Strongest Abandoned Son - Chapter 79: Was it Ye Mo?

Chapter 79: Was it Ye Mo?

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“Qingxue, you’re alright?” a voice full of surprise sounded at the door. Li Mumei just pushed the door open and came in and behind her was the still beaming with joy, Lan Yu; even Su Jingwen was here with the two nurses behind her who looked at Ning Qingxue in disbelief.

“Come in.” Ning Qingxue focused her mind. Although she was still distressed, she decided not to think of it for now.

“What happened? Qingxue, let me look at your back.” Li Mumei had seen Ning Qingxue’s wound before, now Ning Qingxue suddenly recovered. Although she didn’t understand, she was still genuinely happy.

Ning Qingxue shook her head and said, “No need to look, I can feel it, I’m really better. I don’t know what happened, yesterday…” she originally wanted to say that someone had cured her last night, but when the words came to mouth, she swallowed it down.

Although Lan Yu had examined her, she still wasn’t sure and went behind Ning Qingxue. She carefully opened her daughter’s clothes, and of course, she saw that her back had recovered to its previous clean white skin with no flaws at all. Only now was she sure that her daughter had truly recovered. She was so excited that she almost shed tears and thanked God that her daughter recovered in one night.

The two nurses excitedly came over and helped Ning Qingxue do a simple check up and discovered that Ning Qingxue was really cured. Other people didn’t know how bad Ning Qingxue’s injuries were, but these two nurses knew clearly since they had been the ones taking care of Ning Qingxue. However, they didn’t expect that such heavy wounds would suddenly be cured. There was nothing more mysterious than this, was it a wrong diagnosis?

When Ning Qingxue heard that the doctors were coming over, she immediately refused another check up. She knew her body better than anyone else. She was 100% healthy right now but didn’t want the whole world to know about this.

Ning Zhongfei flew over to Ning Hai on that day. He was happier than anyone else for her daughter’s sudden recovery. He only had one daughter, and she was a treasure to him. However, Ning Qingxue still refused her family’s requests to leave Ning Hai and still wanted to stay there.

As for the person who treated her last night, she thought about it and had a vague impression.

She started to remember that after she had finished recording her will and wanted to commit suicide, her knife didn’t seem to have pierced into her own throat, but instead, it had pierced into another person’s arm, and afterward, she had immediately fainted. Was that person Ye Mo? Or was it that she was thinking about him too much and pretended the person that night to be him?

Since when did Ye Mo know how to cure wounds? And even how did he have that much ability? Ning Qingxue suddenly remembered that day when Ye Mo had a stall on the street to practice medicine. Was it really him? Did he really know medicine? If it was him, then the blood on the bed should be left by him.

Seeing her mom and the others were leaving, Ning Qingxue called out to Li Mumei. Although she could get up now, and her body condition was excellent, she didn’t want to overdo it in case everyone noticed it.

“Mumei, can you help me analyze the blood on this cloth.” Ning Qingxue cut off the blood stain on the bed and gave it to Li Mumei as she wanted to know if this blood was the same as Ye Mo’s. Although she couldn’t be 100% sure it was Ye Mo’s through blood type, at least that pointed her in a direction. If this was his blood, then she would know who the person treated her was, and the person who looked at her body would also be him; in that case, she would feel much peaceful in her heart.

Li Mumei took over the cloth but didn’t ask anything. If Ning Qingxue didn’t want to say anything, she wouldn’t say it even if she had asked.


Last night, Ning Qingxue’s sudden recovery was the biggest thing for her parents. However, for the students in Ning Hai, Shi Ying beating Pu Dongheng was the biggest news.

However, compared to these two things, an earthquake erupted amongst the authority due to the murder in the mansion. This was because the people murdered were very influential. One was the Young Master Song Shaowen of the Song Family. The other was scarier because his name was Qian Shiping.

Qian Shiping wasn’t anything special himself, but his father was called Qian Longtou and had a title: someone who could shake the ground with a step. If the Mountain Group in Japan and the Black Gloved Clan from the west were influential, then Nan Qing was the most influential in the east.

And Qian Longtou was the boss of Nan Qing. Qian Shiping was his one and only son, and he had him at 40.

Qian Longtou’s real name was Qian Baihe, someone from the Hu Zhong State. He joined the underground world at the age of 11, and until now, there was a place for him even on the world stage. He had his own private army; however, it was a hired army that stayed in Africa, and he, himself, remained at an extremely grandiose mansion in Africa.

Nan Qing’s things basically didn’t need his management. Typically, his henchmen took care of everything and just needed to give him a report.

Even the heads of small countries didn’t dare to offend the leader of Nan Qing, but today, his only son was murdered in Ning Hai. This was absolutely an earthquake.

Whether it was Song Shaowen’s death or Qian Shiping’s death, it wasn’t something that the government authorities here could handle.


Yun Bing was woken up by the phone. It was already 9 am. She looked at Ye Mo who was still sleeping like last night; however, his pale face had a sliver of ruddiness. Yun Bing felt assured and picked up the phone.

The phone was from her colleague Wang Yu asking her why she didn’t go to the school today.

Yun Bing hurriedly asked Wang Yu to apply a leave for her. Then, she used her towel and wiped up Ye Mo’s body before preparing to cook some food; in case he happened to wake up, he could have some.

Since Ye Mo was rescued by her from last night, he had remained unconscious. He only opened his eyes once but continued to sleep, and since Yun Bing didn’t dare to send him to the hospital, she didn’t know what to do anymore.

She didn’t know if that Shi Ying from last night was Ye Mo. Yun Bing opened up her laptop once again and wanted to search on the news forum of the university. But the news that appeared in front of her eyes almost made her throw her mouse.

“Last night, in a private mansion, six people were murdered…”

Last night, wasn’t that when Ye Mo was injured? Did he do it? Yun Bing thought of before when Ye Mo had beaten Zhen Wenqiao and her schoolmate until they became mentally disabled and was almost certain this event was also done by Ye Mo. Why was he so violent?

Yun Bing turned around and looked at Ye Mo complicatedly. She then searched the news of the murder again. As expected, on some small unofficial website, she uncovered the truth. Last night, because two young masters of big families took away two girls and r*ped them in the mansion, someone attacked that place and killed six people. Only the two girls weren’t killed.

Yun Bing sighed. She was sure it was done by Ye Mo. He liked to fight against this injustice. It was the same with her last time. However, last time he didn’t kill but this time he did. Did he have violent tendencies?

Regardless of whether Ye Mo had violent tendencies or not, he was someone who had saved her life, and to her, he had even saved something more important than life. Furthermore, for the event of the previous night, she also stood on Ye Mo’s side; however, she believed that Ye Mo shouldn’t kill; killing people so freely was too absurd in this society. Yun Bing also rejoiced for not sending Ye Mo to the hospital. If she had, then he would have been already exposed.