Strongest Abandoned Son - Chapter 86: Leaving Ning Hai

Chapter 86: Leaving Ning Hai

Translator: Tim Editor: Tehrn

When Ye Mo had woken up, it was already 1 AM. This time was perfect for him to leave Ning Hai.

He looked at Yun Bing, he didn’t know when she came into his arms again. She still had a small smile on the corner of her lips, her face was also slightly red. He didn’t know what sort of good dream she was having.

Although in Ye Mo’s impression before, Yun Bing was a cold and heartless woman, after Ye Mo had lived with her for a couple of days, her impression of her had some change, and even though she was almost 30, Ye Mo felt she wasn’t even as mature as Xu Wei.

She completely used her cold face to conceal her true nature. In the depth of her heart, she was still like an unmarried young girl who yearned for warmth and protection. This could be seen from how she would go into his arms every time she slept.

Yun Bing didn’t wear her clothes and slept like last night: with only a nightgown. However, she held Ye Mo’s arms which pressed onto the two balls in front her chest revealing half a globe of shocking whiteness. He could even see the red-bean-like dot since she didn’t even wear bras.

Although Ye Mo hadn’t had the adult experience yet, it didn’t mean he didn’t understand it. He just felt his mouth was getting drier the more he looked at her. Ye Mo could hardly connect the woman sleeping beside him with that cold teacher since one was so understanding, while the other was so cold.

Ye Mo sighed, perhaps this was her way of protecting herself. He carefully removed Yun Bing’s hand and covered her with the blanket. Then, Ye Mo got off the bed.

He thought awhile, then took out a pen and some paper and left her a simple letter. Afterward, he put on his clothes and his bag before jumping out straight from the balcony. Although Yun Bing was living on the fourth floor, Ye Mo could jump to the balcony on the second story first before jumping from there. Soon, he disappeared into the dark night.

Although there were barricades everywhere in Ning Hai, it wasn’t much trouble for Ye Mo as he didn’t need to ride a vehicle. His Cloud Shadow Step wouldn’t be slower than cars, and on the contrary, he was even agiler.

After two hours — it was already 3 am now — Ye Mo had left Ning Hai far behind. Ye Mo thought again and again and was certain his identity had been exposed, but now, he didn’t have any way of forging a new identity. He could use the one Wen Dong helped make for him, but the name on there was also “Ye Mo” which definitely would attract too much attention. Sigh... if only he had changed his name before.

Ye Mo stood at a three-way intersection as he wanted to stop a vehicle. No matter where he went, it was best to get as far as possible. He wouldn’t be able to handle it if he kept using his Cloud Shadow Step.

However, the cars coming and going on the road weren’t much. Only a few cargo trucks passed occasionally. Although Ye Mo tried to get them to stop for a long time, none of them did.

A car that didn’t have a clearly visible brand drove toward Ye Mo quite fast. Ye Mo waved his hand trying his luck, and if this car still wouldn’t stop, he decided to find a cargo truck and get on secretly.

What surprised Ye Mo was that this car actually stopped, just when Ye Mo was prepared to go up and thank them, he heard a female voice in the car say, “Xueming, why would you stop the car for a stranger in the middle of the night? Besides, we’re already being pursued ourselves, what if he’s also someone from Yellow?”

“Dandan, who doesn’t encounter troubles outside? We also have this car because someone else helped us. Besides, we only came here for half a day after getting this car, Yellow couldn’t possibly know so how can he be one of them. Plus, he’s by himself, do you not trust your man,” This time it was a man’s voice. He appeared to be already 30 or so, and at this moment, Ye Mo had already walked up to the car. The man looked at him and said, “Come on in Friend, open the door.”

The woman rolled her eyes and didn’t say anything anymore.

Although the man and woman only spoke a few sentences, he already made out the approximate situation. These two also got into conflict with someone and were on the run, just like him, but fortunately, this man was warm-hearted. They were amidst trouble themselves, but he was still willing to help others. Immediately, Ye Mo had a good impression of him.

“I’m Wu Xueming, this is my girlfriend, Yu Miaodan. Where do you want to go, friend?” Wu Xueming immediately introduced as Ye Mo got on the car.

Ye Mo saluted with his fists and said, “I’m Ye Mo, I don’t have a specific place I want to go. I just want to take a ride for a while,” he was grateful toward Wu Xueming and didn’t hide his name.

Originally, that woman saw Ye Mo seemed quiet and weak, so she felt safe, but hearing his words now, she immediately became vigilant. A person stopped their car but didn’t have a clear idea of where he wanted to go to. This didn’t sound right at all.

Hearing Ye Mo’s words, Wu Xueming studied Ye Mo in surprise. No matter how he looked, Ye Mo didn’t seem like someone who could threaten him.

Ye Mo could tell that these two people were suspicious of him. He didn’t intend to hide, besides they were also on the run, so he smiled bitterly and said, “It’s because I offended someone, someone rather significant, so I ran out during the night. I just want to get as far away as possible. As long as you take me to a distant place and drop me off before dawn, I would be very grateful.”

Hearing Ye Mo’s words, Wu Xueming understood immediately. The power of the world was always grasped in the hands of the minority. Some insignificant people who offend the significant people had no other way but to run. Although they were also on the run, he had some sympathy for Ye Mo, he only nodded and spoke no more. He just started the car and left rapidly.

Ye Mo sat on the back seat, he could feel that Wu Xueming practiced martial arts, but compared to him, Wu Xueming could only be called average. Perhaps a little better than Fang Weicheng, but better to a limit. However, he had no idea what the “Yellow” was.

This woman did seem to be pleasing to the eye. A fitting dress covered her body showcasing all of her curves, and she had some light makeup on her face making her seem exquisite but not vulgar. At this moment, she was on the seat beside the driver; however, her eyes were constantly on Wu Xueming, and obviously, he was very important to her.

Wu Xueming, with his thick eyebrows, looked very bulky and had the allure of a soldier. At least, Ye Mo was sure that he was a soldier — or had been before — because he could feel a kind of aura similar to that of the soldier he had saved in the forest, Guo Qi. However, he also had a fierce Killer’s Qi on him which was something Guo Qi didn’t have. It meant that after he had left the army, he wasn’t only doing the ordinary occupation.

“Who did Brother Ye offend?” Wu Xueming felt the atmosphere in the car was tense and asked.

“Someone with quite the status… Unfortunately, I offended this person, and I have no choice but to run. Luckily I met Brother Wu,” although Ye Mo had a good impression of Wu Xueming, they still just met each other, he didn’t need to tell him everything.

“Sigh… This society…” Wu Xueming sighed and didn’t continue talking. After a while, he spoke again, “I’m going to Mang Jiang so I can drop you off there, what do you think? Mang Jiang is close to the sea and Hong Kong. You can find your way to Hong Kong or other places easily from there.”

Ye Mo nodded and said, “Okay, Mang Jiang is fine. Thank you, Brother Wu.”

Wu Xueming smiled: “Troubles are unavoidable when you’re outside, I can only help you with this. You have to depend on yourself for the rest.”