Super Gene - Chapter 3188 - Blood-Pulse Test

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Chapter 3188: Blood-Pulse Test

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“Pick your nose… Crawl like a dog… Pee like a dog…” Bao’er was playing with the paper man. Rocky Dee was feeling grossly embarrassed.

“Why don’t you just kill me?” Rocky Dee madly shouted at Bao’er.

“Uncle, why would I kill you? You are such a nice person. If you die, no one will be able to play with me,” Bao’er replied as she tilted her head and looked at Rocky Dee.

Rocky Dee had asserted the position of a dog peeing as he madly replied, “Who are you? There is no way you are Han Sen’s daughter.”

He felt as if he had been well and truly tricked. She was such a powerful person, so how could she have been the daughter of a human?

“Uncle, your question is so strange,” Bao’er said as she looked at Rocky Dee with confusion. “I am my father’s daughter.”

“That is impossible! You cannot be Han Sen’s daughter… There is no way a human can bear a daughter like you.” Rocky Dee could tell that Bao’er was not lying. Despite how little he believed it, it appeared as if she was telling the truth. His heart jumped. He blinked and he said, “I think Han Sen must have told you a white lie. He is not a father. He is a fake one.”

“That is complete and utter nonsense,” Bao’er said with a smile. “I am my father’s daughter.”

Rocky Dee quickly replied, “It is easy to find out if you are Han Sen’s true daughter. All we have to do is conduct a test to find out the truth.”

“How would we test that?” Bao’er asked with curiosity.

“There is a treasure behind the god temple,” Rocky Dee said. “It is a treasure that belongs to the God Chaos Party. All you must do is put a drop of blood into that god item. The god item can then analyze your genes. It will trace you back to your very origin and find out where you were from. It can trace your ancestors.”

“Really? That is interesting.” After Bao’er said that, she walked behind the god temple. She was still holding the paper man. Rocky Dee followed Bao’er behind the god temple, but not by his own will. The two of them went to the back of the primary hall. They saw something that sort of looked like a well.

A bronze tripod was in the center of the well. Although the tripod was only three feet high, it looked very old. The tripod had many mysterious symbols on it.

Bao’er looked at the bronze tripod and asked, “Is that the treasure you are referring to? That is so simple.”

Rocky Dee quickly said, “Do not look at it like that. Of course, it may look very normal, but this bronze tripod was made from the genes of a god. It has an incredible amount of power, and there is only of them in existence. You will never be able to find another one of these for as long as you live.”

“Is it really that unique and good?” Bao’er asked as she looked at the tripod. “Did you say I can find out who my family is through one drop of blood?”

“Yes,” Rocky Dee said. “Although it cannot be like the three-life stone that can find out three lives and three past lives, this tripod can find out the truth of the bloodline in your family. If you would like to join the God Chaos Party, you will have to use this tripod to find out. It has never been wrong through all the years it has been used.”

“In that case, let’s give it a try,” Bao’er said. She moved the paper man. Rocky Dee was pushed toward the bronze tripod.

Rocky Dee was so scared that he shouted, “No… No… No…”

It was a shame he was being controlled by a paper man and unable to resist or move away. He walked in front of the bronze tripod. He reached out his finger and placed it on the bronze tripod.

Bao’er picked up the small wooden sword Jian Bu Gu had given her. She used it to cut Rocky Dee’s finger. That ordinary-looking sword possessed a sword mind, and thus it was able to cut Rocky Dee’s finger.

For just one sword mind to hurt Rocky Dee’s body like that, not even Rocky Dee would have believed it was a wooden sword had he not been there to witness it.

“That asshole Jian Bu Gu! His sword mind is already at such a stage!” Rocky Dee was shocked.

A drop of blood oozed from Rocky Dee’s finger and fell into the tripod. The symbols on the tripod suddenly lit up.

Bao’er’s eyes opened wide as she looked upon the tripod in shock.

The light on the tripod kept changing. It was like an endless font of light was now in operation. Not long later, a light shadow came out of the tripod.

The light shadows were like a projector. It was like a hologram that created the shape of a body. It revealed Paper God, also known as Rocky Dee. It looked just like Rocky Dee minus the clothes he wore.

Rocky Dee’s body started to change. He became smaller and smaller. Then, his body started to change.

In the end, he turned into a normal cat with a black shadow. It was the shadow of a cat, so it was not solid, but it also had life. It was very weird.

The shadow of the cat became smaller. It turned into a fat and cute, albeit small, cat. It then turned into a gene egg.

“Uncle, you are a cat!” Bao’er weirdly looked at Rocky Dee.

“I am not a cat. That was a shadow phantom… You do not understand what a shadow phantom is.” Rocky Dee, who was feeling embarrassed, tried to correct Bao’er.

“But it looks like a cat,” Bao’er said with honesty.

Rocky Dee felt destroyed. His face turned red, but he kept his mouth shut. He did not want to talk to Bao’er anymore.

After Rocky Dee turned into a gene egg, the video stopped playing. The bronze tripod returned to normal.

Bao’er tilted her head as she asked, “Why did I not see your mother and father?”

“I am a rare gene race that was born in a god pulse,” Rocky Dee said. “Of course, I do not have any parents. If you have parents, the bronze tripod will show them.”

“Okay.” Bao’er had a brief time to think about it. She walked in front of the bronze tripod, reached out her finger, bit it, and let a drop of blood fall on it.

Bao’er knew she originally came out of a gourd, but she wanted to know if there was any other bloodline she was related to. She did not really want to find out whether or not she was Han Sen’s daughter.

Bao’er’s blood entered the bronze tripod. The bronze tripod started to glow. The symbols on the tripod started to glow like the sun. They started to melt.

Rocky Dee’s eyes went straight while watching this. He was the minister of the God Chaos Party. He had seen many of these tests before. He had seen rare gene races that turned into God Spirit gene races or even fallen Annihilation God Spirits. Whenever he had tested it in the past, this had never happened before.

The bronze tripod was burned into steel juice. It melted rapidly. Lots of red, bronze juice dripped.

The moment the bronze tripod collapsed, the bronze tripod had a shadow. The light shadow formed in the air. The bronze tripod collapsed. There was boiling bronze juice everywhere as the shadow faded.

Rocky Dee was frozen as he looked at the bronze tripod. His eyes widened, and his lips started to quake. He had no idea what he had just seen.

When he regained his composure, he looked at Bao’er. His vocal cords had the shakes as he said, “You… You… Rocky Dee is a sinner, so please forgive me…”

If Rocky Dee could have moved, he would have been kowtowing before Bao’er.

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