Strongest Abandoned Son - Chapter 85: All Right, We’ll Both Sleep On The Bed Then

Chapter 85: All Right, We’ll Both Sleep On The Bed Then

Translator: Tim Editor: Tehrn

“Xiao Lei, since you’re so pretty, did he want to keep contact with you?” Li Mumei immediately was interested.

Xiao Lei shook her head and said bitterly, “To be honest, I was interested in him at that moment, I’m sure that was love at first sight. However, I’m not his Snow White. He didn’t give me any chance at all, he didn’t even give me his number…”

Su Jingwen couldn’t contain herself and laughed out loud, “Journalist Xiao, she has the perfect body and the perfect face. Look at this chest of hers, even I’m scared. How can you be afraid that you can’t find your prince.”

Seeing Su Jingwen make jokes about her, Xiao Lei surprisingly didn’t laugh. Instead, she shook her head again and said, “You don’t understand my feeling at the time. At my most helpless moment, someone came down from the heavens and saved me. I didn’t read too much fairy tales, this is real. Perhaps you guys haven’t experienced it and can’t understand my feeling. But, he’s so handsome, perhaps that’s not called handsome, but I don’t know what it’s called…”

Xiao Lei actually felt dejected.

“Xiao Lei, can you describe what he looks like to us?” Ning Qingxue suddenly asked shakily. They were all thinking to themselves and didn’t notice Ning Qingxue’s weird tone.

“He looked around twenty-years-old wearing an ordinary light blue shirt. His skin looked very good, and he had a gentle appearance. His eyes were very soft and looked very comfortable… he appeared to be almost 180 cm and doesn’t look extraordinarily handsome, but his face was clearly distinguished and very pleasant to look at. When he smiled, he looked very confident as if he wouldn’t care even if the heavens were collapsing. Hmm, his nose was very sharp, his teeth very white… By the way, I have his photo…”

“Hurry up and take it out!” Li Mumei said. They still didn’t get a clear image after Xiao Lei described for so long. The only real notion they could imagine would be his height.

Xiao Lei took out an exquisite mirror from her bag and passed the mirror while mocking herself: “The photo is here, but I took it secretly last time. I’m already in an unrequited love now.”

But even if she didn’t say it, they could tell from Xiao Lei’s tone and this exquisite mirror that she really had those feelings. Otherwise, why would a mirror holding a photo be so exquisite?

Ning Qingxue took over the mirror shakily and suddenly as she saw the picture, she dropped the mirror. Luckily, it was caught by Su Jingwen beside her.

Seeing Ning Qingxue make the same mistake twice, Li Mumei said worriedly, “Qingxue, are you really alright? How about we leave earlier.”

Ning Qingxue only nodded and still didn’t talk, but Su Jingwen shouted in surprise: “It really is Ye Mo!”

“He is called Ye Mo…” Xiao Lei only spoke half a sentence before realizing something wasn’t right. She looked at Su Jingwen in surprise, “What did you mean by it really is Ye Mo?”

Li Mumei took over the mirror and also said in surprise, “Qingxue, it really is him, why did he go to Flowing Snake?”

Xiao Lei felt something was wrong and looking inquisitively towards Su Jingwen.

Su Jingwen smiled bitterly and said, “He is Qingxue’s current husband, Ye Mo, I just don’t know why he would go to Flowing Snake.”

“Qingxue’s husband?” Xiao Lei repeated. A sudden unknown feeling welled up making her face feel hot. But then, she said immediately, “Didn’t Qingxue already break the marriage agreement?”

Su Jingwen looked at Xiao Lei and said, “Xiao Lei, it’s not surprising that you don’t know. Although her family had broken the marriage agreement, Qingxue still married him in the end, but the wedding was just very discreet. At that time, you were probably in Tibet, and you probably went to Flowing Snake as soon as you came back, so you probably didn’t hear about this. Now, Qingxue is still married to Ye Mo, they didn’t divorce.”

The reason Su Jingwen said this was to point out that Ye Mo was still Ning Qingxue’s husband right now and make Xiao Lei be more careful with her words. However, she was also being euphemistic. How was Qingxue and Ye Mo’s wedding discreet, it was almost as though they didn’t have one. They just went to collect a marriage certificate.

“Huh…” Xiao Lei looked at Ning Qingxue awkwardly. She didn’t expect the man she secretly admired and kept a photo of to be the husband of the girl sitting in front of her right now.

“Um, sorry, Qingxue, I really didn’t know that Ye Mo was your husband. It was because I heard that he’s... a…” Xiao Lei felt very awkward. At the same time, time, she felt a deep sense of disappointment and unfairness.

She didn’t understand why the Ye Mo she had met would be Ning Qingxue’s husband. If that Ye Mo was really the useless person the Ye family kicked out, how could he be so strong and so calm? Even if he was that disabled Ye Mo, how can someone like Ning Qingxue marry him?


Yun Bing cooked a table full of dishes. Ye Mo hadn’t eaten a good meal for a long time, so she was afraid that it would affect his body; hence she went out today and bought a lot of vegetables.

As if having an extra person made the house a lot more lively, Yun Bing also felt much happier. If she hadn’t been worrying about what Ye Mo had done, perhaps she would be even happier. At this moment, she felt that she wasn’t Merciless Bing... she didn’t want to be Merciless Bing. Perhaps it was because no one was able to make her truly feel happy all these years.

Actually, Ye Mo didn’t really do anything, but he rendered her a feeling of reliability. Perhaps it was because she didn’t have a man in her life for a long time. Although she knew that her thinking was wrong, she couldn’t stop her subconscious thinking. She had hoped more than once that Ye Mo hadn’t done those things.

He was an abandoned son, his fiancé also broke the marriage pact with him; moreover, his body had that unspeakable problem. However, Yun Bing secretly thought that she didn’t mind these things and liked the feeling of sleeping next to Ye Mo. It was very comfortable and relaxing. But she knew that she could only think about it for a few moment and didn’t even dare to say it or even consider it properly.

She was already an impure woman and much older than him. Besides, there were the eyes of the society judging her. Sigh, Yun Bing wondered once again if only Ye Mo wasn’t on the wanted list yet. Perhaps only she knew of his excellence.

After dinner, Ye Mo wanted to sleep early. This was because he needed to run at night and needed to save up enough stamina. He was very grateful toward Yun Bing for bringing back everything. The Silver Heart Grass and the Purple Heart Vine were all very precious to him and weren’t something he could find easily.

“You sleep on the bed tonight, and I’ll sleep on the couch.” Although Yun Bing liked the feeling of sleeping beside Ye Mo, she was also afraid she would wake up hugging Ye Mo once more. She didn’t dare to sleep on the bed at night.

Ye Mo shook his head: “I’m the man, I sleep the couch, you sleep on the bed.”

“No, your body hasn’t recovered yet, how can you sleep on the couch?” Yun Bing immediately rejected his proposal.

“All right, we’ll both sleep on the bed then, wasn’t it like that last night as well?” Ye Mo didn’t even care if he slept with Yun Bing. He only felt grateful towards Yun Bing, nothing else.

“Okay…” Yun Bing didn’t even try to object slightly.