Strongest Abandoned Son - Chapter 84: The Prince Charming That Descended From The Heaven

Chapter 84: The Prince Charming That Descended From The Heaven

Translator: Tim Editor: Tehrn

Ning Qingxue didn’t like Starbucks and never went there to drink coffee. She disliked the so-called “North American Style” and even didn’t like the cake inside.

However, today she had to go to Starbucks because the journalist friend of Su Jingwen loved their coffee.

“Mumei, Qingxue, this way!” as soon as Ning Qingxue and Li Mumei came, Su Jingwen called out from a table near the window, beside her sat a tall figured woman, she was good looking too.

“Let me introduce; this is my friend Xiao Lei, she is the most famous journalist in Beijing. She always charges to the front line and gets every first-hand news. Xiao lei, they are my friends Mumei and Qingxue,” Su Jingwen introduced for both sides.

“Hello, Qingxue, Mumei. I’ve heard of the big name Ning Qingxue, the prettiest girl in Beijing. When I saw you today, I feel so self-conscious haha.” Xiao Lei also stood up and shook their hands.

“Big journalist Xiao, I’ve heard of you. Last time I was on your blog looking at your posts from when you went to Flowing Snake. I didn’t think I would meet you in Ning Hai so fast. It’s a real honor,” Li Mumei was better at communicating and became familiar with Xiao Lei very quickly.

Xiao Lei smiled and said, “If it wasn’t for someone who saved me last time, perhaps I wouldn’t even be able to come back.” Then, Xiao Lei looked at Ning Qingxue. Of course, she knew that Ning Qingxue had a fiancé called Ye Mo, and the person who saved her was also called Ye Mo. But, she wouldn’t think these two would be the same person. The difference was too huge.

Perhaps everyone in Beijing knew what sort of a fiancé Ning Qingxue had. How could he be that Ye Mo in Flowing Snake?

“What do you want to drink?” Su Jingwen was the host today.

Li Mumei didn’t really care and casually ordered a mocha.

“I don’t mind.” Ning Qingxue didn’t like coffee anyway, the main reason she came today was to find out about Ye Mo. As for drinks, she didn’t care at all.

The four girls who sat on Su Jingwen’s table were all gorgeous. Soon, they attracted the eyes of everyone in the cafeteria which made Ning Qingxue uncomfortable.

“Xiao Lei, I’ve also heard about you. I really admire your journalism spirit.” Although Ning Qingxue hadn’t been to Beijing, she had still heard about the famous journalist Xiao Lei.

Although Li Mumei didn’t know why Ning Qingxue cared so much about the case last night, it should be related to the Song Family. So she asked for Ning Qingxue, “Xiao Lei, I heard Jingwen say that you came to Ning Hai to interview in that case, how is that going?”

Li Mumei seemed to ask casually, so Xiao Lei didn’t care too much. She just thought they found a topic she was familiar to talk about. She took a sip of the coffee and said, “They still haven’t captured the fugitive yet, but it’s said that the family of the victim already know who the culprit is. They just don’t have solid evidence yet since this culprit was very cunning; before he went in, he destroyed all the surveillance apparatus.”

Ning Qingxue felt her heart feeling relieved after hearing that the culprit wasn’t caught. For the first time, she drank coffee. There was a faint taste of milk, and the texture was silky smooth. Suddenly, Ning Qingxue felt that this coffee wasn’t bad. It had a lot less bitter flavor than what she had tasted previously.

“Song Shaotan was killed, so this time, the Song Family will go crazy. The Song Family is indeed too cocky, so it’s not a surprise that people have made a move on them. It seems that one can’t be too arrogant,” Li Mumei didn’t have the slightest sympathy for the death of Song Shaotan and didn’t hide the meaning of her words.

However, Xiao Lei shook her head: “The craziest issue this time isn’t about the Song Family, although they are still crazy, they have a lot of descendants. This time, a crazier one is related to another one of the people murdered, he’s called Qian Shiping.”

“Qian Shiping?” both Ning Qingxue and Li Mumei hadn’t heard of this name before and were a bit surprised. Who could get crazier than the Song Family?

“Who is Qian Shiping?” although Su Jingwen was curious, she didn’t have to ask, but Ning Qingxue had to because it concerned Ye Mo’s safety.

As if confused at Ning Qingxue’s desperation, Su Jingwen glanced at Ning Qingxue. In her eyes, Ning Qingxue shouldn’t have so much curiosity toward these things, unlike ordinary people. But now, she was more curious than her, this was indeed strange.

Although Xiao Lei had heard of Ning Qingxue, she didn’t really know her personality, so she explained, “The name Qian Shiping isn’t much, but the main point is, his dad is called Qian Baihe, but he has another name, Qian Longtou…”

“Qian Longtou?” Ning Qingxue felt this name was familiar but couldn’t remember who it was.

“Qian Longtou is the underground leader of one of the gang in northeast Asia, Nan Qing. His influence is so huge that it is said he would have the means to find even a needle dropped in the ocean. But now, his only son was killed. Do you think he would stop with his power? So this thing is quite serious, we just don’t know Qian Longtou’s reaction yet…”

Before Xiao Lei finished speaking, the coffee cup that Ning Qingxue just raised suddenly splattered on the table spilling coffee everywhere. Although she didn’t understand what Nan Qing represented exactly, it didn’t mean she didn’t know what Nan Qing was. She just didn’t expect Ye Mo to get into conflict with someone so powerful. Immediately, she felt unrest.

“Qingxue, what’s wrong?” Li Mumei asked concerningly. She thought Ning Qingxue’s wounds hadn’t healed yet.

Su Jingwen also noticed that there was something wrong with Ning Qingxue. Her face didn’t seem as normal as before and quickly changed the topic: “Let’s not talk about this, it’s too depressing. Xiao Lei, tell us about your experience last time at Flowing Snake. I also want to go there for my holiday.”

Xiao Lei who initially had her eyes on Ning Qingxue was immediately attracted by the topic. Hearing Su Jingwen’s words, she hurriedly waved her hand: “Jingwen, you must not go to Flowing Snake. If I wasn’t saved by Ye Mo last time, I wouldn’t be alive now.”

“Ye Mo!?” Li Mumei, Ning Qingxue, and Su Jingwen almost said this name at the same time.

After Xiao Lei had spoken, she knew that she said it wrong and quickly corrected her meaning: “It’s Ye Mo but not Qingxue’s… sorry, I didn’t realize that the person who saved me was also called Ye Mo.”

Ning Qingxue returned to herself and smiled. “It doesn’t matter, I don’t mind. Xiao Lei, can you tell me about it?”

Seeing Ning Qingxue calmed down instead, she started retelling her encounters in Flowing Snake, “To be honest, I really didn’t think that Wang Qianjun was that sort of person. He paid 50 grand and just dumped me there while he ran for himself. He actually gave me to a bunch of bandits…’

“Huh, I didn’t see this on your blog, then what did you do after?” Li Mumei also started to worry here.

Xiao Lei’s eyes suddenly became obsessed as she mumbled, “At that time, he was like a prince charming that descended from the heavens and knocked all the bandits out. The way he flew was too handsome. His kicks... I can never forget in my entire life… I have never seen someone which such high martial arts skills. I thought this was all TV action scenes, but it happened to me that day…”

Hearing Xiao Lei’s recount, even Su Jingwen and Li Mumei felt an anxiety and longing towards that scene. However, Ning Qingxue felt more and more that the person was the Ye Mo she longed for.