Supremacy Games - Chapter 871 The Ancestral Dragon Bloodlineand The Royal Family

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Chapter 871 The Ancestral Dragon Bloodlineand The Royal Family

Not caring about anyone’s opinion, prince Domino flew rapidly in direction of the Roc’s copy.

While he was flying, the viewers were startled to notice that his size was getting smaller and smaller. Soon, dark mist began to cover him from head to toe until he was completely encased in it.

A few moments later, the mist had disappeared, leaving behind prince Domino in an wholly new appearence and shape!

His wings and dark scales were still the same, but the rest of his body had gone into a thorough transformation!

Now, he possessed a humanoid body that was no taller than three meters.

The giant purplish gem that was embedded in his head before was now placed in the center of his forehead in a minimized size.

Unlike before, it was shimmering brightly.

Although prince Domino had turned into a humanoid, he absolutely had nothing similar to them besides the body structure.

“Prince Domino has finally gotten serious and transformed into his dragonoid form!” Micheal expressed in excitement, “I have judged thousands of games and this is still my first time seeing a royal dragon using this form live in a game!”

If even a veteran judge had yet to see this form live, there was no need to speak about the viewers.

“Damn, It’s been so long since I have heard about the dragons’ humanoid form, I forgot that it even existed.”

“That’s understandable…Only the royal family are capable of using this form. Besides some occasions that require them to minimize their size, they almost never bother to use it.”

“Don’t forget about their pride in their original shape is also playing a massive role in this.”

Although the viewers might be a bit ignorant about the dragonoid form, they still knew some common knowledge and rumors revolving around the royal family.

Especially, when it was quite mysterious and more powerful than the rest of the dragons, making them bow under its ruling for eons.

While the viewers were discussing this, prince Domino had already reached the roc’s copy in the blink of an eye.

With his new transformation, his speed had been boosted significantly, making him able to travel at least four times the speed of sound!

Believe it or not, his speed had already surpassed Felix even when using his supersonic mode!

“Come!” Prince Domino shouted feverishly as he clashed with the Roc’s copy head to head!

Although his speed was still falling shorter than Roc’s copy, he was still able to keep up with him unlike Summerspirit and the others, who weren’t able to even see Roc’s silhouette.

Whoosh Whoosh!

Able to catch up or not, the Roc’s copy didn’t care as he kept manifesting wind blades and sending them in his direction akin to homing missiles!

Prince Domino didn’t evade them as everyone anticipated but actually blocked them with two dark flames slashes!!

The wind blades collided with the dark flame blades, resulting in a thunderous explosion like oil meeting with fire!

Yet, Roc’s copy didn’t pause his barrage one bit, knowing that no matter how much prince Domino tried, he would never be able to keep up with his wind blades.

In the eyes of the viewers, he was more than right.

How could one contest in abilities’ showdown with someone capable of creating hundreds of abilities capable of splitting even space?

However, the current sight before them made them think otherwise.

Prince Domino with his small stature was evading the wind blades akin to a butterfly dancing under the rain.

Only in this case, prince Domino wasn’t being touched by a single wind blade, no matter many ones fired in his direction!

The most shocking part?

He was counter-attacking at the same time, sneaking a few dark fireballs and other projectiles here and there.

Alas, just like he was quick enough to evade everything, the Roc’s copy wasn’t going to let anything touch him.

Just like that, there was a deadlock between the two, creating a truly mesmerizing symphony of explosions and destruction.

“Not bad…To keep up with the Roc’s copy at 5% of his strength is really something.” Lord Quetzalcoatl praised with a head nod.

“It’s expected. He is part of that royal family.” Siren shrugged her shoulders, “The fact that his flame unique attribute is corrosion and decay makes him own the highest chance to become the new elder dragon.”

“Corrosion and decay…Those are truly some dreadful attributes to be gifted with.” Cyclope said.

The royal family consisted of many dragons with the so-called ancestral bloodline unlike the rest of the red dragons.

Just like prince Domino, other royal dragons were gifted with attributed sacred flames.

White dragons were capable of spewing healing white flames.

Black dragons were capable of spewing corroding dark flames.

Green dragons were capable of spewing soul draining green flames.

There were more unique attributes that separated the royal family from the rest.

The attributed sacred flames weren’t the only thing inherited from the ancestral dragon as the royal family members were simply incomparable in strength with the other red dragons.

Currently, prince Domino was reestablishing this very fact under the dumbfounded looks of the viewers.

Three minutes in, and he was still fighting toe to toe with the Roc’s copy, not getting hit a single time.

Sure, he had yet to touch the Roc’s copy as well but what mattered the most was going unharmed.

This was more than enough to impress the primogenitors.

“Pass, right?”

“Naturally, he is a different breed than the other kids here.”

“I vote in favor too.”

Everyone voted in favor of allowing Cherufe’s team to pass the tenth floor after such a brilliant solo display by prince Domino.

If only the voting was based on majority in Felix’s situation, he wouldn’t have needed to go through so much trouble against Manananggal.

The fact that he had killed thirteen copies, and he still was stuck in the tenth floor was simply inconceivable.

-Congratulation challengers.-

-You have successfully impressed the ancestors and obtained the right to move on to the eleventh floor.-

-Time taken…Calculating…35 minutes and 11 seconds-

Abruptly, prince Domino stopped his fight midway after hearing those notifications and seeing that the Roc’s copy was breaking into light particles.

Instead of being pleased and happy that he passed the tenth floor, Prince Domino frowned in irritation while glancing at his horrific long claws.

‘Still too weak…I couldn’t even touch his feathers when he was at 5% of his strength. How can I beat my brothers and sisters in the upcoming traditional ceremony?’ Prince Domino tightened his fist, ‘I need to work harder than anyone else if I want to become the next elder dragon.’

“Captain, you really did it.” Summerspirit gave him a look filled with respect while breathing fire four times through his nostrils, “As long as I live, I will never doubt you again.”

The rest followed him and showed prince Domino the same amount of respect.

It was understandable.

Dragons respected the strong…Prince Domino had just demonstrated that he could do what four of them failed to achieve without getting even a slight injury.

“Enough of that.” Prince Domino inquired in intrigue, “Tell me, did the dragonslayer’s team pass the tenth floor?”

“Looks like they are still struggling.” Summerspirit showed him the list that was displaying their team finally overthrowing Felix’s team.

“I see…How disappointing.” Prince Domino shook his head, “I guess the dragonslayer doesn’t amount that much against the real deal.”



The viewers and the primogenitors were left at loss for words after hearing him disgracing Felix like this in public.

“Motherf*cker lizard! I dare you to stand by what you said later on!”

On the other hand, Asna wasn’t having it at all…She was already pissed off after seeing Felix getting treated this unfairly.

“Calm down, Miss Asna.” Mistress Candace smiled coldly, “Leave him be. The more arrogant he acts, the more foolish he will appear when he sees the replay.”

“Hmph! This is so irritating.” Asna still hadn’t cooled off even after hearing so.

She knew that Felix’s chances to win the game had just plummeted to the bottom of the abyss after the dragons had gotten their pass in less than forty minutes.

They would continue their climb while Felix was still waiting for the other teams to get eligible for alliances.

This would take hours…Even when Felix get allied and sent to another floor with his teammates, it would require them some time to deal with the new primogenitor.

What if he landed against Saurous or Wendigo? The same scenario would reoccur again while the dragons were still climbing steadily.

“It’s hard, It’s really hard.” Asna mumured while baiting her nails, “I don’t see a way of Felix winning this at all.”

“Master Felix is a miracle worker.” Mistress Candace said optimistically, “As long as he doesn’t give up, he will always find a way to turn things around.”

“I do hope so…I really do.”

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