Strongest Abandoned Son - Chapter 82: Yun Bing’s Sigh

Chapter 82: Yun Bing’s Sigh

Translator: Tim Editor: Tehrn

Hearing Yun Bing’s words, Ye Mo remained silent for a while, he had overestimated himself yesterday. He only went there because he was curious about Hu Qiu at the time and didn’t expect Song Shaotan to be there as well. However, Ning Qingxue was injured because Song Shaotan sent people there, so he couldn’t resist but to kill him.

This had greatly deviated from his original plan. Originally, it wasn’t much even if he killed Song Shaotan. He could leave Ning Hai during that night, but he hadn’t expected Hu Qiu to be so much stronger than he had estimated and ended up heavily injured. If Yun Bing didn’t bring him back, perhaps he would be at the Song Family compound already.

Even if he had a strong background, he wouldn’t be able to leave once he was in the Song Family’s hands, much less since he had no background anymore.

“What to do now?” Ye Mo suddenly realized that he had no way left right now. Ning Hai must be in lockdown. If he had been in the 3rd stage of Chi Gathering by now, then he would be able to leave Ning Hai easily. But now, he was only in the late phase of the 2nd stage.

Seeing Ye Mo’s silence, Yun Bing thought that Ye Mo heard her words and wanted to go check if his bag was in the car. However, she was suddenly grabbed by Ye Mo, so she looked at him in confusion.

Ye Mo shook his head and said, “Don’t go.”

The reason Ye Mo didn’t let Yun Bing go out was because, after his injuries, his spirit sense could surprisingly reach out to a distance of 12-15 meters. When his spirit sense scanned out, he found two people in casual clothing seemingly monitoring the people coming and going. Although he didn’t know if this was related to him, Ye Mo still felt that it was better to be careful.

“Why?” Obviously, Yun Bing didn’t know people were monitoring them and was curious why Ye Mo didn’t seem to care about that bag all of a sudden.

Ye Mo couldn’t say he had a spirit sense, so he said, “It’s not safe to go down to the parking to get things in the middle of the night. Besides, it’s easy to be seen by people and become a target of suspicion.”

Yun Bing thought about it awhile and believed that Ye Mo’s words were true, so she didn’t insist.

Ye Mo estimated that since even Yun Bing was able to deduce that he had killed these people, the Song Family would definitely be able to find out that Ye Mo was the murderer. It seemed that he should leave Ning Hai as early as possible. After this thing, he could no longer go to Luo Cang.

He sighed and thought, “Plans really couldn’t keep up with changes.” He still wanted to find a place to settle down and plant his Silver Heart Grass before going to the desert. But now, he couldn’t do that.

“You should get some sleep,” Ye Mo turned around and said to Yun Bing.

“Aren’t you sleeping?” Yun Bing thought that there was only one bed in the house, if she slept there, Ye Mo would have no place to sleep.

Ye Mo shook his head: “I’m not tired. You can sleep first.” He really wasn’t, and at this time, he wasn’t in the mood to sleep anyway. Since his plans were gone down the drain, he had to make new ones.

Looking at Ye Mo who didn’t even have a shirt on, Yun Bing hesitated for a while before saying, “There’s still a few hours of night-time, and the bed is really big, we can sleep on one side each.”

Ye Mo looked at Yun Bing in surprise. He didn’t expect Yun Bing to say something like this. She didn’t seem like an open person, but he didn’t want Yun Bing to think too much, so he nodded and said, “Fine, go to sleep, I’ll just lean on the bed for a while.”

He thought that he could cultivate on the bed as well anyway, and a few hours would pass really in a flash for him. Right now, he hadn’t fully recovered yet, so he shouldn’t be careless.

Ye Mo sat there and went into a cultivating state really quickly. However, Yun Bing wasn’t so stable when she slept which didn’t match her cold face at all. She just turned once and hugged one of Ye Mo’s leg again.

Although Ye Mo was cultivating, he could still feel Yun Bing’s body and the softness in front of her chest. Regardless of his past life or this life, he was a virgin in both as an ordinary man and as a cultivator. Although he was enticed, he cast the thoughts away hastily and didn’t pay any more attention as he continued to cultivate.

A few hours passed very quickly indeed. Ye Mo was still immersed in cultivation while Yun Bing slept very well; the corner of her mouth slightly raised up, seemingly in a good dream.

Perhaps after that incident, she had never been able to sleep so well. She felt as though she held something dependable and no longer had that feeling of hollowness from before, so she held very tightly with her hands without the slightest intention of letting go.

After Ye Mo had cultivated a big Chi cycle, he opened his eyes and saw that the sky was not completely lit up yet. He looked at Yun Bing who shrunk her head into the blanket while her body was pressed on him completely, and Ye Mo felt that it was getting hotter. Although he wanted to remove Yun Bing’s hands, she seemed to stick onto to him very tightly.

Seeing her sleeping so sweetly, he sighed and didn’t try to wake her again. He continued to cultivate to his next big cycle. He estimated that after he was done, Yun Bing should be up too.

When Ye Mo entered the next big Chi cycle again, Yun Bing suddenly woke up, and as soon as she opened her eyes, she immediately found out that she was hugging Ye Mo’s leg. She got scared and immediately let go. Although the sky wasn’t fully lit, she just felt there was a hot burning sensation on her face.

But immediately, she thought of Ye Mo, “Did he really sit like this for the whole night?” Seeing that Ye Mo still had his eyes closed as if he was still sleeping, Yun Bing finally released a sigh of relief. Luckily Ye Mo was asleep; otherwise, that would have been too embarrassing.

However, when she thought again to what she was feeling, she realized that she had this worry-free serenity when she had hugged Ye Mo’s leg as she slept which had made her very comfortable and didn’t feel any worry or fear. Furthermore, the aroma from his body was also very pleasant, it even gave her a sense of otherworldliness.

Yun Bing looked at Ye Mo’s sleeping young face and couldn’t help but to touch her already 30-year-old face. Although it was still young and smooth, she still felt a bitterness in her heart and suddenly felt that perhaps it wasn’t a good thing to go back to Beijing to see Feng Rong. There were some things she didn’t dare to think about, but it didn’t mean that they didn’t exist.

Was Feng Rong still the same as he used to be many years ago? She knew that she was no longer the Yun Bing from all those years ago, she only wanted to see Feng Rong and ask him why he simply left without notice all those years ago, and why he never had contacted her before.

But now, she felt this was unnecessary. So what if he remembered her? So what if he didn’t? If something similar happened again, would he disappear again? Was this sort of man reliable? So what if he could take her to America? Perhaps she simply missed Ting Ting too much, but even if she went to Beijing, would she even be able to see Ting Ting?

Ye Mo was still asleep. Yun Bing looked down at her curvaceous body, she thought about that day when Ye Mo saw her body and suddenly felt this burning sensation from the bottom of her heart. She started to shake and felt she was entranced, so she quickly left the bedroom and drank a cup of cold water. Finally, she was able to gradually calm down.

When she went back to the bedroom again, she didn’t dare to stay on the bed. She watched Ye Mo quietly before making an almost inaudible sigh after some time as she never would have thought she would have sexual urges toward Ye Mo. However, she still had a logical mind and knew that Ye Mo and she were two people on different paths. Whether it was now or in the future, they would have no more encounters.


Although Ning Zhongfei and Lan Yu persuaded Ning Qingxue again and again, she just wasn’t willing to leave this house. They were helpless, so they could only let her be. Li Mumei stayed behind with Ning Qingxue for the moment, but they needed to return to Yu state.

“Mumei, how is it?” Ning Qingxue still kept remembered Li Mumei saying that she would be able to invite out a few journalists. She wanted to know from the journalist how the case was progressing so she could know Ye Mo’s current state.

“I’ve asked, and tonight, the police department of Ning Hai City will hold a press conference, and one of Jingwen’s friend will be there. We’ll go together tomorrow to see that person, but Qingxue, I feel that this thing is actually beneficial to us, so there is no need to see the journalists,” Li Mumei said.

Of course, Ning Qingxue knew what she wanted to ask about, but she couldn’t explain to Li Mumei, so she could only say, “It might be related to me, let’s go make sure.”

Li Mumei knew that it was someone from the Song Family that had died. However, since it was Ning Qingxue’s wish, she couldn’t really stop her.