Strongest Abandoned Son - Chapter 97: First Patient

Chapter 97: First Patient

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A 5-year-old kid was carried inside, not only were his eyes tightly shut and his face was pale, but his body was also convulsing.

“Doctor, please save my son! The ambulance is coming, but they still need 20 minutes before they get here! I’m afraid my Xanxan won’t last more than ten minutes...” as soon as Yu Erhu opened the door, a middle-aged woman carried a small child inside screaming for help.

Following close behind was a middle-aged man, his face was also showing how worry he was. Other than these two, there was also a woman in her 50s behind them.

Ye Mo wondered if the whole family had come. The child probably had a relapse in his condition and needed to go to the hospital; however, the ambulance could only arrive 20 minutes later, and the family was afraid that his condition would worsen before the twenty minutes, so they came to this clinic trying to save the child’s life for now. They were doing all they could in this time of crisis.

“Master…” although Ye Erhu learned Chinese medicine from his grandpa, he realized under Ye Mo’s tutelage that his medical skills were far superior to his grandpa, so he called Ye Mo “Master”.

Ye Mo was prepared to teach Yu Erhu medicine, so he didn’t stop him from calling him master.

The condition of the child now was obviously out of Yu Erhu’s range of ability.

Ye Mo walked over and said to that woman, “Put your child on the bed.”

The woman was panicking now so hearing Ye Mo’s words, she immediately put the child on the bed and didn’t even try to ask Ye Mo any questions.

Seeing that the child on the bed, Ye Mo took out his silver needles and was about to use them.

“Wait, what do you want to do? We just want you to gain some time for the child to wait for an ambulance, why are you taking out the needle for?” The middle-aged man had come back to his senses as he looked at the needles. They were originally so worried that they tried to get all the help they could get. From his child convulsing to now, it had already been a few minutes, but he was calmer now, yet, the doctor of a small street side clinic was going to use needles on his child, so he immediately reacted. This was only a clinic that opened a few days ago, and he didn’t even see a certificate here.

Ye Mo stopped the needle in his hand and looked indifferently at the middle-aged man and didn’t talk. For him, since the child was brought here, he didn’t mind saving the child. But if the parents didn’t even believe in him, he didn’t need to mind other’s business.

He was a cultivator, although he had spent quite some time on Earth, he still didn’t weight the lives of normal people very much; however, he wasn’t a heartless person either so he would help if he could. When people believed that his money had been stolen on the train, they immediately came to help him, so he felt that he should also help other people; however, it was impossible for him to beg to treat this child.

He had already scanned the child with his spirit sense, it wasn’t a simple heart condition. His arteries were close to the bursting point, and if they fully exploded, this child wouldn’t last long. Ye Mo understood the medical level here, and currently, the child’s condition was incurable in this world.

Seeing that Ye Mo stopped his hand, the middle-aged man didn’t know what to say and was frozen.

“Since you don’t trust me, please leave.” Ye Mo took back the silver needles. This set had been brought over by Yu Erhu.

Yu Erhu had often been with his grandpa treating patients before. He really didn’t like those people who didn’t trust in the doctor, so as he saw the situation, he immediately said, “You are lucky that my master can help to treat your child, so…”

Every time he and his grandpa went out to treat patients, people would be overjoyed and treated them with great hospitality. So why were they treated like this here?

“Do you want Xanxan to be like this forever, move over!” after saying that, the woman pushed the man aside and suddenly kneeled down in front of Ye Mo, “Doctor, please save Xanxan! He was already like this last time, and if we hadn’t been right outside the hospital at that time, he would’ve lost his life... Please!”

Her intentions were very simple, the doctor didn’t even ask about the condition and took out the needle to treat Xanxan which meant that he really had a great ability; otherwise, he should be asking about his conditions at least. Furthermore, she had heard that those doctors who used acupuncture were usually very abled since ordinary doctors didn’t know how to use it.

Ye Mo waved his hand and said, “Get up, I’ll look at your child for you, but you’re affecting my treatment by kneeling there.”

Hearing Ye Mo’s words, the woman quickly got up. The man who was pushed aside by the woman saw the child’s face go from white to purple and immediately realized that the child was in danger; however, the ambulance still hadn’t arrived yet, so he didn’t speak anymore. That older woman stared at the child soullessly and probably didn’t even know what to say anymore.

Ye Mo, however, quickly pierced the needle into the child’s body, he didn’t even need to take the child’s clothes off. These people didn’t understand acupuncture, so they didn’t know that usually, the clothes needed to be taken off; however, Yu Erhu understood it a bit, but in his opinion, Ye Mo was already capable, so it didn’t matter to him if the clothes weren’t taken off.

Of course, Ye Mo didn’t use traditional acupuncture, he was using the needles as a bridge to pass his Chi into the child’s body and gradually eased the damaged arteries. This wasn’t a complete treatment; otherwise, he would have to repair the arteries.

Ye Mo wouldn’t dare to treat it now, whether he were able to or not. If such a troublesome condition was treated by his small clinic, he would no longer be able to keep a low profile like he wanted to; however, if he eased the condition, that would still be reasonable, so he shouldn’t attract too much attention.

In order to completely treat this condition, Ye Mo had to first reach the 3rd stage, then use many other herbs.

As Ye Mo used his chi, the dead arteries in the child’s body were gradually recovering their functions, the purple on his skin was continuously fading and, after ten minutes, the child’s face returned to normal.

Even those who didn’t understand medicine could tell that the child was getting better. The man and woman were overwhelmed with joy and came up to grab the child’s hand. Meanwhile, Ye Mo was left to the side.

At this moment, the siren of the ambulance could be heard.

Finally, the couple remembered that their child was saved by Ye Mo and hurried over to thank him.

Ye Mo waved his hand: “The ambulance is here, take your child to the hospital.”

Despite knowing that the hospital couldn’t cure this disease completely, it would be good to get a check up. The couple didn’t dare to waste time and took the child into the ambulance. They didn’t even have time to pay the fees...

Chi Wanqing and Ning Qingxue who were in Flowing Snake had understood now that both of them didn’t know where Ye Mo went. From Ning Qingxue’s mouth, Chi Wanqing understood that Ye Mo had offended the Song Family which shocked her quite a bit. Although her grandpa was a soldier and so was her father, compared to the Song Family, they were far off.

“Wanqing, what do you mean Ye Mo could have possibly gone to the desert?” hearing Chi Wanqing’s words, Ning Qingxue had completely believed that Ye Mo wasn’t an ordinary person, even though she didn’t understand why Ye Mo was pretending to be a normal person and was even kicked out of the Ye family.

“I feel that he is definitely going there. I was by his side at the time when he found that ragged goatskin map, and I helped him interpret the Tibetan words on it; his expression at the time was very joyful. My guess is that he is probably looking for something there,” Chi Wanqing said with certainty.

Ning Qingxue believed Chi Wanqing’s words. Ye Mo’s actions were weird, regardless whether it was not sleeping at night but sitting under a tree, or sleeping on the stone floor, this wasn’t something that could be explained normally. She was so heavily injured at the time, if Ye Mo really cured her, it couldn’t be explained with simply some capabilities.

She knew that she had an aunt who practiced the Ancient Martial Arts; however, she had never seen her since, from what her mother had said, it was very hard for her aunt to come out. Ancient Martial Arts were something very mysterious, many people hadn’t even heard of it. Was Ye Mo also a cultivator of Ancient Martial Arts? But even if he did, he shouldn’t be able to treat such serious wounds.

The more Ning Qingxue thought about it, the more she was confused, so she could only stop thinking and looked at Chi Wanqing: “Do you still have that map?”

Chi Wanqing took out from her bag a map that she had drawn later and passed it to Ning Qingxue: “I drew it afterward, but it’s the exact same as the other one.”

Ning Qingxue took the map, it was very simple and just marked a few places of the Taklimakan Desert. There were also some lines with a few labels next to it that were obviously not on the borders of the desert, but at the very depth.

Ning Qingxue had also heard of the Taklimakan Desert, the sea of death in the fables, but she didn’t understand what Ye Mo was looking for over there.

After staring at the map for a long time, Ning Qingxue said, “Can you give one to me?”

However, Chi Wanqing said, “I remember the map very clearly so you can take it if you want.” Suddenly, Chi Wanqing thought of something as she looked at Ning Qingxue and asked, “You’re not thinking of looking for him there are you?”