Supreme Crazy Wife - Chapter 790 - Grand Elder, I Don't Have Money (2)

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Chapter 790: Grand Elder, I Don’t Have Money (2)

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“Leng Xing, can’t you grow a brain? Didn’t I say that we’re not from the Leng family! You still use this excuse to deal with me. You’re really stupid,” Leng Qianye said with a face full of disappointment.

“Uh!” Leng Xing was a little conflicted. Was Leng Qianye really Leng Ruoxue’s backer! Why did it sound like he wanted him to find a better excuse?

Thinking of this, Leng Xing decided to probe carefully. Then he said, “Leng Ruoxue, it’s a little inappropriate to punish you according to the clan rules since you haven’t acknowledged your ancestors yet, but you can’t deny the fact that you injured the Tenth Elder, right?”

“I admit it! I beat that old thing up.” Leng Ruoxue didn’t deny it.

“You injured a manager elder of the Leng family. Tell me what to do!” Leng Xing said democratically. In fact, it was mainly because Leng Qianye was eyeing him covetously from the side. He couldn’t understand that fellow’s thoughts, so he had to say this.

“What else can we do?” Leng Ruoxue asked in puzzlement.

“You… You injured an elder of the Leng family. Are we going to let it go like this?” Leng Xing was a little angry.

“Do you want me to pay for the medical fees?” Leng Ruoxue pretended to be stupid.

“Shouldn’t it be?” Leng Xing was stunned and asked foolishly.

“Of course not. I don’t have money, but I do have one life. However, that old man isn’t dead yet. He shouldn’t need my life!” Leng Ruoxue said with a matter-of-factly smile.

“Of course I don’t need your life. However, our Tenth Elder can’t be beaten for nothing, so you still have to compensate for the money. How about this! I’ll be a peacemaker, and you’ll compensate a little for my sake. The Tenth Elder won’t pursue this matter anymore, and everyone will be happy. Well! It’s settled.” Leng Qianye casually settled this matter without giving Leng Xing a chance to speak. He didn’t even ask Leng Ruoxue and the Tenth Elder for their opinions.

“Grand Elder, I don’t have money,” Leng Ruoxue said speechlessly.

“Don’t tell me you’re so poor that you don’t even have one amethyst coin? Well! It’s okay if you don’t have it. I’ll pay for it,” Leng Qianye said very generously.

One amethyst coin! Not only was Leng Ruoxue stunned, but everyone from the Leng family in the hall was stunned. After they reacted, they couldn’t help but grumble in their hearts. So the mighty Tenth Elder was only worth one amethyst coin! Wasn’t this equivalent to being beaten for nothing? Alas! They were really too unlucky.

“I can afford one amethyst coin.” Leng Ruoxue suppressed her smile and pretended to be in pain.

“Oh! I’ll save it then.” Leng Qianye smiled.

“Leng Qianye…” Leng Xing was so angry that his face and neck were red. He was about to object when he was interrupted.

“Leng Xing, why are you so rude to call me Old Ancestor!” Leng Qianye corrected.

“Yes, Old Ancestor.” Leng Xing gritted his teeth. Leng Qianye’s seniority was definitely higher than his. As for how high it was, he didn’t know. However, even his grandfather had to pretend to be a grandson when he saw him. Therefore, it would be fine if Leng Qianye didn’t fuss about his address. If he did, he would have to be a great-grandson. Boohoo… What was more infuriating was that Leng Qianye would often be so angry that others would forget his seniority! And he was the unlucky person who was often affected!

“Leng Xing, Little Xue’er, the matter with the Tenth Elder is settled. Moreover, this matter ends here. No one is allowed to mention it in the future. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being unreasonable,” Leng Qianye said domineeringly.

“Yes.” Leng Xing was so angry in his heart, but he didn’t dare to show it on his face because he knew that Leng Qianye would definitely do as he said. He naturally didn’t dare to pluck the fur off the tiger’s butt, so he could only swallow his anger for the time being!

Hmph! He didn’t believe that Leng Qianye could protect that girl for life. He believed that he would one day find a chance to teach that girl a lesson. At this moment, if he still couldn’t tell that Leng Qianye was on Leng Ruoxue’s side, then his hundreds of years of life would have been in vain.

“This is an amethyst coin. Please pass it to the Tenth Elder.” Leng Ruoxue thought for a while and then reluctantly took out an amethyst coin from the bracelet and handed it to Leng Yimin.

Leng Yimin braced himself and accepted the hot amethyst coin under the gaze of the Grand Elder. Moreover, he didn’t have to guess to know that the Tenth Elder would definitely not be in a good mood when he saw this amethyst coin. Alas! He really had nothing to say except to express sympathy for the Tenth Elder.

Just like that, the dispute between the Tenth Elder and Leng Ruoxue was easily resolved by the Supreme Elder. The Leng family members present were already well aware that the Tenth Elder’s plan to suffer this meal was for nothing. However, this was a matter decided by the Supreme Elder. No one dared to say anything even if they were unconvinced in their hearts.

“Haha, isn’t today the welcome banquet for Little Xue’er? Everyone, don’t just stand there. Let’s eat! I’m hungry.” With that, Leng Qianye sat down and began eating alone, ignoring everyone else.

“Big Sister, let’s eat first!” Leng Ruoxue also picked up her chopsticks and said to Leng Shuang.

“Okay.” Leng Shuang smiled happily, her mood especially good.

The Leng family had no choice but to pick up their chopsticks and start eating when they saw the patriarch and the others sitting down and eating. However, no one dared to speak during the meal, so the entire banquet hall was relatively depressed.

After finally finishing this welcome banquet, everyone immediately scattered like birds and beasts and returned to their residences under the order of the mistress of the household to disperse. Boohoo… They dared to guarantee that this meal was absolutely the most difficult they had ever had. This was obviously a Hongmen banquet arranged for them!

Leng Rumei was so angry that she smashed everything in the room into pieces after returning to her residence…

After the welcome banquet, Leng Qianye blocked the way of Leng Ruoxue and the others and said shamelessly, “Little Xue’er, you haven’t thanked me properly yet!”

“Why should I thank you?” Leng Ruoxue pretended to be stupid.

“I helped you settle the matter with the Tenth Elder!” Leng Qianye said.

“But I didn’t ask for your help! Moreover, you caused me to lose an amethyst coin!” Leng Ruoxue tried to settle the score after the fact.

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