Stunning Poisonous Doctor Princess - Chapter 852

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Chapter 852 Get Their Relationship Wrong

Moreover, although Xin Luan didn’t make his position clear, Lin Mengya was entirely sure that he would help Xiaoyu.

And with the help of the Divine Witch, as long as Xiaoyu could come back safely from the Pool of Various Venomous Insects, Wanyan Jing could not compare with Xiaoyu in reputation at all.

Since Xiaoyu was about to have a good enough reputation, she would help him expand his force little by little.

“Okay, I’ll go right away. But the Ninth Prince won’t be able to get into the Pool of Various Venomous Insects without the Xin family’s permission. Miss, do you have any good idea?” Baisu asked.

She had never doubted Lin Mengya’s words. Moreover, the Ninth Prince, who suddenly stood out and was in the limelight, did need to accumulate his strength in a suitable place so that the tension among forces could be eased.

“We don’t need that. With the backing of Xin Luan and Madame Jingrou, none of the Xin family dares to stop him. Has Xin Li ever shown up?” Lin Mengya said.

Given Xin Luan’s and Madame Jingrou’s statuses in the Xin family, none of the Xin family dared to stop Xiaoyu.

Besides, she would secretly ask Xin Yu to help her to make sure nothing would go wrong.

Baisu pondered for a moment and said with a hint of relief in her eyes, “I don’t know if Xin Yu made any mistake. No one has received any news from him these days. But I’m afraid that he, who harbors wild ambitions, won’t let young master in easily.”

Lin Mengya had expected Baisu’s concern.

To be honest, there were only a few people who could make her feel threatened. Xin Li was the first person who made her feel like a mouse whose life was at his mercy.

Although she felt less threatened by him as she enhanced her ability, her sense told her that Xin Li was definitely not someone to be underestimated.

“Well, I’ll think of a way to solve this problem. Send a message to Xiaoyu now. I’m going to meet Madame,” she said.

Baisu nodded and left obediently.

Sitting up from her bed, Lin Mengya casually put on clothes. Looking at her haggard face and red and swollen eyes in the mirror, she sighed heavily.

It was said that love could be torture.

She didn’t believe it before, thinking that two people in love with each other could be together and if they no longer loved each other, they could break up freely.

She didn’t expect that she would doubt and deny her relationship with Long Tianyu and shed tears sadly one day.

Sitting in front of the makeup mirror, Lin Mengya, who rarely put on makeup, opened a box of delicate Furong powder.

She was going to meet Madame Jingrou. If she went there with this look, it would frighten others terribly.

She put on some powder and applied a hint of blush to her cheeks.

After that, she found her face in the mirror barely acceptable.

Lin Mengya looked at herself in the mirror, while her mind was in a great turmoil.

In fact, she had another plan during her trip to the Jin State this time.

If she proved that Long Tianyu really cheated on her, she would take away everything that belonged to her, including Baiji, Baishao and the others and all things of the Lin family.

She would have them transported away in secret so as to put an end to their relationship.

It was not because she was heartless, but because she disliked being hesitant in a relationship.

She felt a little sorrow. A few days ago, they had enjoyed the night view on the mountain behind the imperial palace, having a cozy and sweet time.

But why did things change completely overnight?

Nevertheless, Lin Mengya had figured out one thing: she did not regret learning this, as she could not tolerate deception and secrets in a relationship.

She got out of the Fengyu Court and tried her best to act as usual.

But it was impossible for a sad person to cheer up in a short time.

She, who usually wore a modest and cordial smile, today looked a little gloomy.

With her mind wandering, she didn’t hear the whispers of the palace servants around her.

Lin Mengya tidied herself up outside the resting palace of the Emperor before stepping in.

At the sight of Lin Mengya, the eunuch guarding outside, whose eyes lit up, immediately came up to greet her with a fawning smile, “Hello, Miss. Are you here to meet Madame?”

She was a little surprised by the eunuch’s smile.

Although these servants working for the Emperor were usually polite to her, they would not necessarily try to be friendly with her.

What was going on now?

She hesitated for a moment before gently nodding her head and replying, “Please inform Madame that I’m here.”

The eunuch gave a bigger smile, which made him have more wrinkles on his young face than an old man in his seventies or eighties.

“You happen to come while Madame is waiting for you. Come on in,” the eunuch said.

Madame Jingrou was waiting for her?

With a slightly hesitant look, Lin Mengya followed the eunuch into the Emperor’s resting palace with ease.

The inner hall of the Emperor’s resting palace was as quiet and secluded as before.

At this time of the day, the Emperor handled state affairs in the front hall.

The palace servants, who had something to report to Madame Jingrou, would usually come at this time.

As soon as Lin Mengya entered the inner hall, Ningqiu, who had sharp eyes, saw her.

“Madame, Miss Helan is here.” After reporting Lin Mengya’s arrival in a soft voice, Ningqiu moved softly to Lin Mengya with a deferential smile on her pretty face.

“Does Madame have any special instructions?” Lin Mengya asked.

What was wrong with them today?

She entered the inner hall, finding no one other than Ningqiu, Madame Jingrou and a few trusted palace maids here.

“Madame, who dotes on you, is not going to give you instructions. Sister Helan, you must buy us drinks,” Ningqiu covered her mouth and said with a giggle, which confused Lin Mengya even more.

Lin Mengya took a few steps to come up to Madame Jingrou, bowed and paid respects to her as usual.

But today Madame Jingrou also looked at her smilingly.

Lin Mengya found the smile on her delicate face inexplicably cordial.

Madame Jingrou had always been nice to her, but this smile seemed to be a little overly cordial.

What was wrong with them?

“Well, others may leave now. I want to have a private conversation with Helan,” Madame Jingrou said.

“Okay,” the few palace maids left in the inner hall replied and left one after another.

Madame Jingrou waved as a hint for Lin Mengya to stand in front of her.

Then she said, “Lass, I know I should have asked you for your opinion. But His Majesty and I both think that a talented guy and a beautiful lady like Yu’er and you can make a perfect match. You two have known each other for long and have a close relationship. Now that Xiaoyu personally asked me to consent to your marriage, I think it’s time for you two to get engaged.”


Lin Mengya gaped at Madame Jingrou. How could she and Xiaoyu make a perfect match? Why should they get engaged?

“Madame, I think you got something wrong. The relationship between Xiaoyu and I are not what you think.” She tried hard to explain.

Although she and Xiaoyu were very close to each other, they were just sister and brother.

What was more, she had explained this to Madame Jingrou before.

Why did even Madame Jingrou say so?

“You don’t have to be shy now, lass. Yu’er has told us that you are here for him. Besides, His Majesty and I have seen how much you cared about Yu’er these days. Don’t worry. Although your identity is a little special, you are very likely to be Yu’er’s legal wife,”

That was wrong! All of them got it wrong!

Lin Mengya intended to explain her relationship with Xiaoyu, but she didn’t know where to start when her words were on the tip of her tongue.

Madame Jingrou seemed to be very satisfied with their marriage.

Lin Mengya, staying in the imperial palace, thought she should handle this in a measured way.

Rolling her eyes, she put on a look of embarrassment and said, “Madame, I think we can take it slow. The Ninth Prince is still young, and the situation hasn’t settled yet. If he gets married abruptly, some people, who adopt a watch-wait attitude, will think there is no profit to be made. Moreover, I met those Misses from aristocratic families a few days ago. Although all of them are outstanding, we should talk about the Ninth Prince’s marriage later. If the Ninth Prince’s marriage hurts the feelings of some of them, we will have to give away the opportunity to others princes, won’t we?”

Consoled by Lin Mengya in a soft voice, Madame Jingrou recovered a bit of her sanity.

In the past few days, her son had sent her a letter almost every day to beg her to consent to his marriage with Helan, and she, as his mother, could feel his sincere affection between the lines and was moved by it.

She was so preoccupied with how to bring them together that she forgot other things.

She said, “You’re ingenious and generous. I can put my mind at ease if you become the Empress in the future. But you’re right. You’ll be Xiaoyu’s legal wife, but we can’t offend those Misses from aristocratic families easily.”

Seeing that Madame Jingrou was swayed by her, Lin Mengya decided to try hard.

With her brain working at a rapid rate, she tried to figure out how to persuade Madame Jingrou to drop her idea.

“Exactly. Madame, why not keep it secret for the time being and talk about it after the overall situation settles? In fact, Madame, I come here at this time for Xiaoyu’s entering the Pool of Various Venomous Insects. I think this is the best time for him to do that.” Lin Mengya fanned the flame.

Madame Jingrou knitted her slender eyebrows slightly.

Then she nodded after thinking for a moment.

Lin Mengya breathed a sigh of relief. She had not made a conclusion about her relationship with Long Tianyu.

Furthermore, she had always treated Xiaoyu as her younger brother.

“You’re right. It’s the best time for Xiaoyu to go there. The Pool of Various Venomous Insects is tremendously dangerous. In addition to various venomous insects, there’s a royal venomous insect. If Xiaoyu succeeds in taming it, he is sure to win. Unfortunately, even someone as talented as Xin Li could only tame one subsidiary venomous insect back then. It’s by no means easy to tame the royal venomous insect,” Madame Jingrou said in trouble.

Obviously, as the previous selected witch, she knew best how dangerous it was.

Lin Mengya was aware that the so-called royal venomous insect controlled the fate of most people in the Lieyun Empire.

Meanwhile, she was also keenly aware that one of the principal reasons why the Lieyun Empire had the weakest national power among these countries and was extremely exclusive was that the fate of most people was controlled by the royal venomous insect.

But as her uncle said, once the mystery of the paradise city was solved, it might turn around the situation where they had to accept the fate over the past centuries.

The Emperor chose Madame Jingrou probably because he was keenly aware of the danger of having to submit to the fate controlled by the royal venomous insect.

If the situation couldn’t be turned around, either a riot would break out in the Lieyun Empire, or this mysterious country would eventually go to a dead end due to its seclusion.

She did not want to see either of the above results.

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