Strongest Abandoned Son - Chapter 81: Awake

Chapter 81: Awake

Translator: Tim Editor: Tehrn

When Ye Mo woke up, it was already midnight. Suddenly, he felt that there was someone in his arms, and although there was no light on, Ye Mo’s spirit sense made him realized that this person was Yun Bing.

Before Ye Mo fainted for the second time, he knew that he was at Yun Bing’s home. Therefore, he had closed off all his sense to recover. If he hadn’t done that, there would have been more drawbacks. Perhaps it might have even resulted in him forever staying at the 2nd stage of Chi Gathering.

After discovering who it was, he couldn’t care too much. He didn’t even say one sentence before going into a cultivating state. He didn’t know how long he closed off his sense for, but he didn’t expect to wake up with Yun Bing in his arms.

But soon, Ye Mo understood what had happened. Yun Bing must’ve wanted to lean on the bed and sleep for a while, but after she had fallen asleep, it was cold at night, so she subconsciously moved towards the blanket. From how she didn’t take her clothes off, it could be seen that she didn’t have a good sleep for the past few days.

Although Ye Mo knew that Yun Bing saved him yesterday, he couldn’t understand why Yun Bing would try to find him before dawn since his relationship with Yun Bing was stale. Yun Bing even harbored enmity toward him, so why would she be willing to save him?

Ye Mo covered Yun Bing with the blanket and took her hand away as he prepared to get down. Regardless of whether or not Yun Bing saved him because she knew him, he couldn’t stay here. If Yun Bing woke up and wanted to cause even more trouble for him, he would be scared of having to hurt her. After all, she had saved him, and if Yun Bing hadn’t brought him back, then the consequences would have been dire no matter who had found him.

This time, he had been overconfident. Although he knew that his power wouldn’t be the highest here, he was still a bit shocked when he met an actual opponent. After all, people didn’t cultivate Chi here.

Just when Ye Mo wanted to get off the bed, he found that the corner of his clothes was tightly grabbed by Yun Bing, so he simply checked up on his wound. He had already cured the wound of broken hand bone, and as for the wound on his back, Yun Bing had put some cream he didn’t recognize, and together with his spirit Chi, it was pretty much healed already.

He looked at his clothes and realized that the shirt was a bit weird. He even started to suspect if this was Yun Bing’s clothes. Ye Mo didn’t bother to break away from Yun Bing’s hand, he just awkwardly took the shirt off. He suddenly remembered about his bag and wondered if Yun Bing had brought it back. After all, all his things were inside there.

His money, his clothes, his documents, and even a lot of medical herbs inside, but those weren’t even the most significant part. The remaining seeds of his Silver Heart Grass were also inside the bag, and those were his most valuable belongings. It would be over if he lost these seeds; besides, a piece of Purple Heart Vine was also inside.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo scanned out with his spirit sense, but immediately, his heart sunk as he didn’t find his bag in the house. That meant that Yun Bing didn’t bring back his bag. Now, he didn’t have clothes, and Yun Bing didn’t bring his bag back either. He didn’t even have a cent on him.

Ye Mo even wanted to immediately go out and look for his bag. After all, the contents of the bag were too important for him. But before this, he had to ask Yun Bing.

He couldn’t care if Yun Bing was still asleep and immediately started shaking her.

“Huh…” Yun Bing was shaken awake by Ye Mo and immediately screamed in shock, but soon she understood that it was Ye Mo and quickly covered her mouth. When she took her hands away, she then found out that she was grabbing a shirt and was the one who put this shirt on Ye Mo.

Yun Bing blushed and crawled up awkwardly: “Oh… You… you’re awake?”

Ye Mo nodded, “Yes, thank you for saving me, I want to know if you have brought my bag back?”

“Bag?” Yun Bing frowned. Last night when she dragged Ye Mo onto the car, he seemed to have something in his hand. She didn’t really look at it and just stuffed it into the car. She didn’t know if that was the bag Ye Mo was talking about. However, since Ye Mo asked about that bag immediately when he woke up, it meant that bag was paramount for him.

Yun Bing immediately turned on the bed lamp and saw Ye Mo who sat there was frowning. She had a sudden awkward feeling, they were sitting side by side at the head of the bed at midnight while Ye Mo was shirtless. They looked exactly like a couple.

She suddenly thought of the scene described in prose. She forgot who wrote it, but it described this scene, “Midnight, the husband sat up and ignited a cigarette. He smoked, and his eyes were frowning. I know, it’s for his child’s school fees tomorrow…”

Child? Yun Bing suddenly thought of Ting Ting. That family was really cruel. It had been a few years already, but they wouldn’t even let her see Ting Ting once.

“What’s wrong?” Ye Mo looked at Yun Bing’s changing face. But before Yun Bing could answer, he asked again, “Hum, did you remember where you put the bag?”

“Ah…” Yun Bing suddenly came to reality. She didn’t expect her to wander off. She hurriedly said, “I remember I put some stuff in the trunk, I don’t know if it was your bag since I was in a rush at the time and forgot. I’ll check the car now.”

She was about to go out after she finished.

Ye Mo quickly stopped her and said, “Wait, I’ll go, just tell me where your car is.”

Yun Bing shook her head: “You must not go out, they are looking for you everywhere. If you go out now, they will apprehend you.”

“You know what I did?” Ye Mo looked at Yun Bing in surprise. He thought about how she knew that he killed Song Shaotan.

Yun Bing rolled her eyes towards Ye Mo and said, “Yesterday morning, six people were killed in a mansion in Ning Hai, and don’t tell me you don’t know about that. I just went out to look for you but met you on the way. Ye Mo, you’re an adult now. Is killing something that should be done? Why don’t you use your brain and think? Impulsiveness is a devil! Sigh, I have no idea what’s going to happen to you, but I know that you’ll be living a life on the run.”

After she had finished, Yun Bing shook her head. Although she approved of Ye Mo saving people, she still thought it was unfathomable that Ye Mo killed 6 people.

Ye Mo didn’t care about the latter part of what Yun Bing said. He just asked, “How do you know I killed? Why did you go look for me? And, how would you know I was there?”

Hearing Ye Mo’s words, Yun Bing’s face showed some guilt, “Ye Mo, sorry, I was looking for you to apologize to you. I know that you were saving me that day as well, but I only understood when I found the SD card from the camera. The reason I went to look for you yesterday was that I saw that Shi Ying on the news of Ning Hai Technology University and thought that he looked like you. I was prepared to go there, but fortunately, I met you on the road.”

“Looks like me?” Ye Mo thought that he used a layer of Chi to cover his face at the time. They shouldn’t be able to capture a clear image. How did Yun Bing know?

“I just noticed his face was similar to yours, that’s why I tried my luck and went out to look for you. Tell me, are you Shi Ying?” Yun Bing seemed to have forgotten about other things now.

Ye Mo nodded, admitting that he was Shi Ying. He also understood why Yun Bing was saving him and didn’t look for trouble. It was due to that card.

“Since you know I’m a killer, why aren’t you scared? Are you that calm with every killer you meet?” Ye Mo suddenly asked.

Yun Bing was stunned; she now realized that she really wasn’t scared of him at all, she was only concerned and didn’t even think about being scared. Had she always been that bold? But when she was with Ye Mo, she really didn’t feel scared at all. Now that Ye Mo asked, she couldn’t help but to shake her head and say, “I was just a bit worried about you, but I wasn’t scared, perhaps because you had saved me before, or maybe it was that you only killed the people that deserved to die.”