Strongest Abandoned Son - Chapter 99: Luo Susu

Chapter 99: Luo Susu

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Although Ye Mo had tried to reject the troublesome conditions, their clinic was still gradually rising in fame. Of course, it was due to the propaganda of the surrounding citizens, but it was mainly due to the discovery that many people only needed to come here once and their diseases were cured which was different than going to the hospital. If you went to the hospital, you might need to go several days in a row.

However, the only bad thing about Hui Chun was that its prices were a bit high. Normally, if a child went to the hospital, it would only be some over the counter medicine or needles, and the expenditure was around 100 dollars; however, the same disease at Hui Chun would cost 200. Nevertheless, since it was Chinese medicine, only one take of the medicine was needed which was different to the one-week recovery by the hospital.

Many people still liked coming to this fast, effective clinic. Another saying was that Chinese medicine was neutral and more pleasant to the body than Western medicine.

Originally, their business barely had any profit, sometimes there were even losses. But because of their astounding results, they became very popular. Luckily not much people lived here; otherwise, the clinic really wouldn’t have enough people to treat every patient.

Ye Mo had pretty much planted the Silver Heart Grass and barricaded it as he was prepared to go to the desert; however, he realized that his business was getting better and frowned.

Ye Mo’s idea was that it would be fine as long as the business could make some money, it didn’t need to be too good. He understood the logic of keeping a low profile.

However, Ye Mo wouldn’t take the money and not cure the patients. This wasn’t his character.

After thinking for a long while, Ye Mo could only tell Yu Erhu that the herbs were limited, and he could only see a limited amount of patients each day. The others would have to wait until the next day.

However, Ye Mo hadn’t learned about marketing. He didn’t know that after he had made this rule, his business grew more popular instead.

Ye Mo didn’t have time to stay every day in the clinic and treat patients. Thus, he had no choice but to teach the basic means and recipes of some medicine to Yu Erhu. At the same time, he hired a girl to help and only then did he get free time.

When Chi Wanqing and Ning Qingxue came to Luo Cang, Ye Mo hadn’t left yet. Sometimes, one looked very hard but didn’t even realize that it was just right beside him.

Ning Qingxue and Chi Wanqing spent almost two weeks to prepare while Ye Mo was still cultivating his Silver Heart Grass in the yard. When the two had already left Luo Cang and went to the desert, Ye Mo was still preparing for food and equipment.

Although she knew that Chi Wanqing hadn’t contacted her own family for a long time due to the incident with the marriage, Chi Wanqing’s cousin could no longer remain calm after hearing that they were preparing to explore the desert. In the military, they had connections and people would look after each other, but the desert was merciless, and Chi Wanqing was going to the Taklimakan.

It was dubbed the sea of death, and its ethnic name meant “Place where one could go in, but not go out”. So Chi Wanqing’s cousin started to wonder if the two girls were crazy, and why they would go to the Taklimakan for an adventure.

So as soon as Chi Wanqing left with Ning Qingxue, she called Chi Wanqing’s mother, Tang Qianping.

Yu state.

Ning Qingxue’s mother was talking to a girl in her 20s. What was intriguing was that the girl had a face cover and wore a pale yellow dress; however, her dress wasn’t the same style as the modern day style of young people, it seemed like a dress of an old era.

This girl had long, black hair that was casually held up by a water-blue clip, and a few loose strands of hair beside her ears gave her an out of the world sense.

“Susu, this time, Qingxue was mortally wounded, and we had thought that she would die, but we didn’t expect that she would suddenly be cured in a single night; otherwise, I wouldn’t have called you out. I know how hard it is for you to come out even once, sigh...” Lan Yu regretted calling this woman out now because she knew it was hard for her to leave so she couldn’t bother her with trivial things.

This time, her daughter was heavily wounded, and thus, Lan Yu thought about it before calling her out; however, she hadn’t expected her daughter to be suddenly cured. She really would’ve had nothing to do if she still looked for trouble with the Song Family when her daughter was perfectly fine.

“It doesn’t matter, Sister Yu, if it hadn’t been for you before, I wouldn’t even be here anymore. Although I went to the Hidden Doors, I still remember Sister Yu’s goodwill so I would be able to come out a few more times for you, much less this once. Besides, something happened to Qingxue, so it is my duty to come and help her. As for that Song Family, I will go have a look.” The girl who had a face mask on had the voice of a charming bird, yet sounded spiritual.

Just when Lan Yu wanted to stop Luo Susu from going to the Song Family, Li Mumei suddenly ran in and said, “Aunty Yu, Qingxue went to the Taklimakan Desert! When I called her, she had already arrived. I tried to convince her, but she said that she knew what she was doing and then actually shut her phone.”

Lan Yu suddenly stood up and spoke coarsely, “What? You said that Qingxue went to the Taklimakan Desert? What is she doing there?”

“She said that she was going on an adventure with her friend. When I asked who she was going with, she only said that it was another girl. Two girls going to the Taklimakan, this...”

Even Li Mumei didn’t know what to say about Ning Qingxue.

“Taklimakan, many people have been lost there. Qingxue, this child, why can’t she let me worry less? She was very good when she was in Beijing, but why did she change so much ever since coming to Ning Hai? Sigh...” Lan Yu suddenly sunk back into her seat speechless.

Hearing Lan Yu’s words, Li Mumei deeply felt the same. The original Qingxue not only had her own opinion but would never be impulsive for something. In the company, she organized everything, and she would cooperate very closely. But ever since she married Ye Mo, she changed too much, and now, even Mumei could no longer understand Ning Qingxue and didn’t dare to guess what Ning Qingxue was thinking in her heart.

Now, she was really naïve sometimes. This was greatly discordant with the original Ning Qingxue. Who would block a stick with their own body for a small blade of grass? Previously, she wouldn’t have believed that Ning Qingxue would live alone at a far off house by herself, or go to the desert no matter what.

Had she fallen in love? They all say girls who were in love became foolish. The things they do are incomprehensible. However, Li Mumei didn’t believe that Ning Qingxue would fall in love with someone either.

Li Mumei still didn’t know that Ning Qingxue went to Flowing Snake. If she did, she would have perhaps gone mad.

“Sister Yu, don’t worry, I’ll bring her back from there,” Luo Susu suddenly stood up speaking in a very soft tone.

“How can that work, Susu? Taklimakan is the sea of death! You can’t go! It doesn’t matter how strong you are, the dangers of nature aren’t something a person could defend against. I’ll tell her dad and get professionals to bring her out,” Lan Yu immediately rejected Luo Susu’s proposal.

“Don’t worry Sister Yu, trust me, I can find her and bring her back. I’m going there,” Luo Susu’s tone was full of confidence.

Just when Lan Yu wanted to respond, Luo Susu was already gone.

Lan Yu looked at Luo Susu’s back and eventually didn’t say anything; she knew Susu.

She would rarely talk, but when she did, she would do it.

“Aunt Yu, is she Aunt Susu?” Li Mumei had always heard about this aunt but had never seen her before.

Lan Yu nodded. Luo Susu was a little girl that she had picked from the side of the road when she had just married and had gone to the temple to pray. Furthermore, because Lan Yu wasn’t pregnant at the time, she had raised Luo Susu like her own sister; however, when she was just 5 years old, a friend of her father in law saw her and said that she had the root of wisdom and could enter the Hidden Doors. Then, they took Luo Susu away.

Luo Susu didn’t like to talk much since she was young and grew to be extraordinarily pretty. Although Lan Yu didn’t want her to go there, her father-in-law said the opportunity was extremely rare. Besides, Qingxue was already 2 at the time, so she listened to the words of her father-in-law.

Unfortunately, not long after Luo Susu was gone, her father-in-law had died, and they’ve been disconnected from her since.

It wasn’t until 12 years later that she came back and told Lan Yu the way to contact her, and if they ever had any troubles, they could go to her. Weirdly enough, the last time, she was wearing a mask too.

Lan Yu also asked if Luo Susu could visit often, but she said that it wasn’t easy.

Although it was just one simple sentence, Lan Yu knew that it would be hard, so unless they had to, she wouldn’t prefer to ask Luo Susu for help.

This time, it was because of Ning Qingxue that she thought about finding Luo Susu. It was customary for the boys to take the father’s surname and the girl to take the mother’s surname, so she gave Luo Susu her mother’s surname, Luo.

Luo Susu had a thick white scarf around her neck showing only two eyes. People almost couldn’t see her covered face, but her unique dress and astounding posture still attracted a lot of attention.

There wasn’t a direct plane to the Taklimakan Desert, so Luo Susu took the plane to Wulumuqi and then changed there.

At the airport of Kuerlei, not long after getting off, Ning Qingxue and Chi Wanqing were stopped.

Ning Qingxue subconsciously took a few steps back, the experience at Flowing Snake gave her a deep impression.

“Dad!” Chi Wanqing looked at the man who stopped her and called out. She hadn’t seen her father for a few years, and this sudden meeting took her by surprise.

Chi Youjun, who was planning to be furious, suddenly had his anger dissipate when he was called “dad”. His serious face also relaxed and looked at the daughter he hadn’t seen for three years: “Wanqing, come home with dad.”