye Mo had saved her, and she wanted to say thank you in front of him at the very least; however, she had never been able to even catch a glimpse of him since that encounter in school.

Although Su Jingwen told her that Ye Mo was on bad terms with a major power and couldn’t show himself. Yun Bing kept fantasizing that she would be able to see him once in Ning Hai; otherwise, even if she left Ning Hai, she would still feel unrested at heart. Another reason she still didn’t want to move was that she didn’t want to remember the traumatic memories. She felt scared toward Beijing from the bottom of her heart.

Now that Feng Rong came back, should she go or not? Although she still resented him, since he said that he didn’t know, and the first thing he did when he came back was to look for her, it made Yun Bing feel that she was still remembered.

After all these years, she had become a forgotten corner. Although her cold personality gave her fewer troubles, every time she came back home, she felt lonely in her cold room. She would reminisce the small things in her first love.

“However, was it really true that Feng Rong did not know what had happened? Even if he didn’t, did his family not tell him? And not a single message in eight years, how was this possible?” Yun Bing suddenly didn’t want to think about that anymore.

After thinking for a long while, Yun Bing sighed. She eventually decided to have a look at Beijing. After all, Ting Ting was still there. Although she was very scared of that person, sometimes, avoiding wasn’t necessarily the best solution. She opened a file and prepared to write a letter for Su Jingwen to give to Ye Mo.

When Yun Bing opened up a file, the bottom corner of her screen showed a news. She was about to close it when the image that her eyes saw seemed familiar. Although it wasn’t clear, Yun Bing still felt this was familiar. She immediately opened the news.

“Ning Hai Master, Shi Ying, crushed the trainer of the Korean Style Taekwondo Club!” The flashy title and the images below stunned her. She really felt that that person looked like Ye Mo, but his face wasn’t clear enough.

And, the name on there was Shi Ying, not Ye Mo.

Although Yun Bing didn’t really care about things that happened at the school, she still heard about the Korean Style Club, but she was already past the years of raging adolescents, so she only took notice of it and left it there. She didn’t think that a Shi Ying would suddenly appear in Ning Hai and beat that Pu Dongheng with only one move.

Usually, Yun Bing would leave it there after reading it, but this Shi Ying looked a bit like Ye Mo, so Yun Bing immediately logged onto the news page of the university. At this moment, she finally understood what popular was. Looking at the time, it was 4 am, but the forum was still full of people.

The top post had been clicked over a million times already, and there were thousands of replies at the bottom.

The title was very clear, “Shi Ying, our handsome man!” Every time she refreshed, there would be more comments.

“Okay, I’ll admit, I admire Shi Ying, but I guarantee that I’m not gay...” — Carrying the Sh*tbucket into the Dining Hall. [1]

“I’m sure that Brother Shi Ying is the strongest in Ning Hai!” — Sitting on the Grave Smoking the Loneliness.

“Wow, lemme tell you, I have a personal signature from Brother Shi Ying, get jealous!” — Clear Water.

“I was happy I had a place to stand. Shi Ying, I’m really in love with you, what should I do from now…” — Who is Changing the Mark on my Epitaph.

“Who captured the recording, recording our Brother Shi Ying like this. I heavily object.” — Wearing Underwear.


There were actually thousands of replies below. Yun Bing didn’t read all of them and just opened the video at the top.

The scene where Ye Mo fought Pu Dongheng immediately showed. Obviously, this was HQ recording, Pu Dongheng’s face was very clear, but Ye Mo’s face was always slightly obscured. The fighting scene was very short, within a clash, Pu Dongheng was kicked flying.

Yun Bing was stunned, seeing the clip. Although it wasn’t very long, she felt that this person was Ye Mo. But why was it that in the same recording, Ye Mo’s face was always obscured, but other scenes were very clear?

Looking at the time, it was already 4.40 am. Yun Bing couldn’t sit down anymore. What if it was Ye Mo and she had missed this opportunity. Thinking about this, Yun Bing quickly got downstairs and drove the car toward the Ning Hai Technology University.

It was in the morning, and there were still cars on the road, but not much, so Yun Bing took a shortcut and didn’t see anyone on the road for a long time, and decided to drive very fast. However, a stumbling figure on the side of the road almost crashed into Yun Bing’s car, and from her rear mirror, she saw that figure fall onto the road after she had driven her car past.

Although she was sure her car didn’t touch that person, Yun Bing still drove back and opened the window: “Are you okay?”

The person on the ground didn’t answer, using the dim yellow road lights, Yun Bing saw the blood on this person. She was shocked, did she actually bump into this person?

Fearing that she crashed into someone, Yun Bing quickly got off the car and helped the man on the ground to get up. However, when she saw this person’s face, Yun Bing was truly frightened. The person that was laying in her arms was Ye Mo.

“How did he become like this?” The clothes on his back were ripped, and there was a long gash in which the bones could be seen. His face was very pale, and at this moment, Ye Mo had his eyes closed; he was obviously unconscious.

Yun Bing became worried. Although she didn’t know how Ye Mo became like this, she knew that Ye Mo’s condition was severe. She quickly dragged Ye Mo into the car. Yun Bing’s first thought was to drive Ye Mo to the hospital, but Su Jingwen’s words rung in her ears again. Ye Mo was on the bad side of a big power and had nowhere to hide, so he ran out of Ning Hai.

If she sent him to the hospital now, would that person know?


1: Those are the usernames of the people on the forums.