Strongest Abandoned Son - Chapter 90: Plan

Chapter 90: Plan

Translator: Tim Editor: Tehrn

Yun Bing had a beauty sleep. When she woke up, she suddenly thought of something and subconsciously reached out her hand to grab, but it was empty.

He had left. Yun Bing suddenly felt that she had lost something, and even though she knew that Ye Mo was leaving today, she didn’t expect to leave without a farewell. However, she found a letter for her beside the bed.

“Sister Bing, thank you for saving my life. I’ll come back for you one day, I’m leaving now. Ye Mo.”

Reading the words in her hands, Yun Bing suddenly felt relieved. If he said that he would come back for her, he definitely would. Although she didn’t have deeper feelings for Ye Mo, she just liked the feeling of staying with him and started wondering if she had been too lonely, but immediately, Yun Bing couldn’t help but worry about Ye Mo’s safety.


“What? You killed Qian Longtou’s only son! No wonder Nan Qing went crazy recently... His people are everywhere, and some had even come to our place, but because our boss didn’t say anything, we didn’t dare to start fights with them. I really didn’t think that the one who had killed Qian Shiping was you,” hearing that Ye Mo had killed Qian Shiping, Wu Xueming was very shocked and couldn’t calm himself even after a long time.

Wu Xueming was elated after taking control of Huang’s position and especially about being able to live forever with Yu Miaodan; however, after hearing Ye Mo’s words, he could only be shocked. Who was Qian Longtou? He was someone who had a proper army and was even more powerful than the leaders of some countries.

He could do things however he liked! Could country leaders do that?

And, Qian Longtou only had one son, and everyone knew this. Regardless of the underground society or the government authority, they would all focus on him; however, Ye Mo had actually killed him.

Ye Mo looked very calmly at Wu Xueming. As soon as Wu Xueming showed any signs that he didn’t dare to shelter him anymore, he would leave. He would eventually find a place where he could go. The reason he helped Wu Xueming was partly because he wanted Wu Xueming to help him for the time being.

After all, his power was still too low, but as soon as he reached the 3rd stage, even if Qian Longtou didn’t come for him, he would look for him. He wasn’t someone who could be hunted without consequence. Those who hunted him would eventually be hunted back by him.

“Brother Ye, originally, I was planning to invite you to join Metal River, but now, it seems that this plan is implausible. If you really joined Metal River, this would not only harm you but also Metal River.” Wu Xueming had finally calmed down.

Ye Mo nodded. Anyway, even without the incident with Qian Longtou, he still wouldn’t join metal river; that life didn’t suit him.

After staying silent for a while, Wu Xueming said, “I can help you get a new identity, but you also need to change your face and find a place to hide for a while. This isn’t something that can be solved by going overseas.”

Ye Mo learned the might of Qian Longtou from Wu Xueming, and since he had killed his only son, as soon as Qian Longtou would learn that he was the killer, only the craziest of revenge awaited him.

Ever since he came here, Ye Mo had never felt such an urge to raise his power. He knew that if he didn’t hurry and get stronger, he would be devoured completely based on the things he had done.

Right now, he only had two ways of getting stronger. One was to immediately plant the Silver Heart Grass, and the second was to go look for Purple Heart Vine in the desert, which required luck. Comparatively, the Silver Heart Grass was more reliable; however, it needed two years to mature, and Ye Mo couldn’t wait for that long.

If he didn’t reach the 3rd stage as quick as possible, perhaps his body would have disappeared after two years.

He had made up his mind, he would find a proper place first and plant the Silver Heart Grass, then, he would immediately go to the desert. Both of these things couldn’t wait.

When he reached the 3rd stage of Chi Gathering, he would personally greet this Qian Longtou and tell him in front of his face that he killed his son. But what could Qian Longtou do? This hunt made him extremely annoyed. Whether it was the Song Family or Nan Qing, he felt extremely unhappy. After all, he was a cultivator, but he was hunted by mortals and had no choice but to run. This wasn’t something he could accept.

However, Wu Xueming didn’t disappoint him, he really was a good friend he could depend on. Although he knew that hiding Ye Mo’s identity might cause a lot of trouble for him in the future, Wu Xueming still didn’t hesitate at all. Without Ye Mo, he would’ve been long dead, so he didn’t even tell Yu Miaodan about Ye Mo’s identity.

Wu Xueming helped Ye Mo create a new identity. The name was Mo Ye, and in order to prevent recognition, Ye Mo drew a mark on his face; it looked a bit ugly, but the image on the passport had this mark.

He was forced to do this because Nan Qing’s power was too great and seeped into almost every hole. Meanwhile, Ye Mo still wanted to find a stable place to grow his Silver Heart Grass and didn’t want to be discovered while he was planting it; that was too important to him.

The weather in Jing City was too cold which wasn’t suitable for growing a Silver Heart Grass, and besides, it was easy to catch attention staying directly there. Ye Mo took out some of the soil from his house he had grabbed before and asked Wu Xueming to help him get it analyzed. The results showed that parts of the southern cities were fine, but not all of them, while most of the northern cities and other places couldn’t support the growth of a Silver Heart Grass.

At last, Ye Mo finally decided and picked Luo Cang in the Jiang Nan Province which was neighboring Shanghai, one of the big city with almost 5 million in population.

The reason Ye Mo chose Luo Cang this time was irrelevant to Chi Wanqing. It was because the earth there had the most similarities to the earth he brought for analysis, and also, pretty much all the underground world was governed by Metal River under Wu Xueming. Another reason was that there was a flight straight to Dakumile, and from there, he could go straight to the desert.

A week later, Ye Mo left Jing City for Luo Cang with his new identity. Although Wu Xueming had a lot of power in Jing City, Ye Mo still chose to take the train as he didn’t want to raise a sliver of suspicion toward him. It wasn’t because he was scared, but because his time was really short, and he didn’t have the time to fight with these people.

Ye Mo chose a compartment seat since he didn’t take the money Wu Xueming gave to him. For Ye Mo, he helped Wu Xueming and Wu Xueming helped him, so the two were friends now but just friends. If he took Wu Xueming’s money, he would feel that he owed him and didn’t like that feeling. Besides, Ye Mo had still around 50 thousand dollars in his bag.

There wasn’t a direct train from Jing City to Luo Cang, so Ye Mo took the train to Zheng state first and changed train from there to Luo Cang.

When Ye Mo got on the train, his compartment wasn’t full; only two people including him. It was a woman in her 40’s, she looked astute but was obviously tired as she didn’t even say a word before falling asleep.

Ye Mo thought that this woman was too careless. No matter how tired she was, she had to at least stay alerted since there might be some thieves on the train

However, there was only Ye Mo and her now. Of course, Ye Mo wouldn’t stoop so low as to steal from a woman. Even if she had a million USD on her, he wouldn’t even look at it. He found a seat and closed his eyes to meditate. At the same time, he thought about how to settle down once he arrived at Luo Cang and wondered if he should find a job first or rent a house.