Stunning Poisonous Doctor Princess - Chapter 851

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Chapter 851 Fall out and Confront Each Other

The backyard was very quiet. Long Tianyu, knowing Qinghu’s temperament, usually did not allow others to disturb him easily.

Since Lin Mengya faked her death, Qinghu had stayed by his side to assist him.

As soon as he stepped into the backyard, a flash came at him.

Long Tianyu’s pupils contracted, but he did not try to dodge it.

A sharp long sword was pointed at his chest.

Long Tianyu raised his head and asked with a flash of coldness in his dark eyes, “What do you mean by doing this?”

He did trust Qinghu very much, but it did not mean that Qinghu could point a sword at him.

In the dark, Qinghu, dressed in a light purple robe, looked particularly aloof and gorgeous.

However, his eyes were so cold that they gave a chilling air.

“Why did you lie to her?” Qinghu asked.

Hearing his relentless question, Long Tianyu tensed up.

He reached out to push the long sword in Qinghu’s hand aside and warned Qinghu with his face turning slightly cold. “You’d better not talk nonsense in front of her.”

Long Tianyu knew him too well.

Qinghu was the only man in this world whom Long Tianyu could not prevent from getting close to Lin Mengya.

Long Tianyu knew Qinghu treated Lin Mengya sincerely, but it didn’t mean that he would allow Qinghu to thwart his plan.

“Humph, I hide it from her because I’m afraid that it will break her heart. Long Tianyu, if you dare to cheat on her, believe it or not, I will take her to a place where you can never find her. You’d better behave yourself,” Qinghu said with a warning look in his charming eyes.

Then he nimbly withdrew his long sword.

The last thing he could bear to see was Lin Mengya’s sad tears. He would not allow anyone to break her heart.

“How dare you!” Long Tianyu said.

He would not allow anyone to take her away from him, not even Qinghu!

“Then try and see if I dare. Do you think that I’m at my wits’ end with you after you took over the Four-Saints Guards and the Guardians? Do you think that I, who had been a member of the Candle Dragon Cult for decades, am just a male plaything good at flattering and pleasing my master?” Qinghu said.

This was the first time Qinghu had confronted Long Tianyu openly. They stood in sharp opposition to each other, and neither was willing to give in for even a moment.

Long Tianyu took off his hood, looking extremely serious.

It was obvious that Qinghu meant it.

“I won’t cheat on her, and you won’t have a chance to take her away,” Long Tianyu said.

He, who was tremendously proud, would not tolerate anyone’s provocation.

At the sight of his tremendously haughty look, Qinghu failed to suppress his rage.

He grabbed Long Tianyu’s collar with his big hands and growled while trying to suppress his anger, “Since you won’t cheat on her, why are you going to marry someone else? She is the most wonderful woman in the world. Since she has married you, why don’t you cherish your relationship?”

Qinghu almost lost his temper, as he considered Lin Mengya as not only his family member and friend but also the only light in his decades of life.

However, he, who had gone through untold traumas, had long been unable to be with her.

Therefore, he was willing to retreat behind her and protect her marriage in person.

But he would never allow anyone to break her heart.

“This is something between her and me. You don’t have to worry about it,” Long Tianyu said with a frown.

Then he easily pried Qinghu’s fingers open and turned to walk out of the courtyard.

Wasn’t he, who had to marry someone else and was about to part with Lin Mengya again, distressed?

However, he had to do that.

He believed that someone as broad-minded as Lin Mengya would not care about it.

How could a person, who intended to achieve great things, stick to such trifles?

“I will stay here to guard her and get my hands off your business,” Qinghu’s cold voice came from behind.

Long Tianyu was stunned for a moment.

Hearing the faint sound of something breaking through the air, he knew that Qinghu must have left the courtyard where they stayed temporarily.

Unconsciously, he unclenched his fists and then clenched them again.

It was just as well. He would feel more at ease if Qinghu stayed here.

But why did he feel a little uneasy?

“Master, that gentleman sent someone to deliver a letter,” the respectful voice of one of his subordinates came from beside him.

Long Tianyu could only restrain his emotions and take the letter from his subordinate.

In order to bring Lin Mengya back to the Jin State as soon as possible, he had to do this.

“Miss, are you awake?” there came Baisu’s voice.

The morning arrived as usual. Lin Mengya, who had opened her eyes wide and shed tears silently all night, only felt dizzy and uncomfortable.

“Is it Baisu? Come in,” she asked in an unexpectedly hoarse and particularly nasal voice.

Baisu walked into the inner room with a bronze washbowl filled with clear water. At the sight of Lin Mengya who was lying on the bed behind layers of curtains, she felt distressed.

She began to regret telling Lin Mengya about this in a moment of desperation.

“Are you alright, Miss?” she asked, eager to check on Lin Mengya’s condition.

But as soon as she lifted the curtain, she heard Lin Mengya’s slightly tired voice come from inside. “I didn’t sleep well last night, so I want to have a rest today. If there’s nothing important, you may leave now.”

From her obviously nasal voice, Baisu could certainly tell that she must have cried.

Biting her thin lip, Baisu was aware that she could not help Lin Mengya handle her relationship with Long Tianyu.

However, she felt sorry for Lin Mengya and worried about her.

“Miss, don’t be too sad if His Highness really cheats on you. No matter what decision you make, no matter where you go, I will follow you. Please don’t let it out on yourself,” Baisu knelt outside the curtain and said.

She had never expected that Lin Mengya, who had always been tough, would become like this after learning the news.

She wished that she had never heard the news back then.

If it were not for her hearing it, Lin Mengya wouldn’t have learned it and been heart-broken.

“It’s not your fault. On the contrary, I’m afraid that I’m still in the dark if you didn’t tell me about it. In that case, how should I face up to the fact after learning it one day? Baisu, don’t you think I’m too narrow-minded? I’m keenly aware that I won’t be his only wife forever, but I still indulge myself in my illusion. Perhaps I should learn from Madame Jingrou. Once I get used to it, maybe I won’t feel so sad,” Lin Mengya said in a hoarse voice with a hint of despair.

All of a sudden, Baisu felt a hint of fear, afraid that Lin Mengya, who had a strong character, would do something stupid.

“Miss, His Highness won’t do that. He must have his difficulties. Miss, please don’t believe it!” Baisu, scared out of her wits by Lin Mengya’s attitude, said.

Although she had not worked for Lin Mengya for a long time, she knew that Lin Mengya looked gentle but had a strong heart.

She had never heard Lin Mengya say such frustrating words.

“Maybe. I’ve thought a lot last night. I shouldn’t deny our relationship, because it’s a disrespect to both of us. So, I must figure out the truth even at the cost of having my heart broken again,” Lin Mengya said.

She seemed to have made up her mind, showing a look of determination in her eyes that turned red and swollen after she cried silently all night.

She could not break up with him for nothing.

She would not easily do such a silly thing that would torture her for the rest of her life.

She, Lin Mengya, treated every major issue around the world as just a game, not to mention a man.

She, who was proud, would not compromise out of consideration for a relationship like Madame Jingrou who finally got what she wanted but had had a hard time over the years.

She was who she was, one of a kind and extremely proud.

She wanted both of them to be frank in their relationship and demanded a clear explanation if she decided to break up with him.

She would avoid any misunderstanding and spoiling her sincere love!

This was her way of handling a relationship as well as her principle of conducting herself.

“Miss, do you mean that you want to go to ask His Highness about it right away?” Baisu asked.

As long as Lin Mengya could cheer up, she was willing to do anything.

Lying on the bed, Lin Mengya said after pondering for a while, “That’s unnecessary. I asked him last night, but he didn’t answer me, which means he didn’t want me to learn it. Isn’t the wedding going to be held in two months? We’ll arrive there that very day, and I’ll personally see him marry another woman.”

Lin Mengya was keenly aware that it was a cruel thing to her, but she still made up her mind.

It would take her at least one and a half months to go to the Capital City of the Jin State from the Capital City of the Lieyun Empire no matter how fast she traveled.

Nevertheless, Long Tianyu and his entourage were setting off a few days later, so he would not arrive at the Capital City of the Jin State ahead of her.

“But, won’t it be a little disagreeable to the Ninth Prince ?” Baisu asked.

Since she was aware of the Ninth Prince’s obsession with Lin Mengya, she had been worried that the Ninth Prince would make trouble and annoy Lin Mengya.

Fortunately, the Ninth Prince had gone to attend the meeting of venomous insects and was at his wits’ end with Lin Mengya.

But once they left, she had no idea when they would come back.

Would the Ninth Prince let them go easily?

“It doesn’t matter. I’ve planned it out. Send a message to Xiaoyu, telling him to go straight to the Pool of Various Venomous Insects instead of the imperial palace after the Meeting of Venomous Insects ends. I’ll make some preparations so that he can take advantage of the complete victory he won in the Meeting of Venomous Insects to get the throne in one fell swoop,” Lin Mengya said.

That night, Lin Mengya’s mind was filled with a myriad of thoughts.

Xiaoyu’s problem seemed to be tricky, but it had been almost solved.

The news sent from the Meeting of Venomous Insects said that no one other than the Eldest Prince was able to compete with Xiaoyu in the Meeting of Venomous Insects.

The moment Xiaoyu sent out his heart venomous insect, it astonished everyone present.

Moreover, with her poisonous blood she gave him, he was probably able to defeat all his opponents.

The biggest winner in this competition was none other than Xiaoyu.

Now that he’d become a popular candidate, those people with ulterior motives would certainly think of some ways to get rid of him, a thorn in their side.

If they only kept Xiaoyu in the imperial palace and protected him, all their efforts would go to waste.

The best solution now was to let Xiaoyu stay in the Pool of Various Venomous Insects where even Xin Li could not get in easily.

If Xiaoyu practiced there, it would not only greatly enhance his ability and reputation, but also prevent those who intended to harm him from doing so.

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