Strongest Abandoned Son - Chapter 95: The Second Beautiful Lady Who Comes To Flowing Snake

Chapter 95: The Second Beautiful Lady Who Comes To Flowing Snake

Translator: Tim Editor: Tehrn

With the men Fang Nan had brought, Shi Wei didn’t have the slightest ability to resist before having one leg broken; however, Fang Nan didn’t dare to kill him. Although he didn’t need to be held responsible legally for his death, the Amphibious Gang was too strong. If he had killed Shi Wei, there would only be a war between the two. The reason he broke Shi Wei’s leg was mainly to show some respect to Ning Qingxue.

“Take your men and p*ss off immediately!” Fang Nan didn’t hesitate to kick out Shi Wei. In this Flowing Snake, his word still had power.

Although Shi Wei was extremely angry, he couldn’t do anything about it in Flowing Snake. If Fang Nan told him to leave, that was the only thing he could do. Even if he wanted his revenge, he had to wait until he reported the incident here with exaggeration.

Shi Wei took his few men and left this hotel, they just swapped for another one but didn’t leave Flowing Snake. One reason was that it was already late, and he had a broken leg, so they had nowhere else to go. Another one was that even if Fang Nan knew that he hadn’t left Flowing Snake, Fang Nan wouldn’t go look for him.

Fang Nan indeed knew that Shi Wei hadn’t left Flowing Snake, but he didn’t dare to do things over the top. If it was regarding the incident with Ning Qingxue, he had the rights to, but if he were to kick Shi Wei out of Flowing Snake, then he wouldn’t have any justification. If he was stronger, then it didn’t matter if he was being unreasonable or not, but no matter how strong he was, he wouldn’t be stronger than the Amphibious Clan.

Ning Qingxue stared dumbfoundedly at the fight that had started because of her; it started fast and finished fast and left a ground full of blood. She didn’t think that Ye Mo had such loyal friends in Flowing Snake. She felt more confused about Ye Mo who spent his time growing flowers all day long. Then, she thought about how Song Shaowen and Song Shaotan were killed by him, plus what she had seen today; it seemed that what Xiao Lei had told her was true: Ye Mo really had great capabilities. Then why did she hear in Beijing that Ye Mo was a completely useless human being?

Fang Nan saw Ning Qingxue’s face and was stunned as he thought that only someone like brother Ye could have such a wife. This woman was a bit too beautiful.

However, Fang Nan respectfully transferred Ning Qingxue to another special place and told her the things about Ye Mo in Flowing Snake. He even didn’t hide the fact that Ye Mo had annihilated two clans. In his view, Ning Qingxue was Ye Mo’s wife, so she must have already known about what Ye Mo had done.

The more Ning Qingxue heard, the more astonished she was. She didn’t think that Ye Mo had done so much in Flowing Snake in such a short period of time. He had beaten the bosses here to be respectful of him; however, what made Ning Qingxue disappointed was that Ye Mo didn’t come back and seemed to have gone somewhere else.

Ning Qingxue suddenly felt a little lonely sleeping at this borderline fort in Flowing Snake. She didn’t know why she came to find Ye Mo. From the start, Ye Mo was just helping her; even the marriage was fake.

Did she love him or was it because of something else? What if she really did find Ye Mo? What should she say? Was she going to say “Sorry, I shouldn’t have treated you like that before” and then no matter what Ye Mo replied, she would go back to her own life? Ning Qingxue suddenly felt lost.

Love? What was love? Regardless of whether she loved Ye Mo, was she going to find someone else to marry afterward? She had no intentions of divorce after marrying with Ye Mo, but was she suppose to find Ye Mo and tell him that she didn’t want to divorce? Was that all?

Ning Qingxue sighed. The more she thought that she understood Ye Mo, the more she was confused which was very contradictory. Although she didn’t understand Ye Mo very much, she felt that out of all the people she had met, no one was as magnanimous as him, and perhaps he was the one she needed. Originally, she had a skewed view of Ye Mo, probably because she didn’t really understand him. After he was gone, she didn’t divorce and perhaps at that time, she had subconsciously agreed to be his wife.

But before this, she had to find him. Otherwise, if Ye Mo marries one day while she still calls herself his wife, then that would be too ridiculous. Ning Qingxue had her principles. Although she was willing to marry Ye Mo, she wasn’t someone to cry and beg for the marriage if Ye Mo didn’t want her.

Ning Qingxue twisted and turned in the sleepless night. Just when she slept for a while, the day was bright already.

She didn’t meet Ye Mo in Flowing Snake and thus no longer had the intention to stay anymore. But before she left she wanted to see that pagoda where Ye Mo lived at.

Although it had all collapsed, Fang Nan had sent people to rebuild it.

Ning Qingxue wanted to see where Ye Mo lived before, so Fang Nan brought a few henchmen and went with her himself. Flowing Snake was so chaotic, he didn’t want Ye Mo’s wife to have more troubles here. If this sort of thing happened, he wouldn’t be able to say anything to Ye Mo. Not to mention Ye Mo saved his life before and helped him get back the ruling authority here. Besides, Ye Mo was not hesitant in killing, and his gang didn’t even have enough people for Ye Mo to kill...

Ever since she had done her last mission, Chi Wanqing no longer had the mood to stay in the military. Every few days, she would call Luo Cang and asked her cousin, Zhu Man, if Ye Mo went over. But each time, she received a disappointing answer. Ye Mo didn’t go to the company her cousin managed in Luo Cang.

Of course, Chi Wanqing knew that Ye Mo lived a tight life, so since she had found him a job, why wouldn’t he go? Was it because of his dignity? However, she thought that Brother Ye didn’t seem like that sort of person…

She thought about it a few times and decided to go look for Ye Mo herself. She felt that if she didn’t go find him, perhaps this brother Ye would never come looking for her in her entire lifetime. Although she was a bit bitter, she still decided to go to Flowing Snake and look for Ye Mo.

Ye Mo told her last time that he was there, so since he didn’t go to Luo Cang, it meant that he was still in Flowing Snake.

This was the first time since Chi Wanqing entering the military that she applied for a “family visit” leave. Although Lo Lin felt that Chi Wanqing wouldn’t be visiting her family, it was Chi Wanqing’s first time, so although Lu Lin was dubious, she could only allow it.

Obviously, Chi Wanqing didn’t go see her family. She went to Flowing Snake to look for Ye Mo. She had experienced a lot more than Ning Qingxue, so of course, she knew what sort of place Flowing Snake was, but she wouldn’t be scared.

With her expertise, she wouldn’t be afraid of even a few bulky men. Plus, she still had her bare cockroach and knew exactly how strong it was since she almost lost her life when she had been bitten by it. If it hadn’t been for Ye Mo, she would’ve been dead already. Although Flowing Snake was very chaotic, it didn’t pose a threat to her.

It was just midday when Chi Wanqing arrived there. Just when she got there, she saw two people carrying Shi Wei into a car to leave Flowing Snake.

Although Chi Wanqing wanted to ask around about Ye Mo, she could tell that Shi Wei and these men weren’t good people, so she didn’t even plan to ask from them.

However, Shi Wei eyes were glued to Chi Wanqing. He didn’t think he would meet two breathtaking women in two days. He still had such luck when he was about to leave. “Fang Nan, Fang Nan, so what if you robbed one away. I still met another today!”

As he looked at Chi Wanqing, his eyes were beaming. While still laying on the portable bed, he yelled without hesitation: “Take this woman away! We leave Flowing Snake, but I will have my revenge one day.”