Strongest Abandoned Son - Chapter 88: Perhaps They Came To Give Us the Helicopter

Chapter 88: Perhaps They Came To Give Us the Helicopter

Translator: Tim Editor: Tehrn

“Actually, the thing is... I’m also from Metal River. Brother Metal Mountain is very kind to me and also has high hopes for me, he even wanted me to take Huang’s position; besides, Huang is also interested in Miaodan, but since she had followed me instead, Huang already wanted to kill me. However, if I was really killed by Huang, Brother Metal Mountain definitely wouldn’t blame him since if you want to live the gang life, you will need to have the resolve to live this dangerously.

“Now that I think of it, I suspect that Brother Metal Mountain intentionally said that in front of everyone while he was drunk to test me and see if I could survive Huang’s scheme. If I died, it would have meant that I didn’t fulfill the prerequisite to that position, and I wouldn’t blame him for this; since I was the one to chose this path, I should have the resolve of living like this.”

Wu Xueming seemed to try to ease Yu Miaodan’s worry and tried to explain the situation to Ye Mo as to find something to talk about. However, he had his eyes set on the helicopter that descended in the open ground not far away.

Ye Mo sighed as he really couldn’t understand what Wu Xueming was thinking. He was actually willing to be used as a pawn. If it had been him, he definitely wouldn’t be willing to be manipulated by that Metal Mountain, even if it meant that he would take over Huang’s position if he won. In Ye Mo’s eyes, Wu Xueming’s character wasn’t suitable for gangs and mafias.

“Brother Ye, I beg of you. Later, I will hold them there and not let this helicopter fly while you take Miaodan away. I don’t want Miaodan to be in the hands of that Huang animal!” Wu Xueming implored Ye Mo.

Hearing Wu Xueming’s words, Yu Miaodan suddenly grabbed his hand and retorqued, “No, Xueming! Even if it’s in death, I won’t leave you this time.”

Ye Mo also shook his head and said, “Brother Wu, it might not even be possible anyway, look…”

The moonlight was beautiful, and they could see clearly that five people had descended from the helicopter. One man had an assault rifle while the others four had submachine guns. Not only so, but they all had bulletproof helmets. Seeing this, Wu Xueming’s eyes also dimmed. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to get away no matter what.

However, Ye Mo didn’t mind the guns in these people’s hands. There were only five people, he wasn’t worried at all. What he cared about was that helicopter. He thought that if he had a helicopter, he would be able to go far away immediately.

He turned and looked at Wu Xueming whose face changed rapidly: “Brother Wu, don’t worry. We’ll see once they come over, perhaps they came to give us the helicopter.”

Although he didn’t understand why Ye Mo would be joking in this situation, Wu Xueming still nodded. He only had four bullets in his pistol anyway, and if he needed to save two for suicide, he only had two bullets for five men, but these two probably wouldn’t be much use anyways.

As they spoke, the five had rapidly charged in front of them and surrounded the car.

Ye Mo slowly opened the car and got off first. However, he kept his spirit sense on the five people. If someone tried to move his finger to pull the trigger, he would kill him immediately. The reason he hadn’t kill them by now was only because he couldn’t pilot the helicopter, so he needed to keep the pilot alive.

Seeing Ye Mo get off the car, Wu Xueming sighed as he also pulled Yu Miaodan’s hand and got off the car.

“Brother White Shark, there’s an extra person, what do we do?” They apparently hadn’t expected an additional person and were puzzled.

“Take away Wu and Yu and take care of the extra person,” the leading man said.

At this moment, Ye Mo opened his mouth: “Don’t talk about killing this quickly, first, which one of you here is a helicopter pilot?”

Hearing Ye Mo’s words, the leading man, White Shark, stopped the man who was about to fire, “I am, why did you ask?”

“Oh, I want to save that person’s life,” as Ye Mo finished his words, a few gust of wind brushed past the four man’s eyes as four nails accurately pierced their throat. These common thugs weren’t a threat at all to him, even with guns in their hands.

“Ugh… Argh...” after a few sounds, the four gunmen wanted to cover their throats but realized that they didn’t even have the strength to raise their hands. In the blink of an eye, the four collapsed, lifeless.

White Shark looked at this shocking scene and, before he even came to his sense, the AK-47 in his hand was grabbed by the young man who had just spoken.

“You…” At this moment, Wu Xueming finally reacted as he looked at Ye Mo in shock. He didn’t think that someone who stopped him on the road would be so terrifying. Immediately, light shone out of Wu Xueming’s eyes as he realized that Ye Mo was a Master, definitely one of the legendary Master!

“Who are you? How dare you interfere with the business of Metal River? You…” Speaking to there, he suddenly realized that the youth in front of him not only interfered with the matter of Metal River, but he had also killed the people of Metal River.

At this moment, Yu Miaodan also realized how strong Ye Mo was, and was in no less surprise than Wu Xueming.

Ye Mo turned around and said to Wu Xueming who was still in shock, “Brother Wu, you guys go into the helicopter first, I’ll clean up here.”

Wu Xueming also knew now wasn’t the time to ask questions, so he quickly held Yu Miaodan and went toward the helicopter. The shock in his heart still hadn’t calmed down.

Seeing Wu Xueming and his woman go toward the helicopter, Ye Mo looked at White Shark and said, “Dump these few people in the car and set it on fire. I will count to ten, if you still haven’t done it by then, you will join them in the car.”

This time, White Shark reacted quickly to Ye Mo’s words. He had already completely understood what sort of person he was facing: someone who could kill without blinking more easily than them. Anyway, this wasn’t the first time he had burned a car; thus, he immediately dragged the four bodies with his quickest speed into the car and ripped off a piece of fabric that he imbued with gasoline before setting the car on fire.

“Pick up the guns on the ground and get on the chopper,” Ye Mo said coldly.

Hearing that Ye Mo wanted him to grab the guns, White Shark immediately rejoiced in his heart. This man actually allowed him to pick up the gun.

“Do you believe that before you could pull the trigger, I can kill you 100 times?” Ye Mo seemed to know what White Shark was thinking, and his words froze White Shark in his tracks. In the end, he picked up the guns and didn’t dare to play any tricks.

Just as Ye Mo and White Shark came to the helicopter, the car exploded, making a lot of noises. Fortunately, this place was still quite far from the town, and although the sound of the explosion was loud, no one came.

Inside the helicopter, Wu Xueming and Yu Miaodan had already sat down, and the two were looking at Ye Mo differently now. However, what shocked Ye Mo was that Wu Xueming was seated in the pilot’s cockpit, so he asked, “Brother Wu, you know how to pilot a chopper!?”

Wu Xueming nodded: “Yes, I’m not too comfortable with this person driving. I had flown a helicopter before in the army.”

“In that case, you are useless,” Ye Mo looked at White Shark and said coldly.

White Shark saw the situation and immediately realized that Ye Mo wanted to get rid of him, so he quickly said, “Don’t kill me! I can still help you.”

“Oh? We’ll see, come in then.” Afterward, Ye Mo turned to Wu Xueming and said, “Brother Wu, start the helicopter.”

“Okay, where do we go now?” Wu Xueming saw that Ye Mo had come inside and flown the helicopter into the sky.

Ye Mo thought for a moment and asked, “If Huang dies, does that mean you no longer have to run?”

“If Huang dies, of course, I don’t have to run anymore. The one who wants to kill me is only Huang, not…” Wu Xueming suddenly stopped talking and looked at Ye Mo. He stuttered, “Brother Ye, you don’t mean…”

Ye Mo smiled and said, “Well we were fated to meet. I am going to help you kill Huang. Besides, I still have some things I need your help with.” He was going to help Wu Xueming kill Huang because firstly, he felt that Wu Xueming was a good person to him, and secondly if Wu Xueming had the power of Metal River, it would help him in his escape.

“Master, if you want to kill Huang, I can help you!” White Shark suddenly said.

Ye Mo looked coldly at White Shark whose reaction was quite fast. The only reason he had kept him alive was because he had planned to use him to kill Huang anyway.