Super Gene - Chapter 2962 - Destiny

Chapter 2962 Destiny

Countless knife lights surrounded Han Sen. When the cause karma knife came down, it was like an entire galaxy falling.Scary knife lights slashed outside the holy palace, but it was blocked by the holy fire. No matter how it was hit, it could not enter the light.

“It is useless,” Old Vulture said with a cocky laugh. “The race lantern has returned. Even a sky full of God Spirits would not stand a chance. Aside from Little Master, who has a holy body, no one can go in. No one can hurt it.”

The demon lady asked, “Han Sen, why are you so stubborn? Little Master is everyone’s leader. You are his father. Why are you getting in his way?”

Han Sen was holding the cause karma knife. He kept pushing down. Knife lights and the holy palace’s lights kept striking each other. The holy palace’s light was shaking, which also made Han Sen’s hands shake. The skin between his thumb and index finger cracked. The boiling blood was shaking out of the wound.

“Littleflower can decide if this is the way. It is just as you guys said. This path has been decided for him because you yourselves are too scared to walk it. You guys make Littleflower walk it instead, and he is just a child. If you want to rebuild Sacred’s glory, use your own blood to build it. If you want to kill a sky full of God Spirits, use your own knives to kill them. Using the lives of others to finish your dreams that you yourselves could not accomplish… Pah! You make it sound so glorious. You guys are pathetic.” Han Sen harshly spoke each word, which was like a sharp blade.

“How can we explain it in a way for you to understand? In this world, only Little Master has a holy body. Only he can use a holy spirit armament and control the race lanterns. Only he can do something like that. Even if we wanted to do it ourselves, it would be impossible.” Old Vulture was angry.

The demon lady said, “Han Sen, there are some things that are just meant to be. It is like how no matter how strong you are, you cannot use Sacred’s race lantern. It will resist. It is like how you cannot set water on fire or make a fire stop. The world approves of the Little Master. It accepts Little Master as its savior. There are responsibilities he has to assert control of. He cannot avoid what his destiny compels him to do.”

Han Sen looked very stable. He kept pushing down his cause karma knife. Even the light power made the cause karma knife’s surface burn. It made Han Sen’s body burn too, but he did not relent.

Han Sen looked very angry as he burned. He kept accelerating the growth of his power. Han Sen would have rather exposed his super God Spirit body to destroy the bullsh*t of Sacred.

“The universe will continue to function even if a few important people are lost, which includes me,” Han Sen coldly said. “No one is born its savior. No one should be forced to carry such a grand burden the moment they are born. Compared to death, a so-called destiny is just the fate of your heart. If you are willing to carry it, anyone can fulfill their destiny. Sacred Leader was the best of his generation. He achieved everything. He commanded everything. He controlled everything. Even if he committed a crime, that was his destiny to carry. Even if he deserved to die, I, Han Sen, would admire him to have the courage of carrying such a destiny. I cannot believe his subordinates were just a bunch of useless creatures without any guts or knowledge. You insult Sacred Leader’s name and legacy.”

The demon lady, Old Vulture, eyeless beast, and Red Ghost heard his words and felt angry. They were not Han Sen’s opponents. Even if they felt insulted, they did not dare walk out of the holy palace’s light to fight Han Sen.

“You are just trying to play word games,” Old Vulture coldly said. It was furious. “If you say everyone can carry their destiny, why don’t you go and control the lantern and control the holy palace? If you cannot do it, then what you just said is bullsh*t. That is just your crazy talk because you are so small, useless, and jealous.

Back in the past, they were very powerful in the universe. Everyone was scared of them. For Old Vulture, in particular, Han Sen had just claimed it was a coward. How could it not be mad?

“It does not matter if I succeed. I tried my best, and that is something I am fine with.” Han Sen looked certain. Old Vulture’s words were unable to change his mind.

Old Vulture wished to say something, but it saw a white flame arise on Han Sen’s body. It burned like mad on him.

“This… Impossible… This is impossible…” Old Vulture, upon seeing the flames, was shocked. It could not believe it.

The demon lady, Red Ghost, and eyeless beast opened their eyes wide. They looked at the wreath-like flames on Han Sen. Their faces looked as if they had seen a ghost.

“Impossible… That is impossible… Only holy bodies can use a holy spirit armament. How can he…” As the flames around Han Sen’s body grew brighter, the demon lady’s eyes opened wider.


The roaring sound carried across space. Han Sen was turning into a light shadow that carried white light and looked like a Kirin. He raised his head and looked down. It was the Holy Kirin’s holy spirit.

“The Holy Kirin… Impossible… Aside from our Little Leader who has a holy body, no one can control the holy spirit armament. No way…” Seeing that power which was like a holy beast covering Han Sen’s body’s Holy Kirin shape, Old Vulture acted as if he had lost his soul.

The demon lady, Red Ghost, and eyeless beast were like wooden chickens. They were all staring at the light of the Holy Kirin completely unable to speak.


The Holy Kirin’s holy spirit turned into a white flame. It was headed toward Han Sen’s cause karma knife. The holy light made the cause karma knife light burn. The knife flames burned stronger and stronger like a burning, bright sun.

The Holy Kirin’s holy spirit totally went into the cause karma knife. The knife turned transparent. One was able to see the Holy Kirin’s spirit mark on it.

Han Sen clutched the cause karma knife tight and felt an endless power surge through the blade, which made him feel calm.

Earlier, he was not able to use the Holy Kirin. Now, for some reason, it was reacting, and he was able to summon it.

Han Sen understood why the demon lady and the others placed so much faith in what the holy spirit armament could achieve for them. The Holy Kirin provided a power that was so strong one could not imagine it.

Even a god personality armament like the Sky Vine Radish God Lance could not compare to the power possessed by the Holy Kirin. It was like a star or a moon.

Han Sen slashed. He broke the light of the holy palace. Han Sen entered the holy palace wherever the knife light went. The first thing Han Sen destroyed was the holy palace’s door.

“No… No…” The demon lady, Old Vulture, Red Ghost, and eyeless beast looked hopeless and roared madly.

The race lantern’s power was useless against the holy spirit armament. It was unable to prevent Han Sen’s advance. They did not understand why Han Sen was able to use the Holy Kirin’s holy spirit. That should have been impossible.

The holy palace’s door was cut in half. They fell on both sides. Han Sen was holding the holy spirit that was infused with the cause karma knife. Suddenly, he entered the hall. Wherever the light went, the burning stone statues broke. Limbs and broken walls were everywhere. Han Sen stood in front of Qin Xiu and the four holy beast’s stone statues. He wildly waved the cause karma knife’s flames.