Strongest Abandoned Son - Chapter 93: Do You Think You Can Leave?

Chapter 93: Do You Think You Can Leave?

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Ning Hai.

For a few days, Ning Qingxue, who couldn’t rest properly, finally calmed down. Whether it was the TV or the online news, they showed that the perpetrator of the case a few days ago had already fled Ning Hai, and now, the police patrol in Ning Hai had obviously calmed down. All these signs had meant that Ye Mo had really left Ning Hai.

“Xu Wei, I want to leave a few days. Can you look after the flowers I had planted here, especially this smallest one,” Ning Qingxue was just talking to Xu Wei when Li Mumei came from Su Jingwen’s place.

Hearing Ning Qingxue’s words, Li Mumei was immediately rejoicing: “Qingxue, you want to go back to Yu state?”

However, Ning Qingxue shook her head, “No, I just want to go out by myself and ease my feelings, and it’s too boring staying at Ning Hai all the time,” she didn’t even tell Li Mumei where she was going.

“Qingxue, aren’t you going back to Yu state? How about I go with you?” Li Mumei immediately felt things weren’t right after hearing Ning Qingxue’s words. After all, Ning Qingxue had never been to other places alone, so where would she be going?

Xu Wei already knew that Ning Qingxue’s identity wasn’t ordinary, and she seemed to have something weird going on with Ye Mo, and although she never asked about it, she was still able to tell. And now, Ning Qingxue wanted to go out and even asked her to look after the flowers.... It was not that she had a problem with it, and besides, she knew that this grass was very important to Ning Qingxue; as for why she had no idea.

Li Mumei saw Ning Qingxue didn’t want to say where she was going, so she could only sigh and stopped asking.

Two days later, Ning Qingxue was finally ready to go and just reminded Xu Wei again to look after the grass for her before she left Ning Hai. It wasn’t convenient for her to carry Ye Mo’s case, but she didn’t feel safe leaving it at Ning Hai, so she could only put the contents in a bag.

As for those three beads, Ning Qingxue hadn’t been able to find a string good enough to connect them, so she could only put them in the bag. She wanted to find the prettiest string and connect these beads before putting it on her wrist. But now, she wasn’t able to find one, so she could only store it away.

The reason she left Ning Hai was that the last time Xiao Lei came, she said that she had met Ye Mo in Flowing Snake.

So, Ning Qingxue wanted to check there since, in her opinion, Xiao Lei saw Ye Mo in Flowing Snake, so it meant that Ye Mo could quite possibly go back there again. She had done her research, and Flowing Snake was a place close to the border, a very chaotic location and good for escaping.

Although she had thought more than once that Flowing Snake was too dangerous, she reminded herself that if it hadn’t been for Ye Mo, she would have been long dead. So what if she died again? Besides, she also understood that if she didn’t actively look for Ye Mo and just stayed in Ning Hai, perhaps she wouldn’t be able to see Ye Mo in her lifetime. She had a feeling that Ye Mo wouldn’t come looking for her.

Although she didn’t know why Ye Mo came back to Ning Hai last time, she was sure that Ye Mo didn’t come for her.

She noticed that her feelings for Ye Mo were getting more and more complicated. Initially, she had only wanted to use him, then she felt guilty and wanted to apologize and compensate him. However, afterward she was hurt while protecting the grass, and it was Ye Mo that treated her. She felt grateful toward him and even wanted to live with him like this for the rest of her life. But she felt that the more she understood him, the farther away she was from him. She was becoming a stranger to him, yet she wanted to understand him more.

There wasn’t a direct trip to Gui Lin from Ning Hai, but there was a flight to the Xian Mountain, and from there, Ning Qingxue could go directly to Gui Lin.

Nothing troublesome happened from Ning Hai to Gui Lin. However, after arriving there, Ning Qingxue realized that she couldn’t even find a ride to Flowing Snake. No matter how much money she offered, no one wanted to take her to Flowing Snake, and most of them even tried to persuade her that a girl like her shouldn’t go to Flowing Snake by herself.

However, Ning Qingxue was determined to go there, so in the end, she had no choice but to go to a rental company and rent a Volkswagen, she was ready to drive herself to Flowing Snake.

Although a ride to Flowing Snake was very hard to find, the route could be easily asked for.

After two hours, Ning Qingxue’s car had gone into the twisted mountain paths, and she realized that she hadn’t even gone half the way through, but it was already 5 pm.

After another bumpy two hours, Ning Qingxue realized that the roads started to become flatter, and it was more desolate around; the howls of beasts could be heard from time to time, and the wind was blowing crazily on the trees.

Being anxious, Ning Qingxue drove faster and faster.

“Big Brother, I didn’t think there would be a car this late, should we move?” In a patch of forest that Ning Qingxue could not see, a few pair of eyes were already gazing at her.

The man called “Big Brother” waved his hand and said, “No need, we still have other business tonight. Plus, a person who drives this model probably doesn’t have much loot anyway. And, that Fang Nan’s reach is really extensive now, there’s no need to expose us for this type of car.”

Ning Qingxue would never imagine that she had avoided a disaster just because of the model of car she was driving.

When she finally arrived in Flowing Snake, it was already around 9 pm. The fatigued Ning Qingxue carried her bag and prepared to find a place to stay for the night and look for Ye Mo’s news tomorrow.

Flowing Snake was not without its hotels, but they were mostly for those bandits or merchants at the borderline, and those who are able to do illegal business here weren’t normal people. These hotels not only had a place to live but also provided a bar for people to drink downstairs.

So as soon as Ning Qingxue walked into the nearest hotel, she immediately attracted the eyes of almost everyone in the hotel.

Flowing Snake did have a few women, but this was the first time that a girl who was as white, young, and beautiful, came. Those who could survive in Flowing Snake had their heads in their hands, and these people were drunk almost every day. So as soon as they saw Ning Qingxue, all the people set their gazes on Ning Qingxue’s body, even the two women that were there.

Ning Qingxue looked at the countless eyes of hungry wolves and felt cold shivering uncontrollably.

As though seeing Ning Qingxue shiver, a 30-year-old man sitting at the bar had lights shining out of his eyes. He carried a cup and walked over, “Girl, you’re staying overnight? Don’t worry, with me here, no one would dare to hurt you. Boss, get me the best room for this girl, it’s on me.”

As soon as this man came over and talked, a lot of people immediately went quiet. Their lustful eyes also had some sympathy. Everyone knew that this person was called Shi Wei. In fact, he has another title: Echidna. Not only was he cruel, but very hard to deal with because even Fang Nan couldn’t do anything about the power behind him. Most importantly, this person was extremely lustful, and countless girls died at his hands.

“No need, I’m going to another place.” Ning Qingxue turned back and was about to leave.

“Do you think you can leave? Girl, don’t get cocky with me!” Shi Wei saw Ning Qingxue with a pale face wanting to leave, so he immediately threw his cup on the ground and folded his arms, standing at the door staring coldly at Ning Qingxue.