Super Gene Optimization Fluid - Chapter 627 - News About Radix

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Chapter 627: News About Radix

The coordinates log method used by the Law Realm and the Alliance were both different, but this 100 series Precision Edition spatial compass made by the Fig Corporation was able to convert both coordinates, so Xia Fei’s coordinates for the Alliance had all changed to the standard coordinates used by the Law Realm.

The display showed that it was done doing the conversion, and the spatial compass system was on standby. Xia Fei lightly pushed a button and opened a channel, creating a direct path from the Demon territory to the Hidden Realm!

Xia Fei calmly went into it, and in just a minute, he arrived at the headquarters of the robot army, Metal City!

“Sure enough, the usefulness of the spatial compass can’t be overstated; it’s simply too convenient!” Phantom could not help but praise.

Xia Fei nodded. “Indeed, this compass is truly magical. With it, distance is no longer an issue.”

The sound of machinery was loud as usual, and the robots that saw Xia Fei instantly made a path for him, constantly paying their respects toward him and their King Pod. Xia Fei’s data had long been entered into Sophia’s system, so now all the robots regarded Xia Fei as their master and Pod as their king.

On the pristine floor of the tower, Xia Fei finally saw Avril with the leaders of the mechs. Avril went diving right into Xia Fei’s arms, hugging him passionately. Meanwhile, not too far away, Dimsky, Warstar, as well as the Sentinel Goddess Sophia, watched the two of them with smiles on their faces.

Sophia appeared in a brand-new tall body, which was similar to that of a fashion model, while Dimsky’s old scholarly look appeared quite kindly at this time. Robots being able to swap out their bodies was really quite an enviable ability.

“Are you doing okay?” Avril let go of Xia Fei, feeling a little embarrassed. After all, there were plenty of robots and a ball that all had their eyes on her.

“I’m fine. What about you?” Xia Fei was not going to mention the injuries he sustained during battle, and simply asked about Avril.

“I’m good. Your friends here treat me exceptionally well. Did you know that they had actually come and fetched me with an unimaginably large fleet?! I almost had the fright of my life seeing so many warships and warriors…”

Avril’s eyebrows moved animatedly as she spoke. She was actually feeling ecstatic; after all, what woman would not wish for their husband to be even stronger? It had simply been the fact that the might Xia Fei wielded had been too abrupt that she was shocked by it.

“Hmm… Furball, you became smaller!”

Avril hugged the small ball of fur, nagging that Furball must have been picky with his food so he had become so small, using her fingers to pinch his face constantly.

Furball’s face was squeezed by her. Though this pet always had his quirks, he was actually completely helpless toward Avril, allowing her to do whatever she wanted with him. He was even tearing up when Avril stated that she would formulate a nutritious meal plan for him.

‘I don’t eat rice…’ Furball whined over and over, but it was too bad that no one could save him.

“Avril, let me first have a conversation with the others,” Xia Fei said, slightly apologetically.

“Okay, I’ll wait for you outside,” Avril said as she left the room while hugging Furball, whose eyes were brimming with tears. Pod carefully followed behind her. Though he had been crowned as the king of these robots, he lacked even the slightest consideration of how a robot of his status should act. Every day, what he thought of was how to take care of Xia Fei’s daily needs, like cooking and cleaning, fulfilling the role of a housekeeper completely.

“Just what’s going on?” the Sentinel Goddess Sophia asked.

Xia Fei said through gritted teeth, “I fell for the schemes of someone in the Law Realm, nearly losing my life in the process and barely managing to escape. I need to keep a low-profile for now, given just how powerful my enemy is, but I dare guarantee that the Alliance is already teeming with their men searching for me and Avril.”

“Who could have such power to chase you all the way from the Law Realm to the Alliance?” Warstar asked solemnly.

“I still don’t have the full picture, but I do know that they are very well hidden, most likely related to several powerful human clans in the Law of Realm,” Xia Fei said.

Warstar furrowed his brows, while Dimsky laughed. “It’s good that you made it back in one piece, then, but I am truly interested in finding out just what sort of person is this who actually included you in their schemes. Given how vigilant you are, you’re not the sort to fall easily into someone’s trap.”

Xia Fei pursed his lips. Yu Hua had exploited Xia Fei’s weakness. He was not one to trust anyone easily, but Yu Hua had disguised himself too cleverly. By taking care of Xia Fei from the moment he joined the Law Realm, he was lulled into a false sense of security, which led to him believing that Yu Hua was someone trustworthy.

“We’ll talk about everything later. How are Charlie and the others?”

“We sent out nanobots that can monitor the movements around Charlie and the others. We also sent several teams, and they are currently awaiting orders. The moment something occurs, we’ll escort all your subordinates to the Hidden Realm as soon as possible,” Warstar stated, being the one responsible for security.

Nanobots were originally developed by Xana in her retaliation toward mankind, but it had since been perfectly repurposed for this situation. Nanorobots were so small that they could only be seen with a microscope, no different from the size of bacteria, no way for anyone to conventionally discover them, making them the best candidates for reconnaissance and sleuthing.

Xia Fei nodded. “I reckon that the enemy won’t do anything to Charlie and the others. Aside from Avril, all of them should be safe.”

Dimsky chuckled. “You must have left quite the heartless image in their minds, which is why they only consider Charlie as your subordinate, thinking that you won’t care even if they get their hands on them. Avril’s different, meanwhile. Because of the incident where you previously barged into the insectoid territory for her sake and that confession of love you made live, she’s since become your only weakness.”

“Speaking of which, it was really close. Look here; this was an image transmitted by the nanobots twenty-seven minutes after we received Avril.

Dimsky switched on the screen after making this statement; Xia Fei saw two figures move like flashes of lightning as they made their way through to Avril’s bedroom, only to discover that she was not there. One of them even shattered the glass door leading out to the balcony in a fit of anger.

Xia Fei broke out in a cold sweat. This was indeed too close for comfort. Had he been slower by just thirty minutes or if the robots had acted just that much slower, the consequences would have been disastrous!


Xia Fei slammed a fist into the thick metal walls, creating a deep dent.

“Those guys are ruthless, alright!” Xia Fei seethed lividly.

The Sentinel Goddess Sophia consoled XIa Fei. “It’s a good thing that you made prior preparations, allowing us to have our troops at the ready by Avril’s side, otherwise the enemy would’ve surely succeeded. Getting angry over what has already passed won’t do you any good, either. The Hidden Realm is very safe, and you can stay here with Avril first. Better to wait for this to blow over before you come up with a plan of retaliation.”

Xia Fei nodded. He still had no idea who he was up against, and it was merely Yu Hua who had revealed his identity. There was very likely an even stronger force controlling the scene behind him, and given Xia Fei’s current strength, keeping a low profile was his best bet.

The topic turned quite heavy, so it was the good-natured Dimsky who hurriedly changed the subject. “You haven’t told us yet how you got yourself in the Hidden Realm; isn’t it a tad bit too fast? Besides, how did you find your way through the complex channel without us fetching you?”

Xia Fei pulled out his 100 series Precision Edition spatial compass made by the Fig Corporation and placed it on the table. “With this right here.”

“What is that?” the three leaders of the mechs asked in unison.

“A compass. Spatial compass. It’s a great tool that allows users to travel through space from the Law Realm.”

After explaining how the spatial compass was used once, the expression of Dimsky and the others changed immensely!

“To think that something as magical as this could exist in the universe. I have no way to describe it… It’s… too mind-blowing!” Dimsky excitedly declared.

Examining the insides of the compass with probing detection technology, Dimsky’s expression became vexed. “It’s too complicated! It’s as if an entire universe has been placed into this small compass. The standard of technology used is incomparable even to the golden age of our mech civilization!”

The Sentinel Goddess Sophia also added. “Indeed, the technology level of this tool boggles the mind. Completely new equipment will need to be created just to research and study it.”

Dimsky kept that compass with a beam. “You’re not going anywhere all this while, so let me and the Goddess study it first, to see what’s exactly so profound about this tech.”

“Sure, but be careful. It is very expensive.” Xia Fei cautioned them. “Anything special happened to Quantum Holdings while I was away?”

Dimsky thought about it before answering, “Nothing special. Your company has me backing them technologically, and they earned quite a lot of money, same as Avril’s Starlink Corps. At the moment, these two companies of yours are already the largest organization in the Panhuman Alliance.”

Xia Fei shook his head, “Starlink Corporation isn’t mine.”

Dimsky flashed him a smile. “Not now, but it’s only a matter of time.”

Xia Fei shrugged.

“Actually, that reminds me. There’s still an expedition team under Quantum Holdings, whose leader goes by the name of Butcher. Charlie and I conversed with each other earlier, and he wanted me to tell you something interesting. Apparently, the expedition team sent a super-long range message, requesting to report their findings directly to you. It might be related to the rumored Eden.” Dimsky suddenly mentioned this.

Xia Fei was quite surprised. Eden had once captivated the Panhuman Alliance’s attention, but the war broke out soon after, and no one remembered it again.

Now that it was over three years since the news first broke, perhaps Butcher and his men had really made some kind of discovery.

“That’s interesting. Contacting Charlie now will end up putting him in danger, though. Perhaps there are already people keeping watch of him right now; best if we wait a bit before we talk about it further.” Xia Fei decided.

Warstar and the others agreed with Xia Fei’s assessment as well. Though the nanobots were ever-vigilant, that did not mean they guaranteed protection. In order to minimize any potential risks, it was best if he refrained from contacting Quantum Holdings.

Xia Fei took out two spatial rings, taking out the war armor Edgeless from his spatial ring and storing it into the other spatial ring that Heathfield had given him before he left; the latter was smaller, only a thousand cubic meters in space.

“Dimsky, while you’re studying the spatial compass, help me look at this war armor. It has a tracking device on it that I want to get rid of, or else I will be very easily located. Having top-notch war armor but being unable to use it isn’t the way,” Xia Fei told Dimsky as he passed the ring over.

“War armor? Is that another wondrous item from the Law Realm? Let me take a look.”

“Be careful; if you wish to have a look, you’ll first need to get into the spatial ring. It’ll be discovered if you take it out from there,” Xia Fei reminded.

“I got it.” Dimsky did not personally enter the ring but, instead, sent in his cockroach frame. Though he was no longer using this body, it remained by his side.

All of a sudden, Dimsky’s old scholar body went rigid and he made no movement for the longest time.

“Xia Fei, you’ve found Lord Radix?!” Dimsky was shocked.

“FATHER!” The Sentinel Goddess Sophia was startled, though Xia Fei was still clueless.

“Whatever do you mean?” Xia Fei asked. “I’ve yet to encounter Radix.”

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