Strongest Abandoned Son - Chapter 98: Last News

Chapter 98: Last News

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Ning Qingxue nodded, “Sometimes, ideas just pop out just like how I came to Flowing Snake this time. I know it is dangerous here, but I always fantasize that I can meet Ye Mo and won’t be in any trouble. If it had been before, I definitely wouldn’t have done such a thing, but now, I can’t help myself. I don’t know if I miss him, I can’t... articulate that feeling.”

Hearing Ning Qingxue’s word, Chi Wanqing asked more curiously, “Qingxue, didn’t you fake the marriage with Brother Ye? You only wanted Brother Ye to block… and then divorce?” From Chi Wanqing’s perspective, it was already very strange for Ning Qingxue to come look for Ye Mo in Flowing Snake, but now, she wanted to go to the desert. Did she not use Brother Ye as a shield? From the looks of it, why does she seemed to have fallen in love with Brother Ye?

Ning Qingxue shook her head bitterly remaining silent for a while before saying, “I don’t know why; it’s just a feeling. Now, I thought I could hear about him from other people, but if there is no longer information about him, perhaps I will never see him again in this big world. I thought Flowing Snake was the last place I could found information about him, but I didn’t think I could learn from you that he could have gone to the desert. If I just really lose my lead on him like this, I will regret many years later.”

Then, Ning Qingxue hesitated for a moment before continuing, “You don’t understand me, if it were a few months ago, I would definitely not come to a place like Flowing Snake, much less the desert. Sometimes, you wouldn’t even notice yourself changing. When you understand, you will discover that some people you are fated to not forget.

“Indeed, I used him as a shield before, but when I understood who he was, he had already left without leaving me any opportunity to apologize. Sorry, Wanqing, the reason I said those words to you was because he must treat you differently. Otherwise, he wouldn’t tell you about the fake marriage. Sometimes, I really admire you, he would definitely not talk to me about this, yet he had told you…”

Chi Wanqing looked at Ning Qingxue’s expression and suddenly felt sympathy for her. She should be like herself, but a bit different. When Ning Qingxue had discovered Brother Ye’s excellence, Brother Ye had already left her. Meanwhile, she was different, she had discovered his excellence when she was in contact with him. From his tone last time, he didn’t seem to have the intentions of marrying her.

No intentions of marrying Qingxue? Chi Wanqing blushed and thought of herself, but she immediately shook her head. She had the same intentions as Ning Qingxue. If she didn’t come to find Ye Mo, he would never go look for her. So this meant that Ye Mo had the same attitude toward her that he had with Ning Qingxue; they weren’t in his heart. “Does he have someone he loves?”

Chi Wanqing suddenly wanted to see what sort of person Ye Mo was in love with. Even excellent girls such as her and Ning Qingxue weren’t in his eyes, so what sort of person would he like?

Chi Wanqing suddenly stopped herself from thinking and raised her head to look at Ning Qingxue: “Qingxue, it’s too dangerous for you to go to the desert alone. And Taklimakan is the sea of death, it is countless times more dangerous than Flowing Snake. Perhaps in Flowing Snake, you could still meet Fang Nan, but in the Taklimakan, other than sandstorm, you get the scorching sun; it’s pretty much certain death there.”

Ning Qingxue shook her head: “I know how dangerous it is, but did you know that not long ago I was someone who was mortally wounded? I’ve already experienced death once; I just want to ask him if I am really that bad and if it is so hard to just see me once. If he wants me to stop bothering him again, I will leave immediately. He gave me my life, it’s nothing if I give it back…”

Ning Qingxue’s tone seemed to get melancholic, and she couldn’t continue talking anymore.

Chi Wanqing looked at Ning Qingxue with sympathy and sighed before saying, “Qingxue are you being reckless for Brother Ye? He won’t be able to see it. Why would Brother Ye want your life? My life was also saved by him, am I going to give it back? And, perhaps it’s not that he doesn’t want to see you, but that he really is busy. Maybe, he doesn’t even know that you want to see him…”

However, Ning Qingxue didn’t talk, she was determined. Reckless or not, she couldn’t calm down unless she could see Ye Mo once. Moreover, she felt that she was right, perhaps this was the last news of Ye Mo and may never get to see him again if she missed this time.

Even if it meant waiting on the rim of the desert, she would still wait.

Seeing that Ning Qingxue didn’t talk, Chi Wanqing knew that Ning Qingxue was really determined to do so.

She suddenly thought about Ning Qingxue’s words. This was perhaps the last news of Ye Mo, if he left the desert, then who would know where he would go next? The world was so big, who could find him?

Thinking about this, Chi Wanqing suddenly said, “Qingxue, how about I’ll come with you. I have more experience in the desert, and I’ve stayed in the military for a few years.”

“You’re also going to the desert?” when Ning Qingxue heard that Chi Wanqing came looking for Ye Mo, she understood that Chi Wanqing must have felt something for Ye Mo, but she didn’t expect her to also want to go into the desert.

Chi Wanqing nodded her head firmly and said, “But before we go, we need to go to Luo Cang first; I have a company there. We need to prepare. Going to the desert isn’t like going to other places, we need to carry all the tools and medications with us.”

Fang Nan watched as the two girls left before feeling relieved. It made his heart quiver that these two girls came to Flowing Snake. If something had happened… But although they had left, the things weren’t done yet. Because Fang Nan offended Shi Wei, he had to give Amphibious Gang an explanation; otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to stay here anymore. Fang Nan knew exactly how powerful the Amphibious Gang was.

Amphibious Gang was under Nan Qing. A real-estate business ten years ago near High Point didn’t take them seriously, and in the end, Nan Qing didn’t even accept their apology and compensation; they were annihilated by them in one night. Every gang at the border knew about this so for the people from the Amphibious Gang, the gang leaders at the border usually had a good attitude towards them.

Now that Fang Nan offended Shi Wei, although he was just a messenger for them, he was still someone of the Amphibious Gang. If they reproach him for it, he must be prepared to pay the price.

And if they didn’t accept his compensation, he still needed to prepare himself for war. However, Fang Nan knew that for something as small as this, the Amphibious Gang would be fine with accepting compensation. At most, it would make his heart ache a little. They shouldn’t try to annihilate him.

The things he had now were given by Ye Mo, if it hadn’t been for Ye Mo, there was no way he would be able to take back Flowing Snake from the Philippines and Vietnam Gang. Plus, he was very respectful toward Ye Mo and felt that he wasn’t an ordinary person. So he didn’t regret that he had offended Shi Wei for these two girls.

Compared to Fang Nan’s trouble and the two girl’s search, Ye Mo’s clinic had received quite the notoriety, at least within the nearby region.

The second day he saved Xanxan, the child’s parents came to Ye Mo’s clinic to thank him.

They also took out 10 thousand dollars as gratitude.

Ye Mo didn’t take the money; instead, he actually gave 30 thousand to the children’s parents. The reason was simple, he wanted this family to help him get all the relevant documents.

The child’s dad was called Zhang Po. He worked at the taxation office at Luo Cang and was a native, so it should be easy for him to do such things. As Ye Mo felt like he shouldn’t show his face if he could, he had let Yu Erhu follow Zhang Po to make the certificates and clinic registration.

Many things could be sorted with money, as for whether Yu Erhu really had the skills or not, no one cared.

With the fervent help of the couple, Ye Mo’s clinic had a great reputation despite being open for only ten days or so. This was all due to their promotional ability.

This clinic was called Hui Chun Clinic after all the documents were made. Ye Mo pretty much didn’t manage anything and just sat in the yard preparing the soil so he could plant the Silver Heart Grass. He left the clinic entirely in the hand of Yu Erhu.

Luckily, Yu Erhu had experience in medicine, and with Ye Mo’s frequent tutelage, the small diseases that the patients had were cured easily.

Ye Mo gave 20 thousand dollars of the remaining 40 to Yu Erhu for him to buy some herbs and kept the last 20 to prepare the tools needed for the desert.

The small clinic didn’t even earn money, but Ye Mo didn’t care. His purpose was to grow the Silver Heart Grass, everything else didn’t have priority. If he could earn money that would be good but if he couldn’t, it didn’t matter.

The herbs Yu Erhu bought were cooked into soup or pills by Ye Mo and put into jars, and then told Erhu their functions. About medical skills, Ye Mo never kept anything to himself, so if there was anything he could teach, he would teach it to Erhu. He even taught him a set of fist technique and breathing technique.

Although Yu Erhu was quite innocent, he was very smart and learned it quickly.