Strongest Abandoned Son - Chapter 89: Fighting For Power

Chapter 89: Fighting For Power

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Seeing that Ye Mo’s eyes were cold, White Shark quickly said, “Huang is still waiting for the results, I’ll just need to report later that the people have been captured and then take you back.”

Ye Mo wanted to hear these words, he turned to Wu Xueming: “Brother Wu, give the helicopter to him, I’ll watch him. I trust he won’t dare to play any games.” Then, Ye Mo said to White Shark, “Fly the helicopter back and give Huang a call right now, tell him that everything is normal.”

White Shark didn’t dare to disobey Ye Mo’s orders a single bit. Perhaps other people only threatened, but he saw Ye Mo’s power and cruelty with his own eyes. He killed four fully armed men without moving at all, and at the same time, his face didn’t change at all. This man was too ferocious, and White Shark was afraid of annoying Ye Mo, so he hurriedly said, “Huang told me, when I capture these people, I am to fly straight to Jing City.”

“Jing City?” Wu Xueming knew, this plane definitely didn’t come from there as it was almost 2000 kilometers from here, how could the helicopter fly over?

As if seeing through Wu Xueming’s doubt, White Shark quickly explained: “I just came from Qi Ping, I was originally planning to stop Brother Wu, but I received your location at the spur of the moment, so I came. This helicopter is also modified, and its fuel tank can last for around 2h and 50mins. Furthermore, its speed is much faster than regular helicopters. Since it had already flown for around 20 minutes, it should still be able to travel for another 2 and a half hour. After that, we can refuel at Wang Chuan, and finally reach Jing City in one go.”

Speaking to here, he paused for a moment before continuing, “Brother Wu should know that Wang Chuan has a petrol station controlled by Metal River, and because this helicopter has been modified, many parts are more advanced, so the oil from normal petrol stations can’t be used. Although it could still be forcibly used, we may get problems on the way.”

Wu Xueming nodded and said, “We’ll do that then, you can start flying straight to Jing City.“ He knew about the petrol station at Wang Chuan.

Ye Mo had studied the map and had seen Jing City before. That place was close to Russia and was also a borderline place; however, they would still need a few hours to get to Jing City. Ye Mo looked at the burning car down below and thought that even if someone realized what had happened inside the car, it would be a few hours later. By that time, he would have finished his business.

It was as White Shark said. After two hours, the helicopter stopped at Wang Chuan to refuel, and perhaps they had already received a message, but no one suspected a thing. After leaving Wang Chuan, it was still not daylight yet.

A little over 7 AM, the helicopter stopped at a large private manor. The helicopter’s speed was indeed fast, and Ye Mo estimated that it could reach about 430 to 500 km/h.

Before, when Ye Mo had followed Wen Dong to that manor, he had already considered it to be large enough, but compared to this one, it was actually minuscule.

Thinking about Wen Dong, he remembered the model and the data that Wen Dong gave to him which were still in his bag now. He didn’t know what it was for and didn’t have the interest to look at it either.

Wu Xueming saw Ye Mo looking over and seemed to understood what Ye Mo was thinking, he shook his head and said, “The people here are all Huang’s. He would send my people away, but there’s also a part of people who are only loyal to Metal River and not Huang.”

“Huang is coming out,” Wu Xueming saw a man walk out from a mansion and said.

Ye Mo looked at the man. He was around 50, with triangular-shaped eyes and was very obese. He no longer had hair on the front part of his head and wore a big leather jacket, and two bodyguards were following behind him.

“Take me down,” Ye Mo said to White Shark coldly. During the flight, he was wondering how he would face Huang as there should definitely be people preventing from coming too close to him; he even wondered if he had to go on a massacre to draw him out; however, he hadn’t expected that Huang actually came out on his own.

“Haha, Wu Xueming! You actually dare to take an interest at my position and even steal the woman that I want. In order to wait for you today, I didn’t sleep for the whole night. For every day that you stay alive, I live a day of unrest…” a coarse laughter sounded. The arrogance and confidence in his tone were conspicuous. In his eyes, a few elite henchmen and a helicopter with a few AK-47 would be more than enough to capture a woman and Wu Xueming.

Huang saw White Shark leaving the helicopter followed by only one person that he didn’t recognize, yet no one else behind them got out. He immediately stopped his footsteps vigilantly and looked at White Shark: “Who is the person behind you? Stop, don’t move!”

As soon as Huang spoke, the two bodyguards behind him had come up to stop White Shark and Ye Mo.

Since he was here, Ye Mo wouldn’t be merciful. He had so much on him that he no longer cared. A few nails in his hands flew out extremely fast. The two bodyguards didn’t even mumble before blood spilled out from their forehead. White Shark started as cold sweat trickled down his back. He had seen all sorts of ways of killing, but he had never seen such a simple but effective way of doing so; it was too horrifying.

Huang had a fast reaction. He knew things weren’t good and immediately reached for his gun. However, Ye Mo didn’t give him any opportunity as the nail in his hands already flown out.

Even at the moment of his death, Huang wouldn’t believe that he would die so easily. Even if someone had charged in with a gun, it wouldn’t be so easy, yet now, he was killed by someone who only raised his hand. He only felt dissatisfaction as his consciousness was starting to dissipate.

At this moment, tens of men armed with swords rushed out, and just when Ye Mo was about to start a massacre, Wu Xueming behind him suddenly yelled: “Stop now! I will be responsible here! Are you going to rebel?”

The scene immediately calmed. Many people didn’t know if they should attack, but a few men raised their guns, and before their fingers even touched the trigger, they were killed by Ye Mo.

Wu Xueming still had some authority. Other than a few of Huang’s loyal followers, most of the people were still only loyal to Metal River. As for who took over after Huang’s death, they didn’t really care. They also knew about the fighting between Huang and Wu Xueming; they had seen too much of these fights already.

The day that Wu Xueming killed Huang, Metal Mountain passed down his words allowing Wu Xueming to take over. At the same time, Wu Xueming’s men also came back allowing him to fully stabilize his position.


In a grandiloquent mansion in Hong Kong, a middle-aged man sat on the master chair. Opposite from him was a 50-or-so-year-old Taoist, and the two were tasting some tea. The middle-aged man was the big boss of Metal River, Metal Mountain, and if he hadn’t said anything, perhaps no one would know that the second in command of Metal River was a Taoist.

The Taoist who sat next to Metal Mountain was the second in command, the Master, Xian Daorem[1]. His powers were significantly higher than Metal Mountain, but he didn’t have that much desire for power and put most of his time and energy on cultivation. Unless there were major affairs in the gang, he usually wouldn’t show himself.

Similarly, no one knew that the reason Nang Qing didn’t touch Metal River at all was nothing related to Metal River’s personal power, but because of this Xian Daoren.

“This Wu Xueming is not bad, your step was right,” after sipping some tea, the Taoist opposite said.

Metal Mountain contemplated for a moment before saying, “I thought that Wu Xueming could only at most survive Huang’s pursuit. When I heard that he had taken a woman with him, I didn’t even have any hope that he could survive, but I didn’t expect him to be actually able to take out Huang. Huang has really been regressing these few years, and Metal River need some fresh blood. I just hope that this Wu Xueming won’t disappoint me; otherwise, he will be the next Huang.”

When he talked about these matters, Metal Mountain didn’t have any emotional changes, it was as if this was naturally so.

After a while, Metal Mountain continued, “I heard that Qian Baihe was recently on a rampage because of the death of his only son. But he’d best not touch our Metal River; otherwise, we won’t let this go easily.”

“You don’t need to worry about this. I’m about to breakthrough. I just came out this time to have a stroll so that I can focus on breaking through. Once I reach the Earth Stage, I will go meet this Qian Longtou. I believe he is a man who understands reality,” Xian Daoren’s tone was very calm but had an undeniable coldness.


1: Daoren is an honorific for the people who practice Tao.