Strongest Abandoned Son - Chapter 94: The Dragon Crossing The River And The Local Snake

Chapter 94: The Dragon Crossing The River And The Local Snake

Translator: Tim Editor: Tehrn

On her way over here, Ning Qingxue hadn’t really met any bandits and thought Xiao Lei had been exaggerating since, although this was the border, it shouldn’t be so chaotic. However, now she realized how chaotic Flowing Snake was, she had been harassed in public, and yet no one even tried to put some restraints on that man.

“I’ll give you 3 seconds, pour some wine for me and repent, or I’ll strip you here and f*ck you.” Shi Wei never had the patience to wait for a woman. For him, women were only for men to use.

Ning Qingxue looked at the room full of cold glares and this Shi Wei’s ferocious complexion with a pale face and her heart shaking. Even if she died, she didn’t want to be r*ped here; furthermore, she hadn’t even met Ye Mo yet. Ning Qingxue who had never been in contact with the dark side of the world finally understood what unreasonable meant. She had thought that she was mature, but some things had to be encountered before one knew of its terror.

“I’m looking for my husband Ye Mo, he’s in Flowing Snake, you can’t touch me…” even Ning Qingxue felt that her tone was pale and weak. She just heard Xiao Lei had been saved by Ye Mo here, so she said his name out loud to see if anyone knew him.

“Hahaha, your husband will be me from now on, what Ye Mo? If he’s in Flowing Snake, I will make him disappear!” Shi Wei laughed cockily and actually reached out his hand to grab Ning Qingxue.

Extreme disgust flashed across Ning Qingxue’s as she dodged aside once again.

“F*ck…” Shi Wei was completely angry this time. There had not been a woman who dared to reject him. But today, this woman rejected him multiple times, making him lose a lot of face.

“Wait, Brother Wei! Can you listen to a word of mine…” a young man in his 20’s suddenly walked over and said.

Everyone looked with surprise at this person who had dared to disturb Shi Wei at this moment. Did he want to die? But when people saw who this was, no one added another word.

The person who came up was called Rock, Fang Nan’s personal guard. Although Flowing Snake wasn’t 100% the land of the Pu Dao Clan, there were no gangs who could rival them ever since the Vietnamese Gang and the Philippines Gang had been annihilated. Most people who came to Flowing Snake for business would give some respect to this local snake, the Pu Dao Clan.

Although Shi Wei was extremely unhappy being interrupted, he still knew Rock. This young man had always been beside Fang Nan and had some power in the Pu Dao Clan, so although he was a dragon crossing the river, he didn’t want to overdo it.

He had no choice but to say, “Brother Rock if you have anything to say, please do, but I’m having this woman for sure. Hopefully, you can explain fast so I can go about my business.”

Although his tone was slightly polite, that arrogance was undeniably there. Obviously, although he respected Rock a little, he was not afraid of the Pu Dao Clan.

Rock’s face changed but didn’t argue back as he knew Shi Wei’s origin. He could not only live well in Flowing Snake but many places at the border because he was a powerful person from the Amphibian Gang.

For the Amphibian Gang, the Pu Dao Clan could barely be called a local snake because the Amphibian Clan was the greatest clan at the border. Their activities were located at the borders of the Asian countries and did lucrative business. It was said that the Amphibian Gang belonged to Nang Qing, and those part of the eastern underground world would shiver at the mention of this name.

Flowing Snake was just a small stop for them. The consequences were imaginable if they offended the Amphibian Gang. So even when Shi Wei wasn’t too polite to Rock, he didn’t dare to say anything.

“If I may ask, you said that your husband was named Ye Mo. Which Ye Mo are you talking about?” Rock came to the door and asked. He knew that Shi Wei was very impetuous.

Just when Ning Qingxue didn’t know what to do anymore, someone came to ask her, she immediately felt like she was someone who was about to drown but managed to grab a hold of a floating block of wood. It wasn’t that she was afraid of death since she had already died once, but losing her “loyalty” was more horrifying than death. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be throwing a fret about being looked at last time when she was treated by Ye Mo.

When Rock asked, she replied immediately, “I came to look for my husband Ye Mo, he came to Flowing Snake before. I knew from my friend and came to look for him.” Then, Ning Qingxue described Ye Mo’s appearance.

Hearing Ning Qingxue’s words, Rock was already sure that Ning Qingxue was talking about Brother Ye. It was not surprising, only Brother Ye would have such a beautiful wife.

However, Rock knew Shi Wei’s character and turned around to his follower: “Tell Brother Nan that Brother Ye’s wife came.”

“What do you mean?” Shi Wei felt quite obviously that Rock’s words weren’t right. It didn’t seem like he planned on giving her to him.

“Sorry, Brother Shi, this woman belongs to our Brother Ye, you can’t touch her.” Then, Rock waved his hand, and three of his henchmen came up.

Shi Wei’s face sunk: “This means that you’re acting against me. Does Fang Nan not want to stay here anymore? I’m telling you, I’m having this woman today, and even if Fang Nan comes, I will still take her. Brothers, take this woman away!”

As soon as Shi Wei had spoken, the four tattooed youth, who were originally just standing at the side watching, immediately charged up.

Rock’s face changed, and after a moment’s hesitation, he waved his hand and his henchmen also came. The two sides immediately formed a dichotomy.

“A mere follower like you dare to take my woman. Do you really think I don’t dare to do anything to you? Wait until I break your leg and ask for an explanation from Fang Nan. Brothers, attack!” Shi Wei’s words were full of ferociousness and cruelty.

With Shi Wei’s order, the two sides immediately started fighting. The hack swords they hid in their clothes were all taken out and immediately, blood spilled everywhere at this hotel.

Ning Qingxue retreated to the door in a panic. At this moment, she truly realized just how chaotic it was here. There was a crowd of people hacking at each other, but no one came to manage the situation.

Because Rock had fewer people, there were quickly on the losing side, but just when Shi Wei wanted to drag Ning Qingxue away and leave, another twenty people suddenly came to the door.

Fang Nan’s furious voice sounded: “Beat these bastards to the death!”

“Fang Nan, you dare to touch me? Do you not want to live anymore?” Hearing Fang Nan’s words, Shi Wei was worried and angry. He didn’t think that the boss of a small place dared to touch him since he was comparable to an ambassador of a big nation to a small country here. Although the local snakes here didn’t have to circle him, they wouldn’t offend him for a woman.

“Hm, I don’t mind you taking some benefits from my domain, but you dare to touch Brother Ye’s woman. Do you want to die? Beat him hard!” Fang Nan knew the consequences of offending Shi Wei, but he was already respecting Ye Mo like a god, and this woman was his wife. How would he let other people touch her? Not only that, he was going to show his attitude for Ning Qingxue to see; otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to explain himself to Ye Mo.