Strongest Abandoned Son - Chapter 92: On The Train

Chapter 92: On The Train

Translator: Tim Editor: Tehrn

Although Yu Erhu was very vigilant before, he was sleeping like a log now and didn’t even realized what had happened.

As though she was feeling guilty for Ye Mo, Wang Yan actually gave him two hundred dollars and said, “Brother, I know you had your money stolen before. This 200 is not much, but at least you can save it for an emergency.”

Ye Mo looked at this Wang Yan in surprise. She actually felt guilty for what happened before, and still had some conscience. At this moment, Yu Erhu also woke up. He looked at Ye Mo and Wang Yan obviously not knowing what was going on.

Ye Mo pushed the money back and smiled: “No need, I have money, I don’t need yours.”

Wang Yan didn’t expect Ye Mo to reject her offer. In her opinion, although Ye Mo was a bit better than Yu Erhu, he didn’t really wear any famous brands either. It could only be said he was neat and tidy. Perhaps he would have an urgent use for his money later, but he just didn’t know now.

However, she became worried for Ye Mo rejecting her money: “I really saw your money being stolen, but I didn’t dare to say anything at the time because I was scared of him taking revenge on me. Take these 200 dollars; otherwise, I would really feel guilty,” she was speaking the truth this time because she had seen too many accounts of people reporting thieves and getting stabbed.

“I said his money was stolen, but he didn’t believe me. Now look, you saw it too. You have no money now right? I’ll give you 100 dollars too. I’m still a student, so I don’t have much money,” at this moment, the girl who came over before had a bowl of noodles in her hands, and hearing Wang Yan’s words, she also started to take out money.

Hearing these two people’s words, Yu Erhu seemed to understand that this young man had his money stolen. He didn’t back out and also took out something covered in layers and layers of paper. Eventually, he took out 50 and said, “Brother, I don’t have much money either, so I’ll help you with fifty. My grandpa said there were a lot of thieves outside and told me to be careful; looks like that Jin Jibing was a thief.”

Ye Mo saw these three people were warm-hearted. Although he was a bit frustrated, he was still grateful. This world wasn’t completely cold, especially Yu Erhu. Ye Mo saw that although he had a thick stack of money, they were all 50’s. Although this person was slightly simple-minded, he was a great person.

Ye Mo saw the situation and could only take Wang Yan’s 200 dollars and said to the other two, “I’ll be fine with 200, take back your money.”

He could tell this girl was a student — she even said so herself — and Yu Erhu was obviously not wealthy. Although this woman in her 40s didn’t wear any pricey brands and bought a bed ticket, she had obviously bought it purely to rest, meaning that she wasn’t a wealthy person.

Seeing Ye Mo accepting her money, Wang Yan was obviously relieved. She felt extremely guilty for simply watching the thief taking tens of thousands from Ye Mo but didn’t dare to call him out.

After Ye Mo had taken the money, he took our three herbs from his bag and gave them to Wang Yan: “I won’t take your money for free, take these three herbs.”

The two women look stunned at Ye Mo, wondering why she would want his herbs; however, Yu Erhu stared at these herbs that he had never seen before and wandered off in his mind.

“Big Brother, you’re also a Chinese doctor!” Yu Erhu said astonished.

Ye Mo shook his head: “I’m not really a Chinese doctor. I just have some understanding of herbs and like to collect them.”

At this moment, Wang Yan reacted and quickly pushed the herbs away. “Big Brother, I don’t have any use for these things, take them back.”

Ye Mo smiled: “Other people might not have a use for these three herbs, but you do.”

“Why?” the girl asked astonished. She had already been confused when Ye Mo gave the three herbs to Wang Yan, but now, she was even more confused when Ye Mo said this.

Seeing that another person asked the question for her, Wang Yan didn’t talk and wanted to see how Ye Mo would answer.

“Because you still don’t have children, you should know your condition better than anyone else. Take back these herbs and boil them three times. Remember not to add anything else, just these three. It would be best if you drink the crumbs too, then you would be fine.” Ye Mo could tell that Wang Yan had some problems with her body. Not only was she not able to give birth, but in the long run, she would barely be able to live for another 20 years at most.

He found these herbs in the borderline of Vietnam and still had some remaining. Normal people wouldn’t know its use because these three had to be consumed at the same time. To be honest, he was missing a herb that replenished the essence of the body, but Ye Mo saw that Wang Yan’s body was quite sturdy, so although she may suffer a little, it shouldn’t be a problem. However, before she could drink this, he still needed to use his Chi to help wash her meridians.

“Ah! You really can tell that I have…” Wang Yan took the three herbs excitedly with her hands shaking. Suddenly, she bowed down many times to Ye Mo but still couldn’t say anything.

She had been married more than ten years but just wasn’t able to conceive a child. Not only was his mother in law’s family looking down on her, but even her neighbors were insulting her. Even though she had looked at many places and spent a lot of money, she still couldn’t solve the problem, and although her husband still loved her, she didn’t feel good herself. The frustrated Wang Yan spent all her time on business running day and night tirelessly.

Now that someone said her disease could be cured so simply, how could she not be happy? She was so excited that she couldn’t talk anymore. She was already 39, and after another two years, she would truly start to feel hopeless.

But soon she reacted and took out a card from her bag, “This is a bank card, there aren’t much inside, but it’s my way to thank you, the password—”

Ye Mo couldn’t say anything, so he stopped the conversation: “Keep the card, I have enough money; besides, how do you know that I’m not trying to cheat you?” Then, Ye Mo with extreme speed grabbed Wang Yan’s wrist and helped her unlock her meridians without anybody noticing.

At this moment, Wang Yan still hadn’t realized what was happening, so she just took back the card and suddenly thought, “Yeah, what if he’s a fraud? But then, why would he say it out loud? However, the frauds nowadays have a lot of tricks, and some even pretend to be generous. Who knows...”

After thinking for a while, Wang Yan took back the card: “Big Brother, how about you leave your number with me. If this can really cure my condition, I must repay you.”

Ye Mo waved his hand: “I don’t have a phone, and there’s no need for repayment. Furthermore, since you have already paid for these three herbs, there’s no need for anything else.”

“Big brother, your medical skills are so great, you don’t even need to check her meridians, and you could tell her condition. Even my grandpa isn’t as skilled as you!” Yu Erhu suddenly said.

Ye Mo said, “Erhu, you are a Chinese doctor, and I think that you’re quite a good person. Would you like to pursue a career with me in Luo Cang? I plan to open a clinic, and if you want you can help me out.”

“Of course, I do! I don’t have any good place to go anyway,” Seeing that Ye Mo invited him, the lost Yu Erhu agreed without hesitation.

At this moment, Wang Yan also calmed down. She looked at Ye Mo and then at Yu Erhu, but couldn’t be sure if Ye Mo was a fraud. However, Ye Mo helped her before, so although she didn’t know if these few herbs were real, she couldn’t say much.

The girl saw that Ye Mo was a doctor as well and admired him. Now that Ye Mo said he was going Luo Cang, she immediately said, “I’m also going to Luo Cang, we can go together then! Wait, I’ll carry my stuff here.”

“Fine, we can help each other with more people.” Ye Mo didn’t mind this girl taking the train with them. Although this girl wasn’t very pretty, she had a good heart, and she looked decent too. Besides, she had wanted to help Ye Mo before.

“I’ll help you carry things!” Yu Erhu was a very gentle person, and now that they were familiar with each other, he actually just left his bag on the bed and was going to help the girl carry her things. Just then, he had said that his grandpa told him that there were a lot of thieves outside, yet now just after one conversation, he was already very trustful toward Ye Mo.

Ye Mo nodded and said, “Just go, I’ll look after your stuff.”

However, Wang Yan looked complicatedly at the three and went back to her bed. She didn’t talk anymore but was contemplating whether she should boil the herbs Ye Mo gave her or not.

Soon, the girl moved her stuff over; it was just a case and a bag. This girl was very talkative and enjoyed a conversation with Ye Mo and Yu Erhu. However, Wang Yan didn’t talk much, as if something was on her heart.

From their conversation, Ye Mo learned that this girl was still studying in Luo Cang at the Jiang Nan Medical University. Her name was Yang Yi, she was in her third year and was specializing in practical medicine.

The three enjoyed a good conversation and soon, the train had reached Beijing. Wang Yan bid the three farewell and quickly got off the train.

After the train had arrived at Zheng State, the three got off the train and changed their train to Luo Cang. However, believing that Ye Mo had lost all his money, Yang Yi insisted on buying a ticket for Ye Mo. In the end, Ye Mo had no choice, but to take out a stack of 10 thousand telling her that his money wasn’t stolen. Only then did Yang Yi backed down.

There weren’t any accidents when buying the tickets, and the three only used about half an hour time to get on the train from Zheng state to Luo Cang.

This time, there were no beds but only chairs, and Yu Erhu had insisted on paying his own ticket, so Ye Mo didn’t stop him.

“Brother Mo, I heard that you need some certificate to practice medicine in the big cities. If we start a clinic in Luo Cang, will we be checked?” Yu Erhu seemed to not know how the world worked and had been simply instilled some simple knowledge before he had left.

“Of course, you need a certificate; otherwise, you would be judged as a fraudulent doctor,” before Ye Mo could reply, Yang Yi answered.

Ye Mo knew that he needed this, but now, as long as he had money, any certificate was easy to make and wasn’t too worried.

“Brother Mo and Erhu, you both don’t have a phone. How will I contact you later on?” Yang Yi got along well with Ye Mo and Yu Erhu, but she was the only one to have a phone out of the three and saw that Ye Mo was definitely someone who wouldn’t take the initiative to call another, so she asked.

“When Brother Mo and I have found a place to stay, we’ll call you!” Yu Erhu had a good impression of Yang Yi.

“Okay, Erhu, you must remember to call me. I don’t have any people I know in Luo Cang. Knowing you and Brother Mo will make things easier when I need help in the future,” Yang Yi said half-jokingly. For Yang Yi, although Ye Mo looked a little ugly with a mark on his face, she felt comfortable talking to him and stayed with him.

The three got to know each other better and better as they traveled and, after a few hours, the train finally arrived at the Luo Cang Station. Ye Mo and Yu Erhu arranged to meet up in the future with Yang Yi and separated at the station.